Book Review – My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

Cover of "My Name Is Memory"

Cover of My Name Is Memory

My Name is Memory‘ is another book that I bought after reading a chapter sample, it is also another young adult book by Ann Brashares – bestselling author of ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants‘.

Basically, to me this story seemed to me to be a bit like if there were such a thing as ‘past lives‘ this would be explaining the truth behind the myth, but of course past lives are just a myth… aren’t they?


My name is Memory is a love story spanning many centuries, remembered by Daniel  through his many lives… the object of his affections is Sophia (Lucy in her current name).

Lucy is a high school girl who finds her self strangely drawn to the mysterious new kid Daniel, unaware of their shared history.  Her story unfolds in the present and we see glimpses of her past lives initially only through Daniel’s recollections of the former lives they have shared, but later she has dreams and visions of these times herself as she slowly comes to realise the truth of her connection with Daniel and why he calls her Sophia.

Daniel has the memories of a thousand lives, we get a taste of many of these as he details his journey across time and Earth in pursuit of his lost love Sophia. Others have the ‘memory’ too, but most people don’t recall their past lives. People met in one life often reappear again in another, one such person (who also has the memory) is a former brother of Daniel – Joaquim.  Joaquim is dangerous and he is after Daniel and Sophia/Lucy…

Several other characters appear to have had repeated connections with Daniel and Sophia/Lucy including Marnie; Lucy’s best friend and Molly; Daniel’s mother in one life. It would be interesting to read more about their stories and if they have the memory… One other character that does have the memory is Daniel’s friend Ben, who shows up at many points in the story in different forms and unlike Daniel he lives each life to the full, remembering but leaving behind his past lives, whilst Daniel lives each life tormented by his past lives and forever searching for a way to make Sophia remember so they can be together.

I like the way Lucy gradually comes to realise why she is drawn to Daniel after her initial fears and dismissal of his proclamations of undying love for her – although calling her Sophia probably didn’t do him any favours in his advances there! lol

As I was reaching the end I found myself thinking (given the few remaining pages) that if there is no sequel the ending was going to be a disappointment, the story would be unfinished, with too many unanswered questions (didn’t I feel like this with my last book a as well? deja-vu!?) In particular I wanted to know ‘why’ Jaoquim was so persistent in his quest to follow Daniel and Sophia and what he wanted when he found them, of course we know why he initially chased them but why continue this across many lives? I would like to read his version of events, and who it is that helps him as he has a different way of ‘living’ his lives than the others in the story.

In the end as I expected the story was left unfinished, if there is a sequel then this is a good cliffhanger ending, but if not then my initial reaction is justified – when I finished the book I had a mini tantrum; slammed the book on the table and squealed ‘Noooo, you can’t end it like that, it’s not fair – I want to know the rest’. So, as you can probably guess the ending is intriguing!

I will be keeping an eye out for the sequel I hope will appear!
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  2. This book is great! I’ve heard it’s the first in a trilogy, and really hope that’s true! I like your review and follow your blog now 🙂

    • Thanks Annie, pleased to have you. Yes, there are rumours that it is the first of a trilogy and also rumours of a movie, guess we’ll have to wait and see as Ann hasn’t confirmed anything on her website yet.

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