5 things that I find inspiration from when blogging

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As those of you that read my blog regularly will know I write about a wide variety of topics. People sometimes wonder how I manage to decide what to write about and when, and of course people are always looking for ideas themselves – sometimes unsure where to start. So here are some of the things that inspire me, maybe they will help you to find inspiration for your own writing

1. My own life experiences – of course this is always the first port of call if you are writing a personal blog site such as I do, and even if you blog is business based personal experience is still a good starting point for inspiration, here are some of the things I write about in from personal experiences and suggestions for business experiences

• Personal – Places I’ve been, books I’ve read, hobbies, work, charity work, people I’ve met, things I’ve studied, etc
• Business – a new client, a day in your business life, a new product, testimonials, how you got started, an event you attended, etc

2. News – whether on or offline on the rare occasions I read newspapers from time to time there will be something that really strikes a chord with me and I just have to write about it. Looking through my old posts there seems to be a bit of theme coming out in subjects that have inspired me – they are usually ‘society’ related, and actually this has further inspired me to study Sociology as my new OU course for this term, so I think there may be plenty more posts in this vein coming along. If you are looking for inspiration in the news try thinking about the following:

• Do you have an opinion (agree/disagree) on an article you’ve read? Could you put a different spin on a subject reported in the news? Do you have a personal experience related to the article you could write about?

3. Challenges – The first challenge I did was a 30 day challenge based on a series of challenges going around on facebook at the time, it bought in a lot more readers for my blog, but the content was not very interesting or longlasting being based on answering questions to meet the facebook ‘status, film, book, song and photo challenges’ I had combined into a single daily blog. I then did the #30DayBlog challenge set up by NikkiPilkington and this was far more interesting and successful. If you haven’t already done the challenge I highly recommend it as there are so many useful hints and tips to help, not only with content, but increasing your readership and so much more!

4. Borderline Personality Disorder – I know this is a kind of ‘personal experience’ but I have used it as a separate source of inspiration as it has been such a huge factor in the growth of my blog. In addition to sharing my own experiences with BPD I have spent a lot of time reading others experiences, books and websites about the condition. All this research has resulted in a number of highly successful blog post that I hope inspire others and provide a good source of information and understanding about the condition. I guess in terms of transferability as a source of inspiration, you could look at writing about a condition that you, a family member or friend has that you know a lot about and have useful information to share about

5. Twitter – Even though I always have a lot of things to write about from the above inspiration sources I sometimes want to try something new and different, this is where Twitter becomes a source of inspiration. I write a tweet asking people to challenge me with a topic I haven’t written about before and then I will write about the topic they suggest; because I have so many very different followers I can get some really good ideas from here – like when I was challenged to write about football (which I know nothing about) and now I’m working on a guest post about jewellery; even this post came as a result of a suggestion off twitter! So, if all else fails – tweet, I’m sure your followers could give you a good topic too (or just ask me @SharonHoward09)

So there you have it, 5 sources of inspiration I use for blogging and how you can use them to help you too.

Bonus tips:

When to write? – whenever you want but regularly updated content does better than if you only post very rarely (people forget you are there if you aren’t writing) – if you have nothing to say yourself why not get a guest blogger?

How much to write? – Another area of much contention; I guess it depends on the individual, the topic and the reader. My readers are (hopefully) used to the fact by now that my posts are usually lengthy, so they expect this; but your readers might not want to read such long posts, you might not be able to write very long posts. I say just find what works for you and stick with it, but don’t stress about it 😉

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂


13 comments on “5 things that I find inspiration from when blogging

  1. Thanks for the good ideas! I have a business blog but it seems the more ‘personal’ things I post are the more popular. My most viewed piece to date is called ‘My Mums’ – neither of them have computers so I wonder who is reading it?

  2. I went blog crazy at the start and now I have five different blogs on all subjects I can think of, If i had thought for a moment I could have followed your model and been more diverse on the one blog Doh, love the variety you have mate and to be honest I struggle to fill all the five of them but i do try, mind you its stereotypical BPD to go too big so I guess I’m just conforming to type,

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