Butlins Skegness 90’s Reloaded Weekend – Raving, Reading & Relaxing Part 1

The 'A' Team

This blog post is quite a convoluted piece about a weekend at Butlin’s but also incorporating book reviews, film reviews and discussions about BPD emotional states and Autism!

I hope you manage to follow it, or pick out the bits you are interested in as I actually felt it was better to leave it as I wrote it while I was there, kind of like diaries entries throughout the weekend than chop it up – please let me know if you like this style of writing! 😀

In between going through hell with my BPD and starting to study for my next batch of OU courses (which I intend to complete this time – I haven’t completed more than a 10-pointer since I graduated!) I went away for the weekend to belatedly celebrate my engagement to Chris. Me, Chris and our friends Linds, Az and Rob went to Butlin’s Skegness for a 90’s reloaded weekend, I’ll tell you moe about the weekend shortly…

Just before we went I picked up a new book to read, despite having over 200 in my ‘to read’ pile I just can’t resist seeking out something new and different to read – although often it still tends to fall into the sci-fi, fantasy or horror genres I usually prefer. I was passing The Works and nipped in on the off-chance of finding a little gem, seeing as the books are always cheap in there. To be honest I wasn’t very impressed with the choice available, anything decent looking  already owned or have read but finally I found ‘Valiant‘ by Holly Black. True to form it was a fantasy novel about faeries; living in plain sight among humans but unseen by all but the rare few. The story follows Val as she discovers this hidden world within our world after a shock at home causes her to try to escape her own life, at least temporally. Meeting Lollie and Dave she quickly falls into a homeless lifestyle and the usual burdens of survival such a life entails; with the added complication of becoming involved in the faery world. A troll named Ravus becomes a prominent figure in Val’s new world and a series of murders of fae kind leave the finger of suspicion pointing harshly at Val and her new friends. As the truth unravels Val demonstrates a strength of character that would never have developed in her former life. I loved the way she formed this hero, saviour ability whilst falling apart under the influence of faery ‘drugs’, an unlikely but fascinating way to develop a character. Needless to say, it was a throughly enjoyable read, whilst clearly another young adult novel (strange how many of these I am reading lately, maybe an indicator of my state of mind?). The ‘contains adult content’ warning on the back cover is a little deceiving as whilst ‘sex’ and ‘drugs’ are introduced in brief, there is nothing that strong that I believe warrants this warning!? While I’m not in my usual ‘can’t wait for the sequel’ faze about this book I would probably read more of Holly’s work. She is more well known for her work on the children’s series ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles‘.

I finished reading Valiant in the car on our way to Skegness and was glad to have packed several other books for the weekend. I didn’t really expect to have much time to read, but just in case I always think it’s good to have a back up! It turned out to be a good plan, being an early riser while the rest of the gang were sleeping off their hangovers I was up showered and reading, waiting to go to breakfast!


Bed Time

Friday night had been hilarious. We arrived at Butlins just after 4pm, dumped out stuff in our room and went for dinner. Several hours of drinking cheap booze in our room followed as the first act wasnt on stage till 10.45pm! We donned army outfits and I put camo style make up on the lads – fancy dress is vital for a ‘Big Weekend’. Finally all dressed up we headed into ‘Centre Stage’ ready for ‘Living Joy’, ‘Sonique’ and ‘Allister Whitehead’. Over in ‘Reds’ (for those less hip) ‘Achtung baby’ and ‘S Club Party’ were the order of the night. Although the bars and clubs opened at around 8pm with DJ’s playing 90’s hits we’d decided to drink our own alcohol before going in for the big names to save a little on the cost of drinks in the bars. Living Joy’s set was very short, just 3 songs before the DJ came back on for over an hour until Sonique performed. They were late arriving due to traffic, but at least their set was a bit longer, 6-7 songs. Both acts did the old crowd pleasers that everyone remembers them for and some lesser known stuff, only die-hard fans would likely recognise. To be honest most of the music played through the night didn’t really have me dancing to my usual ferocity. In fact very little of it was the stuff I had personally enjoyed as a teenager in the early 90’s, but it was still a fun night. Watching Az try his luck with many women in fancy dress and Rob struggling to stand after consuming far too much whiskey. The laughs continued when we returned to our room as Rob crashed into walls and doors head first and Az clambering over him failing to help him negotiate walking. Chris and Linds (being more sober) attempted to help manoeuvre Rob to his bed, unsuccessfully so instead resorted to filming his epic fail, and almost abandoning him to sleep on the grass outside after he stumbled out there yet again! All the time I remained snuggled up in bed laughing my head off and avoiding being landed on as everyone crashed onto the bed!

To be continued…

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