Butlins Skegness 90’s Reloaded Weekend – Raving, Reading & Relaxing Part 2

Saturday Daytime

Being a light sleeper I was up at 07.30 the next morning and after my shower I settled down to read ‘The Complete Polysyllabic Spree’ by Nick Hornby.  I had previously read the introduction and first instalment as this is the kind of book you don’t read in one sitting.  Basically it is a book about reading. Nick Hornby (acclaimed for his books turned films such as ‘About a Boy‘ and ‘High Fidelity‘) compiled this book from his series of writing for ‘Believer’, a writer’s magazine. He had written regular columns about his own reading experiences. An avid reader himself he journals the books he has bought or been given and what he has read either from personal choice or to review during each month.

Beach boozing before 10am!

I chose this book as being a fan of Nick’s work (although my favourites are Slam, A long way down and how to be good rather than those you might know better) I thought it would be interesting to read about what he enjoys reading (and doesn’t enjoy) and it is proving to be amusing and thought provoking, the same wit and humour that comes out in his books is evident in his analysis of the work of other writers, coupled with insightful anecdotes more in tune with diary entries (well actually, not that I am pinching his style, but much the way this post incorporates a combination of daily life and reviews, Nick details more than just a simple review of the numerous books he reads each month). As I say, I haven’t finished ‘The Complete polysyllabic Spree’ yet and I am finding it a book to dip in and out of between other books rather than one to read from beginning to end, but I will finish it because it is very funny and informative…

Finally half the group woke up so we went to breakfast leaving the most drunkard pair to recover a bit more and catch us up later.  Once they eventually joined us we strolled over to the beach, the boys walked down to the sea while us girls (not huge fans of sand) waited for them to return on the barrier wall – just shows how sad I am I wrote all the stuff for my blog up to this point there and then! I am/will continue to scrawl the rest of the weekends adventures during the few respite breaks we have between activities! The lads cracked open their first bottles of Bud’ for the day as we headed off to play crazy golf – scores Az & Rb 30, Linds 29, Me 28 and Chris 25 (par was 24 I think) so not bad considering… lol

From crazy golf it was over to Quasar, we had 2 games. Losing out first with an overall score of -66 (my personal score was 3700 points but the rest of our team let me down, lol) against a very serious team. We won our second game with an overall score of 300 and something (I scored the most again, this time 13400! come on guys, you’re letting me down! 😉 ) I think this makes me the undisputed ‘Queen of Quasar’ amongst our group – at least until we play again – if anyone manages to score more than me then! hehe. I seem to have quite a stealthy attack/defence approach which meant I didn’t take as many hits myself. The second team we played cracked me up, a bunch of girls who mainly stayed together in the game zone making them easy targets and if you shot one they would all squeal (letting the rest of our team know where they were) and run as a pack into the waiting line of fire of another of our team!


The on-site afternoon entertainment comprised a choice between Celebrity Football (some actors from soaps such as Eastenders and Emmerdale – who I had never heard of seeing as I don’t watch soaps) or Comedy Club – you can guess what we chose to watch! Ryan Mcdonnell was the compère and filled in nicely before and between the two acts, Rich Wilson and Geoff Norcott. Geoff was the funnier of the three and we were actually disappointed that we had to miss the end of his act due to being booked in for the ‘High Ropes’ course at 3pm. We (me and Chris) had done the High Ropes course on our last visit to Butlin’s with the kids, and I had really struggled to get round the course then (as always) due to my problem with heights (fear of falling rather than the actual height) but I was pleasantly satisfied with myself that even though I still wobbled like jelly I got round the course quite quickly and easily this time! Chris of course was a ninja going round, Linds was almost as nervous as me, but did fine. Az and Rob had by now had almost too much alcohol – some much that the instructor only just allowed them to participate and watched them like a hawk all the way round the course! and I still squealed on the swing though! :/ one of the celebrity footballers (the match was playing just below the high ropes) called up to me ‘Are you alright up there?’ as I was obviously more vocal in my whines than I had realised! hehe

Hanging out on the High Ropes

That done, we retired to our room for a short rest before dinner and I bought my account of the weekend up to date while the boys had a doze and Linds caught up with a bit of texting. It was almost cruel to wake the boys up for dinner, but it had to be done as we needed to get changed after to watch ‘Fright Night’ at the on-site cinema before the evenings DJ’s kicked off. The only big name acts out tonight were 911, with a Take That tribute and Madness Tribute, so our plan was to again return to CentreStage where DJ’s Frisco, Flip & Fill, Kelly Llorenna and Friday Night Posse were featuring.

But first we went to the cinema…

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