Butlins Skegness 90’s Reloaded Weekend – Raving, Reading & Relaxing Part 3

Saturday Night

With our Timmy Mallett neighbours

We started the night with a trip to the on-site cinema to watch ‘Fright Night‘ a remake of the 80’s low budget, cult comedy classic of the same name. I’ve always enjoyed my vampire movies but have to admit the original fright night had never been among my favourites. This remake was brilliant though, it really gave the story the edge it was missing in the original, rather than (as is usually the case with remakes) ruining a good film. Colin Farrell makes a great vampire as Jerry the new neighbour with a not so well hidden secret – his vampire ways are quickly identified. And David Tennant is hilarious and initially unrecognisable in all his ‘vampire hunter costume’ as Peter Vincent, a vampire expert with a very real connection to and desire to avoid the reality of the existence of vampires… The special effects are wickedly good and the original comedy elements from the classic are maintained, if only briefly and where they add value to the storyline rather than detract from the storyline as they did in the original. This fast paced version brings the action in early and makes the most of a storyline that was lacking development in the original, totally a must see!

After the film we had a few beverages at our room whilst the guys and Linds donned their army gear again and I opted for my Ann Summers ‘correctional officer’ outfit. I had too many drinks split on me the night before by drunken revellers to get away with wearing my army gear again, unlike the others). Our upstairs neighbours were heading out dressed as Timmy Mallett (from Saturday morning children’s TV of our era – Wackaday) so we stopped to pose for pictures with them before heading out to see the Clubland DJ’s  at Centrestage. It was another good night in the making until I had to bail at 01.30am when my ankle gave out with an almighty crack, leaving me in agony barely able to stand (this is becoming quite a common incident for me and I have gone a cropper several times when it happens as I stand up – there appears to be no reason for it to go, just randomly happens, guess I should see the doctor about it really…?) Chris carried me back to the room then rejoined the others. At 03.30 they returned but Az and Rob were still raring for more and went back out again, not calling it a night till 5am!

Sunday Morning

Next morning we were all slow to rise, even me! I was still first to rise, but not until 08.30am.  After breakfast we were all still shattered so returned to the room to crash for bit before deciding what to do for the day…

Az and Rob on Sunday afternoon...

We ended up staying crashed, monging and dozing between watching naff crap on TV until 3.30pm!!!

A few times I picked up Kim Harrison‘s ‘Pale Demon’ the latest instalment I needed to read in the Rachel Morgan series that I have been following. But I kept putting it back down again, partly due to being so sleepy and partly as I kept thinking that if I start to read it now I need to finish it before I get home as I have so much to do when I get home that I really should give the books a break, at least until I have completed my first assignments for my new Open University courses… Thinking of that I need to get out and take some pictures for my first assignment for T189 (Photography course)…

Instead I settled for reading a bit more of Nick Hornby‘s Polysyllabic spree, and was glad I did as the Dec03/Jan 04 entry cracked me up and introduced that Nick has an autistic son (my son, Lee, 18 is autistic; aspergers) and Nick reviewed another book that I know must buy and read – George and Sam by Charlotte Moore. When Lee was younger for a while I dabbled in reading many books about Autism and even completed a University Certificate in Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the hope of being able to understand and help my son better. Only to be exasperated at how unique he actually is and how little one can actually do to make a real difference – just accept it and get on with it. no magic cures. It was reassuring to discover Nick also felt that most books on the subject left him feeling cheated; as he says “alienated, resentful, cynical or simply baffled” which is pretty much how they made me feel. the reality of living with an autistic child is that it is challenging, strange and ‘savant’ ‘rain-man’ style talents are the exception rather than the rule – each autistic child is unique, guess that’s why it’s a ‘spectrum’ and one families experience rarely mirrors the experience of another. George and Sam however; according to Nick, gives a realistic (if still individual) view of living with autism, and the extract he includes as a taster certainly leaves you wanting to read more! How I missed that one I don’t know, maybe it was published after I’d already quit trying to find good books on the subject… anyway even though my son is now grown-up and our challenges are so different from what it is like when autistic children are younger I do want to give it a read! Most of the books Nick seems to read are not the sort of thing I would normally read – too many literary classics, letters, biographies and too much poetry, but I am still defacing the book highlighting the ones I do wish to purchase and add to my ever growing ‘to read’ pile. And occasionally I get clarification that brings me to think I must read books already in this pile such as ‘Eats, shoots and Leaves‘ by Lynne Truss – which has been gathering dust unread for quite some time, purchased at the same time as 3 other titles by Lynne, only one of which I have actually read – ‘With one Lousy Free Packet of Seed‘ which was if I recall correctly (it has been some time) a very unusual but interesting read, though presumably not enough to make me jump in a read the rest of the set I had bought in any hurry – ahh well, I will remedy that soon and reread the ‘seeds’ book after reading ‘eat’s, shoots and leaves’ lol.

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