Butlins Skegness 90’s Reloaded Weekend – Raving, Reading & Relaxing Part 4

Sunday Evening


As I mentioned in the previous post, it wasn’t until 3.30pm that people started stirring after resting all morning. While still waiting for them to arise I spent a bit of time reflecting on the events prior to the weekend.  After the emotional turmoil of those few days, from utter despair after the back-stabbing, two-faced actions of some people I thought were friends to sheer elation when I got the job interview letter, I was considering how peculiar my current emotional state is. I noticed how, although I am relaxed and enjoying myself I am almost emotionally detached to some extent. In other words I am not really ‘feeling’ much, either positive or negative. I wonder if this is my baseline emotional state; which I would almost describe as nothingness. For example, if I am very low or very high, normally consume vast amounts of alcohol on a night out – either to drown my sorrows (when low) or be wild (when high), but the most I have consumed this weekend is 4 bottles of alcopop – less than half my normal intake for a single night! My current state is not a low, numb, emptiness which is a regular emotional state for me, but it’s not high like the punctuating manic phases… lol I’ve just thought that actually in attempting to describe this I am probably demonstrating the pervasiveness of the black and white thinking of BPD. I am trying to pinpoint and distinguish emotional states as entirely separate entities, when in fact there is probably much overlap and blurring of the lines from one emotional state to another – the grey areas I just don’t see!? And of course I can flip like a switch from one state to another so quickly with a ‘trigger’ – usually more likely to be a swing from a positive to negative state then the other direction as ‘positive’ triggers are rare and limited, whilst negative triggers are a far more common event. But enough about BPD for now, back to the weekend…

With everyone finally awake showers were taken and we headed out to dinner…


After dinner we went to see ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ at the cinema. Daniel Craig played the memory lost would be hero, with Harrison Ford as the misunderstood local tough guy with a good heart who redeems himself helping to save the town from the aliens. The mysterious Ella (played by Olivia Wilde, ’13’ in House – one of my favourite shows) is the sassy chick who mans up to help the guys battle against the alien race – and has a hidden secret of her own. The aliens have come to Earth, capturing people to discover our weaknesses, while collecting gold which is as precious to them as it is to us. A fun film with plenty of action and the coming together of normally opposing groups; cowboys, indians and criminals, to defeat a common enemy. An enjoyable mix of old school western and alien sci-fi, there are even a few ‘make you jump’ scenes – I squeaked so loud at one and caused the others to jump far more because of me than the scene itself, haha. I wouldn’t say it’s in my top five films seen this year, but it was good all the same 🙂

Still too early to hit the clubs and bars after the film we retired to our room yet again for a lighter night on the ‘pop’ (in preparation for our drivers not being still ‘over the limit’ for the journey home in the morning). We watched X-men origins: Wolverine on the TV before heading back out to see Urban Cookie Collective, Snap and the headline act of the weekend – the one we had been most looking forward to and had to wait till 01.30am to see! RATPACK!! 😀 We had abandoned the dressing up for the final night and it appeared many others had also not bothered tonight, along with there being a lot less bodies out in general – guess a few must have gone home today, having to be back at work in the morning?

Smurfs, Oompa Lumpas, bananas, Brownies, school girls, kermits, old ladies, pirates, movie characters, baywatch and army gear had been common dress-up themes for the weekend with those less inventive sticking to T-shirts printed with crappy (often misspelled) slogans such as ‘Nott’s girls on tour’ ‘Black Country’s in town’ ‘Lushus Ladies’ or just names. It was fun to see so many people put a good effort into their dressing up. I’m pretty sure, based on the massive increase in costumes on Saturday in comparison to Friday that a lot of people hadn’t considered dressing up until they saw others doing it, and rushed out on Saturday daytime to get an outfit for that evening! If you are planning to do a Butlins Big Weekend I highly recommend planning your costumes in advance so you have a good outfit for each night! 😉

One thing that was missing this weekend was that the onsite funfair was not open at all, although as much as it would have been fun I can understand that Butlins would rather avoid the hassles of hundreds of uncooperative drunken adults trying to use the rides! and the obvious mess that could result – the often inevitable consequence of excessive alcohol consumption…

But, much praise to the planning and co-ordination of the Butlins staff cleanup team, that given the huge mess (broken plastic cups, discarded foods and more/worse) at the end of each night (not finishing till 5am) that by the time you go for breakfast at 8am there is no sign that the place looked like a trash can a few hours before!


We finally crawled into bed at 2.30am – before RatPack’s set had ended 😦 exhausted and not too inebriated), Alarms set of 08.45am for getting home.

The evenings entertainment had been intoxicating, although we had missed Urban Cookie Collective as the boys decided to watch the end of Predator on TV before going to the club! Exhaustion from the previous two nights and a lazy day meant we just didn’t have the energy or alcohol-fuelled awakeness to hang on for Rat Pack to finish, after all they didn’t start till 01.30am! Only Chris stayed behind to see the need of the set when the rest of us bailed. It was a shame Butlins had left the ‘old skool’ headliner till the very last set of the weekend as the crowd was thin compared to the previous nights 😦

All in all it had been a brilliant weekend though, definitely something to be repeated – hopefully with an even larger group next time!

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂


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  1. Butlins sounds so funny to a kiwi girl, can only think of Hi-de-hi (sorry for the spelling as am sure was different to that). Your weekend sounds like fun, celebrating with great mates is always a good thing!

    • Yeah, I think the campsite in Hi-de-hi was based on Butlins and things were definitely a lot more like the TV show at the sites back then – knobbly knees, beauty queens etc. It was a great weekend, an even bigger group would have been even more fun! 🙂

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