Give both parents equal rights and responsibilities towards their children

Just a quick post to ask you all to sign this official petition – in the UK and share it with others to give both parents equal rights and responsibility’s towards their children.

“Shared parenting needs to be the default position for separated parents. One parent should not be able to act on their own to determine a child’s future. Both parents should work together unless one is unfit to do so. Good parents should not be denied access to their children and should be helped by mediation to work together to ensure the best interests of their children are met. Children ought to have one home with both parents, but where that can’t happen there should be two loving homes for them unless one parent is unfit to provide that home. This should be the default position; it would be fair for children, would be fair for mothers and would be fair for fathers. The arrangements for children should be put in place as quickly as possible. This should be the default position for open family courts. The system should accept that fathers and mothers can both love and provide for their children.”

Please share this link and encourage others to sign!

Thank You!! 😀


17 comments on “Give both parents equal rights and responsibilities towards their children

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  4. I agree but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. My ex-husband didn’t want more time with the children – that;s one of the reasons he left.

    It’s safer for the children when one parent doesn’t really want them around, to be with one parent who will show them love, and give them a secure environment to grow up in.

    • Very true! However, I believe this petition is more about where both parents want to be involved in a positive way but the one with custody prevents the other from having their fair and rightful involvement with their children 🙂

      • Unfortunately I’ve also seen the “other” parent want to be involved as a purely financial decision – ie to reduce child support payments. Sigh.

        The petition is great for (especially) Dads who are prevented from spending the time with their child that they want. )

  5. I agree with the concept and the ideas behind the petition, I wish it wasn’t a government-mandated sort of thing…Good luck.

  6. My sons are now grown. My ex and I divorced when my sons were 6 and 10 and split custody of the boys. It was difficult but it worked for us. We made lots of emotional sacrifices. Our sons thank us often for those sacrifices and have repeatedly told us what a huge difference they feel it made for them. I agree though that not every couple can do this.

  7. My ex and I co-parent and share equal time with our children. Our children love being part of both our lives “equally”. Thank god neither of us felt that sense of entitlement or greed to keep the children away from each other. I’m from Canada and can’t sign this either, but wishing you the best of luck!!

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