Blog Round-Up – The 5 most popular posts in September

Site stats from a sample day when I had not posted any new content...

Ever since I did the #30Dayblog challenge – Click here to visit  with @NikkiPilkington my blog has gone from strength to strength and September was no exception. Another bunch of (personal) record breaking events happened:

  • I now have 35 subscribers
  • My blog has had over 13,000 hits in total
  • September had the highest number of hits in a single month with 3019 hits
  • I’ve had over 300 comments
  • I made some money through my blog for the first time$50 for an advertising link!

One thing that seems to be a driving force in maintaining a high hit rate, in addition to posting regularly is that many of my posts have a high degree of longevity. They are subjects that people are often searching for on Google and other search engines. As you can tell by the top 5 most popular posts in the last month – most of them are still posts that were written a while ago, here they are:

  1. Which Celebrities have Borderline Personality Disorder? – originally posted in June, has received over 170 hits in the past month.
  2. 5 things that I find inspiration from when blogging – Actually posted in September, also 170 hits.
  3. What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination? – Posted in July, over 150 hits this month, one of my top 5 posts of all time (to date)
  4. 10 Myths about Borderline Personality Disorder Dispelled – Posted in August, 120 hits in September, the number one post of all time.
  5. That song was written for me…  – another September post, 107 hits

What makes these posts so popular? SEO, keywords and long-tail searches – the titles, categories and tags used on these posts are searched for frequently so more new traffic comes in on a regular basis!

What doesn’t work so well – just to show the difference, if you look at these 5 posts (my lowest hit rate posts) see if you can pick up how the titles are poor in comparison to those above… I’ve included the month they were first posted and the TOTAL number of hits they have had in all time…

  1. Hello World! – My first ever post from January 2010, it has only had 3 hits in all time! being the first post definitely doesn’t help it’s ranking, but look at the poor title too – it doesn’t say what the post is about, or anything interesting/useful…
  2. Interactive Story Project – January 2011, 5 hits. My failed attempt at an writing an interactive story via twitter…
  3. It’s Snowing again… – January 2010, 5 hits. Random blathering, lol
  4. 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 11 – April 2011. 6 hits. Not the #30dayblog challenge but an earlier attempt to get myself blogging more frequently with my own challenge…
  5. 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 13 – April 2011. 6 hits. Some days of this challenge actually did quite well, I think it may be due to particular songs/books mentioned in them that they were more/less popular than others…

Well, lets see if I can break any more records this month – and hopefully you’ve now got a bit of an idea on how much difference getting the right title can make for your posts!?

Which of your posts draws the most traffic?

Which draws the least?

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂


11 comments on “Blog Round-Up – The 5 most popular posts in September

  1. interesting to take the time to analyise these stats!! our most popular posts are those that we promote the most actively, and also ones where we have people who have singed up to a list so they are extra motivated to read them!

    Will go and have aonther look though so thanks for the motivation!

    • Hi Jo,
      I think analysing your stats is a good move as you may be missing a golden marketing opportunity with something that is clearly a natural hit that you may have missed out on promoting. Hope the motivation to look provides you with some useful extra information! 🙂

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