ROW80 Second Check-in

Wow these check-ins come round mega quick, this may be the bit I struggle to keep up with on this challenge! bit more used to running to my own schedule really, lol but I promise to try and keep up with checking in twice a week, even if I have nothing to say…

Before I get to my progress with my goals today I just want to mention something I completely forgot to include with my first check-in – that I really should have promoted straight away! Soon after signing up for ROW80 I asked on Twitter if there was a Facebook group for challengers to meet up in, and was told by @kaitnolan that there wasn’t but if I wanted to set one up she would be happy to tweet it. So I did set one up and we have quite a few ROW80er’s signing up already, but I’m sure not everyone will have heard about it yet (I’ll keep tweeting it here and there) so to try and build up the members accessing the group I thought I should mention it here too! If you want to join the ROW80 Facebook Group click here. Hopefully as more people join up we will start to get some conversations going on, and it is another place you can share your blog posts, or what ever else you may be doing to progress towards your ROW80 goals!  I look forward to catching up with you there! 😀

Right, promotion over, let’s get back to business. I will include my goals (and any subsequent revisions to them) in each of my check-ins as people may not have read my previous posts, or even if they have they may not recall what my goals were (it is also a visual reminder for me, to see how much I have/have not achieved!)

The Goals –

  • To write at least 3 blog posts each week (although 5 would be better to meet my other blogging requirements… but I do get guest bloggers and interviews at times that can fill any gaps….)
  • To write at least 750 words per month towards my works in progress (I am writing my life story and also a fiction novel  and a tinkering with a few other bits but haven’t been putting in enough effort for any of them – need to crack down and this challenge will help me do that!)

What I have done to meet them –

  • I have written 3 posts (one of which has been published yesterday, 2 added to my schedule for the week of 17th Oct), I have also written of my guest posts, scheduled the interview post and almost finished one of the drafts (another I am waiting for my interview subject to come back with additional details for me, and the third I decided to ditch as it wasn’t very interesting…). I went out yesterday to do the research for another guest blog I have been asked to write.  Another blogger has asked to recycle one of my posts from earlier this week, and I have been asked for another guest post for Mind (UK National Mental Health Charity who have previously published two articles written by me), so things are definitely going well in sticking to this target! I also have a few days out planned for this week that will give me some good topics to write about, and still have a bundle of other topics to write about! 🙂
  • I started working on my essay, did about 250 words and realised as its not due in till November and my tutorial isn’t till 29th October I’m getting a bit ahead of myself and what to be sure I’m on the right lines with the subject matter before I knock it all out. So, I took a break and decided to write a little toward my life story on Friday morning – in less than 2 hours I had written 2000 words – far surpassing my goal for the month in a single sitting! Of course I was very pleased with this and I guess most people would raise their game, adjusting their goal based on this kind of result – but I’m going to leave my goal as is for now as I am not sure if this level of achievement is a one-off – I can always amend the goal at another check-in if I am continually exceeding it! 🙂

So that’s it for today’s check-in. I look forward to seeing how everyone else is getting on and catching up with you all again at the next check-in!

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂


28 comments on “ROW80 Second Check-in

  1. Great job Sharon. Thanks so much for setting up the FB page. I requested to join this morning. Wow, 2Gs in one sitting. That’s awesome. It sounds like your blogging goals are going well too. I don’t have problems writing blogs as I go, but I do have trouble queueing them up ahead of time. I’ll have to do that in order to have any shot at NaNo next month, so I better get cracking. Have a great week, and Rock The ROW.

    • Hi Kerry, thank you, I was amazed how the words just flowed! I can normally knock out 1000 word blogs in a couple of hours, but with other writing it’s usually much slower! Yeah queuing blog posts is something I’ve been asked to write a post about with tips for people on how to get ahead, although I’m not really sure my ‘tips’ will be that helpful to most, as it’s really a very personal thing… will do it anyway though as it might help someone! Good luck with your goals and NaNo! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sorting the Facebook group. I’ve requested to join.
    Also, great progress with your goals too.
    I’m new to this but am really enjoying the community feel (and also the fact that it’s got me writing again.)

    🙂 xx

  3. have asked to join thank you for setting up – well done on what you got done this week – tis good and not raising your goals yuet might mean some more exciting wows!

    all the best for next week

    • Thank you Alberta, have approved your request 🙂
      I will do my best to provide more wows next week! 😀
      Hope you are getting on well with your goals too!

  4. Love the FB idea…in part because that is a giant time vacuum for me…having an ROW presence there and seeing other people post will likely jack me back around to focusing on my goals. Thanks!

  5. love to hear that you are achieving your goals
    seems to be a great success 😀

    guess it is pretty good to focus on ones goals and take tiny steps – like “writing at least 3 blog posts a week”

    that will be my goal too . although i am not on that challenge 🙂
    thanks xxx

  6. Isn’t it wonderful when the words just start flowing? Happy to hear that you had such a good writing session! Also, thanks for creating the facebook page. Nice to have another spot where we can all connect. 😀

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