Songs that are Guilty Pleasures

Common musical notes

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Here I go again with a music based blog! lol

This time I thought I would share some guilty pleasures tunes, no matter what music you are normally into we usually all have at least a few songs that don’t fit our usual listening style, or we daren’t admit to our peer group that we like/love for fear of being ridiculed(as often our peer group will include people who share similar interests and tastes in things as we do, including music). But what the hey, share your guilty pleasures! have fun, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can!?

World Music

My first guilty pleasures come from the fact that I am one of those people who enjoys watching Eurovision, not to scoff at our own piss poor entrance attempts but because I like listening to (some) of the European songs, even more so when they are in their native language rather than (often broken) English.  These two tracks aren’t actually from Eurovision but they are my two all time favourite Euro tracks…

O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei

Alizee – Moi Lolita

Party Dance Songs

This is another category where people hate to admit they know and can do the dance that accompanies a song, so many to choose from. I used to blame the fact that I knew the dances on having small children and trying to encourage them to ‘join’ in with ‘party dances’ on holiday etc was the reason I had to learn the dance, to show the kids of course… can’t get away with that one anymore now they are all grown up… ahh well, these are my favourite party dance songs (and yes, I still know the dances for them!)

Saturday Night – Whigfield

Macarena – Los Del Rio

Hope you have enjoyed my guilty pleasures, why not share yours in the comments below! I’d love to know what you like! hehe

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