ROW80 Fourth check-in!

Okay so on my Wednesday check-in I updated my goals slightly to the following…

The Goals –

  • To write at least 3 blog posts each week (although 5 would be better to meet my other blogging requirements… but I do get guest bloggers and interviews at times that can fill any gaps….)
  • To write at least 750 words per month towards my works in progress (I am writing my life story and also a fiction novel  and a tinkering with a few other bits but haven’t been putting in enough effort for any of them – need to crack down and this challenge will help me do that!
  • To complete the weekly study requirements for both of my Open University courses – the requirements vary each week so I can’t include them all in the overall goal, but at each check-in I can describe what I needed to do, and if I managed to do it 🙂

Now I know it hasn’t even been a week since then but I have updated my goals even further. I actually got into trouble for this with my fiance, when he saw me filling in my spreadsheet to keep a tally on what I was doing towards meeting my targets! lol He thinks I have taken it a bit too far… what do you think? here are my new weekly goals…

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions
  4.  Comment on at least 10 blog posts
  5. Reply to my emails (daily)
  6. Reply to tweets/RT’s/followers (daily)
  7. Write any Guest Post I have been asked to do
  8. Read 1 chapter of fiction
  9. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction
  10. Read at least one news article
  11. Contribute to OU forums
  12. Contribute to FB forums
  13. Compile Twitter lists to manage my followers
  14. Comment on at least 5 photos in OU studio
  15. Schedule/upload my guests/interviews

Okay so there they are – too much?

Here’s how much I have done towards each since Wednesday’s check in…

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts – I have written and scheduled 4 posts, just 2 more and I’m chocca block up to & including 22nd October…
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP – 1037 words, typing up character intros that I had written while on holiday.
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions – All reading done up to date, need to take some photos to complete week 4 photography tasks…
  4.  Comment on at least 10 blog posts – Commented on 13 blog posts and responded to all comments on mine (including my guest post on MIND)
  5. Reply to my emails (daily) – yep, been keeping on top of this one 🙂
  6. Reply to tweets/RT’s/followers (daily) – yep, also on top of this one 🙂
  7. Write any Guest Post I have been asked to do – I have written and submitted 3 guest posts that I was asked to do this week
  8. Read 1 chapter of fiction – Read 3 chapter’s of Ben Elton‘s ‘Blind Faith’ and one chapter of Nick Hornby‘s ‘Polysyllabic spree’ and made notes for reviews
  9. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction – read one chapter of ‘The Borderline Personality Survival Guide’ and made notes for a review and a blog post…
  10. Read at least one news article –  I read an interesting article about a man ‘surfing on a shark’ and also a piece about house rental prices in the UK  which is rather worrying as the UK housing market is a nightmare for first time buyers already, now private renting is unaffordable and housing authorities have no ‘social housing’ available – looks like we’re heading for a homelessness crisis at this rate!
  11. Contribute to OU forums – I have been following and commenting on a few threads and posted a few things myself…
  12. Contribute to FB forums – Not as much as I would like, but still been keeping up – just!
  13. Compile Twitter lists to manage my followers – Working on compiling a ROW80 list first, then gonna organise everyone else into lists, hopefully one list per week if I can fit it in!
  14. Comment on at least 5 photos in OU studio – Done 12, it’s hard having to give ‘constructive criticism’ rather than just saying ‘Love this picture’ lol but gotta give useful feedback!
  15. Schedule/upload my guests/interviews – I had two to upload/schedule this week, both done 🙂

Of course there’s all the normal household duties on top of these and I’ve spent over 8 hours working on the accounts for my fiance’s business as well! And then I have to watch my weekly episode of House (which will be joined by a weekly episode of Bones and The Walking Dead soon as well…). We also went to the cinema to see ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy‘ (I don’t usually review my movie watching as I like to just enjoy the film) I would be taking notes throughout if I really wanted to write a good review, and that would just spoil my own enjoyment of the film! That said, It was a good film though, very interesting (not one of my all time favourites, watch-able without being a ‘must see again’) personally I liked the side story of hidden sexuality issues – my fiance didn’t spot this side story until I pointed a few things out to him! And we went to see Reel Steel – now that was awesome! I really got into cheering (silently so as not to freak out other cinema goers) for the robots – the only thing better would have to be there watching the robot boxing matches! The storyline wasn’t too bad either. I spent a few hours making candles on Saturday afternoon – errghh! what a horrid, boring, tedious nightmare craft! I won’t be doing that again! lol

I have also had a few new ‘record’ breaking events this week… I passed 15,500 hits on my blog, and now have over 960 followers on twitter! On Saturday I had 476 hits on my blog which beat my previous ‘busiest’ day of 291 hits by 185  – I don’t even know why the sudden boost in traffic as my stats didn’t show a particular source as being a major contributor – the hits were coming direct to my homepage! I also decided to do a bit of self-promotion and submitted my blog for an a ward at the Bloggers Choice Awards – you can vote for me by clicking this link and signing in – you could even nominate your own/other blogs while you are there! 😉

Last but not least I am working on an idea to set up my own business (I tried this before but chose the wrong type of business to go into) I won’t give anything away on that yet, but maybe once I have a few things sorted I’ll share more… 😉

Well I think that about does it for this check-in. Do you think I have expanded my goals too much? or is it just a sign of how über organised I am that I have broken it all down so much?

How are you getting on with your goals?

Would you like to write a guest post for my blog about what you are doing? If so feel free to drop me a line on twitter, facebook or email! 🙂

Well I better go do those photos now to complete the last bit of these goals, then it all starts again… lol

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂


31 comments on “ROW80 Fourth check-in!

  1. Wow, you’ve been amazingly productive, if the new goals do become too much just scale them back to weekly or even monthly. I wish I could do more with photography, maybe once my current BA is finished. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    • Very true, I have every expectation that this level of productivity cannot always be maintained! Heck it may not be healthy! lol Hope your weekend is going well 🙂

  2. Uhhh, I’m just curious what you do in your spare time? 😉

    Wow, I thought I was AR when it comes to organizing goals. I have a new benchmark now. Great list. I hope you can keep up the pace. Good luck, and Rock The ROW, Sharon.

    • hehe, spare time? what’s that!? 😉

      Thanks Kerry, I am probably the most AR person ever – I think it stems from my BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), which is why the other half worries that I overdo it; I cannot abide being ‘bored’ or having ‘nothing to do’ EVER!! lol I don’t know what it means to just ‘relax’ and do nowt! lol

  3. Well, I must say I find your list scary! But then I’m not a natural list maker. I don’t even do lists for grocery shopping! Maybe it helps you to feel you have control and organisation, and an increased chance of fulfilling your goals. Do you find your lists help you to do that? I find it amazing just how varied people are in their abilities and needs. I have had to start scheduling this year…my brain can’t handle having to remember everything anymore! I hope you have a happy productive week, and that you find a small window somewhere for serenity, if you need to!

    • HI Jamjam, I am a scarily obsessive list maker! I agree it is probably about control and organisation – people have suggested mind-mapping and other organisational tools but I just can’t use them – my mind-maps end up being lists, lol Lists definitely help me get things done, the only worrying bit (so my partner says) is what may happen if I don’t complete a list! Hopefully that wont happen (I try to set my goals a little lower than what I think I could manage, if I stretched myself, so I don’t risk failing! lol). Thank you, hopefully I will have a productive week, and find a way to ‘relax’ at some point, lol Good luck with your scheduling! 🙂

  4. This is impressive! You are a detail oriented person, I’d guess. I’m a little like that; I just don’t use all the ‘new-fangled’ technology to keep track of things…lol. I’m a left-over from the Dark-Ages…

    It’s great that you’ve been doing so much visiting around. I think I’ve learned more from this single activity than all my reading the topic of writing! Really. I’ve tried new challenges after ‘happening’ upon them at a fellow ROW80 participants blog or fellow Campaigner. It’s great.

    Keep up the great work – and best of luck for the new week!

    • Thanks Nadja,
      I still like to put pen to paper as well myself, most of my lists and writing start out scribbled all over notepads, envelopes and books I’m reading before being transferred onto technology! lol
      Exploring is a great way to gather new material for anything you may be working on 🙂
      Good luck for the week yourself as well! 🙂

  5. Your goal list is awe-inspiring and the fact that you are getting everything accomplished…wow, big kudo’s! Love the story about the man surfing on a shark, I saw that one as well 🙂

    I would say you have the drive to start your own business. Not sure how you manage all of what you are already doing.

    I’ll click through and vote for you on the Blogger’s choice award. All the best for the coming week!

    • Thanks Gene,
      I hope I can keep up the good work! lol
      Yeah, some of the other stuff will need to be tamed down if I start my own business, but it keeps me occupied in the meantime 🙂
      Thank you for voting! 😀
      Good luck with the week ahead to you too!

  6. You are one busy woman. Reading this post made my head spin. How you can manage so many things at once is amazing. I tend to focus on certain things each day and each week. Sometimes, I’m active on Twitter, sometimes not. I have periods where I read A LOT (books, news, etc) and other times where I hardly read at all. Same goes for my blog and checking in on other people’s posts as well as my writing. I’m trying to improve all this since beginning ROW80, but I’m not at your level. Keep up the good work. I really am impressed!

    • Thank you,
      I tend to focus on just a few of the things during each day, but over the week that accumulates to cover the whole range 🙂 Good luck with your goals! 🙂

  7. My theory on goals and whether they’re too much lately has been: hey, you don’t know until you try, right? So I bow to your impressive list of goals and wish you the best of luck. Fifty gazillion kudos to you if you manage to pull them all off, but, even if you don’t, at least you tried and that’ll leave you with more than what you’d have accomplished if you didn’t.

    You seem to be doing pretty amazing on them so far, so keep it up!

  8. Uhhhh yeaaahhh. I think you should write a guest post for my Writers’ Uni-Verse-City Wednesday’s on staying organized and focused because I think I’m in dire need based on this week’s outlook.

    You’re killing it! Great work. 🙂

    Also clicking over the Blogger’s choice awards to vote for you.

    • Hehe, people keep saying I should write about keeping organised and focussed, but I’m not sure my approach would suit a lot of people as it is quite an intense, full on, hit it with all you’ve got approach, lol I guess I could write it anyway and see if it just scares people! lmao (Also being out of work at the moment has a huge impact as I can spend pretty much all my time on meeting my goals! :/)

      thanks for voting! 😀

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  12. Real Steel is a great movie, I watched it HQ and free on , loved it!! I dont want to say more because i dont want to spoil the movie, between its not wolverine in this movie! lol

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