14 comments on “Looking for Quality Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing? – A guide for what to avoid…

    • Thanks Patricia, yeah, it’s worth having a good look and if you are looking at buying services from a web-design/SEO/Social media company check they can do it right for themselves before parting with any money! 😉

    • I have done my best, hope it helps! but as I say in the post I’m not an expert, I’m hoping that any experts out there will point out any other important things to avoid (if they read this) and tomorrow I have a follow up that shows two companies that have things ‘right’ 🙂

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  3. Excellent post – thank you. This all needed saying. Sometimes I think we ‘non-experts’ are actually the real experts in what general users need to know…

    • Thanks Michele, yes indeed, and as the ‘customer’ we also know what we ‘want’ to see but may not have the technical knowledge to achieve it ourselves and expect the experts to be able to do it for us – but we need to trust that they are ding it right themselves!

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