One sentence for every year of your life so far…

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This was one of those occasional WordPress suggestions that caught my eye, I thought it would be fun to see if I can sum up each year of my life in a simple sentence… lets see how it goes! lol

1976 – I was born this year…

1977 – I was a baby, a chubby baby

1978 – I sent most of the time sleeping and ‘bum-shuffling’ (I skipped crawling)

1979 – My sister was born this year.

1980 – My first big adventure – lost in a shopping mall

1981 – Fighting, tree climbing and biting.

1982 – We moved house

1983 – New Primary School, New friends.

1984 – Moved up to Junior school

1985 – Kiss-chase in the playground at school

1986 – My parents split up

1987 – Mr Fishers class with┬ápreserved┬áanimal parts in jars.

1988 – Started senior school

1989 – Lots of time off school, twisted ankle and chicken-pox

1990 – Moved senior school due to bullying

1991 – Bullied again, started ‘acting out’ – first signs of BPD?

1992 – Met and started dating my future husband

1993 – My son was born, 13 weeks early.

1994 – My daughter was born, heart condition.

1995 – Went back to education

1996 – Passed my first lot of exams with A and B grades ­čśÇ

1997 – More studying and voluntary work

1998 – Partner diagnosed with and has┬ásurgery┬áfor brain tumour and son diagnosed with epilepsy

1999 – Got married

2000 – Husband has radiotherapy for brain tumour returning

2001 – Start my first paid ┬ájob with Forensics

2002 – Leave job due to husband, Move house, start studying with Open University

2003 – Start home-educating my son due to problems with school

2004 – Son diagnosed with Aspergers and starts senior school

2005 – Daughter starts senior school

2006 – Studying with 3 universities at once

2007 – I’m like a hermit, reclusive and don’t go out at all

2008 – life changing – husbands┬átumour┬áreturns, I get┬ásterilised, start looking for work and heaven forbid ‘socializing’!!

2009 – Start working in IT, separate from Husband, graduate with 2.1 Honors degree, husband dies from brain tumour

2010 – made┬áredundant, diagnosed with BPD, start working in NHS

2011 – Nearly die, Blogging rules, leave work in NHS, BPD rules, get engaged…

wow, that was actually tough for some years! – what about you? can you summarise your life with a sentence for each year? It would be a good starting point for writing your life story – prompts for each year, that may trigger more memories! Why not give it a go and be sure to let me know how you get on! ­čÖé
Thank you for reading!┬á If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments ­čÖé

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    • Thank you Julie, glad you enjoyed it and good luck getting started on yours! I just jumped to the ‘easy’ years first then went back to fill in the more difficult years ­čÖé

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