Versatile Blogger Award

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to be informed that I have been given this award by Summer Grant of Any One Thing, in awarding me she said this about my blog –

“one of those inspiring blogs. Suffers from BPD and not afraid to talk about it. It’s always enlightening reading this blog even when it’s just about different songs.”

To accept this award I must:

1. Formally thank the person who gave me the award

2. List 7 things about myself that others might not know about me

3. Pass it on the award to 15 other bloggers

4. Inform the bloggers I have given them the award.

So here goes…

1. I formally convey many thanks to Summer Grant for giving me this award – check out her blog at Any One Thing.   I’m so chuffed you felt my blog was worthy of the award, and especially that you find my writing inspiring – Thank you again! It really is an honour to have this recognition 😀

2. 7 Things you might not know about me… hmm this one could be difficult as theres not much about myself that I don’t reveal in my writing! lol

  1. My favourite food is bacon, mmm bacon sandwiches, you just can’t beat them! lol
  2. I don’t drink coffee, in fact I hate it. Tea, two sugars, with milk please… that’ll do nicely 🙂
  3. I don’t watch TV, the only time you’ll catch me watching TV programmes is online or on DVD, the TV only goes on for other people in the house I could happily live without it!
  4. I still smoke, I haven’t yet managed to quit, I keep trying but my stress and anxiety levels (poor excuses) always having me reaching for another cigarette :/
  5. I’m a qualified Reiki practitioner, not that I use it so would need to be re-attuned if I decided to get back into it!
  6. I have a condition called ‘Hypermobility‘ which means I am extremely flexible, but is also the cause of severe joint pain and locking of my joints, which prevents me from participating in most forms of exercise (and I love exercise!) and I really shouldn’t dance as it aggravates my discomfort but I can’t resist as I love dancing! 😦
  7. I’m a neat freak, every morning before anyone else gets up I clean and tidy the house and make sure all the tins/jars in the cupboard are facing the right way (labels out) and CD’s/DVD’s/Books are in alphabetical order – yeah pretty OCD really… lol
3. The  15 bloggers I am passing this award to are…
  • Ruth Seba – Seba Silver. Jewellery Designer living in Croatia, writes about the skill of filigree jewellery production and a myriad of interesting topics, always great fun
  • Helen Bogun – Helz Design. Blogging in English and German, such a variety of subjects and some great interviews, really fascinating.
  • Erin Brambilla – Erin Writes. This has to be the funniest blog I read, Erin is always posting hilarious stuff in the style of serious topics she just cracks me up, I love it when she has a new post! Of course she does write some genuine articles as well as the fun ones, but we all need a good laugh at times!
  • Rickie Josen – Rickie Writes…..All roads lead to cake. Whether it’s film or book reviews, local events in Birmingham, her many travel experiences, writing or music, Rickie always has something new, different and interesting to read about!
  • Purple Persuasion – Bipolar blogger, many times the subject is mental health, but often interspersed with interesting topics of current events, always a great read and really well presented arguments 🙂
  • Framework for Life – intriguing insights into using business strategic skills to manage your day-to-day home life, cool!
  • Jason’s Spina Bifida Journey – as well as writing about living with spina bifida Jason regularly features other inspiring people and various subjects including sports, work life and much more…
  • Miss Riki – another great blog with topics on mental health, family, life and many other things…
  • Clarissa – Just Difficult, Personality disordered classical musician who blogs about mental health, music and much more…
  • The Not so big Society – a collaborative bog about health and social care with topics on politics, mental health and the welfare state amongst other things…
  • Pornalysis – a fascinating and controversial blogger tackling feminism, academia, politics and other topics of outrage, beware if you are easily offended! lol
  • Nicole Basaraba’s Uni-Verse-City. a brilliant blog by a writer who enjoys travel and books, when she’s not tied up with working on her novel
  • The Outlandish Avocado. Reading, writing and life, great information and tips along with fascinating fiction
  • Mrs Bongle. truly versatile blogging about life, writing, philosophy the occult and so on, always an interesting read.
  • Kait Nolan – Inspirational founder of ROW80 and published author, Kait has such great content, lately her reviews of new TV shows have left me excited for their arrival in the UK!
4. I have popped over to each of those blogs and left a message informing them of the award.

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂

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20 comments on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks Sharon! I think versatile is a great way to describe both of our blogs, variety is good. Will have to follow up with my formal thanks and recommends later in the week… have my 12 top cities vs Lonely planet recommends and an article about wooden horses lined up for today and tomorrow! Cheers, Ruth

  2. You tickled my giggle bone, made me giggle!

    And believe me, my giggle bone was broken years ago by the systemic oppression of all those who can’t seem to wrap their hands around the idea that not all bones are bad bones…;-)

    Well, enough about tooting horns: you have shown me once again that people who are aware of their own issues ( especially women) make life easier–and more fun!–for the rest of us.

    I like you even more now than when I met you…<3<3<3

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