A Halloween Street Party – Community Spirit is Alive!

Last weekend we attended a ‘Halloween Street Party’ in our little Close.  The invites had been posted through every door a few weeks earlier. Two local mom’s, our neighbours, had decided to organise the event as an nice alternative to ‘trick or treating‘ – so many people dislike this adopted American tradition in the UK. They had planned the event out well in advance, it was just a case of whether the neighbours were interested and would turn up….

The invite stated:

Halloween Street Party

Emma (Oscar and Lottie’s mom) and Emma (Matt and Becca’s mom)thought it would be great to hold a small street party to celebrate Halloween.

When: Sunday 30th October 2011 from 4pm

Where: the grass outside the flats

What: A Halloween Party for the whole street – all welcome, feel free to invite your family and friends along to join the fun.

Bouncy Castle, apple bobbing, games, a “trick or treasure” hunt, cupcakes, prizes for best costume (adults too!) and more!

What to do now: please can you

  1. Let us know if you will attend
  2. Let us know if you’d like to contribute (e.g. sandwiches, sweets, drinks, etc.)
  3. Provide a clue for the “Trick or Treasure” hunt – this will be an organised hunt, where the children along with an adult will use the clues to find the Halloween treasure (rather than going on a standard trick or treat outing)

The event even made it on the front page of the local newspaper…

We were a bit late replying as only having one youngster in our house we had to check if she would be back from Brownie Camp (which was the same weekend) in time to attend. She would, so I let the organisers know we would attend and I would bring some sandwiches 🙂

Given that community spirit is not what it was when I was a child there was every chance that it could be an epic fail. Myself and my partner barely know any of the neighbours, and while we are aware there are a few young children in the close I would not have a clue if there were enough to make a successful street party aimed at children!

Well, it turned out there are lots more children than I would have imagined here, and community spirit is definitely alive and kicking in our little close!

The turn out was great, so many people with children of all ages, it was actually a wonderful sight to see. Some people had gone to really great efforts with their costumes too!

I had decided beforehand that I would take out my camera and capture the event, seeing as I’m doing a photography course it would be good practise trying to capture good shots as the daylight faded and people would be moving around a lot. I felt very nervous when one of the organisers spotted my camera and asked if I was a professional photographer! lol

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves there was loads of food and fun for the kids, but we soon noticed one thing was missing – music! We popped back to fetch a small stereo to play some CD’s (it wasn’t the best portable stereo and kept sticking, but at least there was some music) it came in handy for pas the parcel too 🙂

The games kicked off getting the kids to mix with each other while the grown-ups chatted. I think the most popular game was also the messiest – a kind of ‘lucky’ dip game where the kids had to find sweets and treats in foam and flour. The four one was a big hit, with almost every child being covered head to toe in flour after, it also gave me the best photo opportunity of the evening, as after all the other kids had moved on one little girl stayed playing with the flour for ages – doesn’t she look cute! hehe

After several hours people started to dwindle away as the younger children headed to bed and the clean-up operation began. I took the opportunity to hand out my Herman friendship cakes to the organisers, as I had reached day 9 of Herman’s life cycle and didn’t really know who I would have been able to give them to otherwise, thankfully the ladies seemed pleased to receive them 🙂 and asked if I could let them see the photos after, to which I said of course!

I then proceeded to set up a Facebook Group for our neighbourhood, thinking it was the best/easiest way for me to give access to all the pictures to everyone, after all I didn’t know most of them and had no way to get the images to them. We currently have 20 members from the neighbourhood and I’m sure it will grow as more find out/are told about it! There is also a suggestion of another event, maybe for Christmas – which seems like a great idea!

In addition, it turns out the two ladies who organised the event made it such as success because they do this for a living, Emma 1 has her own cake business Bunz on the Run and Emma 2 has her own Children’s Events and parties business Noodle Doodles – why not check them out!

Is there much community spirit where you live? how s it demonstrated?


5 comments on “A Halloween Street Party – Community Spirit is Alive!

  1. Fantastic blog, you need to take some well deserved credit for making the evening such a success and for all your ideas for keeping our little community alive – well done honey x

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  3. Sharon, so funny how popular this American tradition of Halloween becomes in other countries! I was born and raised in Poland. When I have lived there, we didn’t know much about Halloween, and Polish people definitely didn’t celebrate it. But in the recent years my fellow citizens have welcomed this tradition and, especially the younger generation, seem to enjoy it a lot.

    Kudos to you for keeping the community spirit alive!

    • Thanks Angela, indeed Samahain is the more realistic traditional celebration for this time of year in the UK but most people don’t even know what that means! It is nice that our community was able to come together so well, whatever the reason for the celebrations 🙂

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