ROW80 10th check-in

Well, for starters I just have to say I am still crippled, but this time I really do only have myself to blame not the Wii. I had not really recovered from the troubles that caused, but whilst out on Friday night I had a few drinks and danced and ended up doing the splits – I know foolish in my condition. I am by far still flexible enough for doing them (part of being Hypermobile) but I REALLY shouldn’t do them, especially when I have already crippled myself once in that very same week!! Please admonish me appropriately for being foolhardy and behaving like I’m still 21 (when in fact I have my 35th birthday this month).

Okay, so idiocy over, let’s get on with the check –in…

I had already hit/passed my targets on 9 of my 15 goals for my Wednesday check-in despite being unable to concentrate on anything much with the pain of crippling myself. Since then I have left the house on only 5 occasions, for therapy, to help my friend who was staying with us move into her new place, to go to the NEC for the Hobbycraft and Art Materials Live Show (which gave me a topic to write a post about), to visit my mom, and the foolish Friday night drinking and dancing. I will be out again tonight, to see the ‘Vagina Monologues’ at the theatre, which will give me yet another blog post.

In addition to that here’s the progress I have made with the goals…

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts – 3 done and several more ideas in the pipeline as always 🙂
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP – Not quite, just 232 but after last weeks mass push I think I can be forgiven being a few words short this week, lol
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions – Just working on finishing touches for the photos for the final photography assignment and need to do a small written piece to accompany them before cracking on with the next block for Sociology 🙂
  4. Comment on at least 10 blog posts – 21 posts commented on, Had another bit of a frenzy! Lol
  5. Reply to my emails (daily) – as always, except for last night as for some reason Hotmail just wouldn’t load a single message for me :/
  6. Reply to tweets/RT’s/followers (daily) – Indeedy, a few nice little natters here and there and even met a fellow tweep when I went to Hobbycraft 😀
  7. Write any Guest Post I have been asked to do – No more to do after the big review for Mind which you can read here, some really fascinating documentaries in the bunch!
  8. Read 1 chapter of fiction – Errrm lost count but I finished the rest of The Choice, and it was 49 chapters long, last time I checked in I had read to chapter 16, so that means I’ve read 33 chapters and I did that in about 5 hours, over 2 days.
  9. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction – I’m still reading the first chapter of my Sociology Security Block, its not the shortest of chapters…
  10. Read at least one news article – I read this piece about Derren Brown in the Guardian and all I could think was more fool any twats that would’ve believed it was real anyway! jeez its all just trickery for entertainment, who is stupid enough to think it was real anyway!? I choose to do this task in the hope of finding a topic worth writing a blog about, but rarely find anything that captures my interest enough… :/
  11. Contribute to OU/FB forums – yep, still at it
  12. 30 minutes of Wii fit per day – Ok so haven’t been able to do this since the screw up after Monday’s attempt, maybe I should start with 10 minutes and build up? I’m not going to remove it though as it is my overall target!
  13. Artwork for WIP – Not exactly for the WIP but will be including comic ‘me’s’ in some of it so I guess the artwork I did for tomorrows post kinds counts…?
  14. Comment on at least 5 photos in OU studio – Still trying to build this up by making sure there are no un-commented pics in my group, so I commented on another 14 photos, lol
  15. Schedule/upload my guests/interviews – Again still none to add – yet.

So, I’m back on track (or rather still ahead) with most things, despite the pain and being barely able to walk. As I have been dissociating (post about dissociation coming soon) a lot lately (due to problems stemming back to September) I had a good chat with my therapist last week and highlighted myself that I am cutting ‘people’ out more and more, so I have a new challenge to get myself back into the ‘real’ social world in a safe way, by meeting up with friends for window shopping, lunch or something, rather than hiding away at home 24/7.  So I have plans for a girlie day with one friend on Monday and will go out and visit another friend on Tuesday, which is a good start 🙂 I may also pay a visit to a chiropractor to see if they can help with my mobility issues as I’m not impressed with years of the GP sending me for physio for a short period and not really getting anywhere…

As for the goals, the one’s that are causing me most concern now are the guest post ones, giving and receiving. I haven’t had much spare time to look/apply to guest on a few sites I know that like you to approach them with a post and then they accept (or not) but I think I will try to write a few pieces to have available to do this with, and I really need to start actively seeking out more guests for here and do some more interviews, so I guess this will require a big push soon as well!

If you would like to be my guest or be interviewed please leave a comment; or if you would like me to guest on your blog please also do the same! 🙂 Cheers

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14 comments on “ROW80 10th check-in

    • Thanks Katy, yeah Friday was good, lol. being so flexible comes with a lot of baggage for me though unfortunately – the splits really must be relegated to the past! lol

  1. Oh I hope you feel better soon! I can’t imagine how terrible it must feel and even through it you’ve gotten really far with your goals! I don’t know what being a guest blogger would entail but I’d like to know more about it if you want to send me an email we can chat or just let me know if I’m not what you’re looking for. I’m trying to break out of my comfort zones 🙂

    • Thanks Crystal, to be honest guest posts on my blog can be about anything the writer would like to share, from information to opinion pieces on any topic, so feel free to write anything you would like and I’ll be happy to share it. My email is 🙂

  2. I guess if I could do splits, I wouldn’t resist doing them either 😉 But do take care of yourself!

    Best of luck with your goals this week. Sounds like you’re rocking them 🙂


    • lol yeah, it is very tempting to show off, especially when you’ve had a few drinks hehe I’ll try not to be so silly from now on though!
      Thanks, hope your goals are going well too! 😀

  3. *cough* Admonishing: “You realize, you may be able to bend like Gumby but you are not green and made of clay. Don’t be Gumby. Be Sharon. And Sharon doesn’t do Gumby ;)”

    As for you goals, you’re kicking butt. Don’t worry about the guest posts. They’ll come.

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