Theatre Review – The Vagina Monologues

*WARNING* There is frequent use of the ‘C’ word in this post, please leave now if this will offend you!

With that said, I love CUNT! lmao, why is this word so offensive anyway? along with TWAT. Both are used as derogatory words to describe the ‘lady garden’ ‘Coochie Snoocher’ ‘pussy’… the VAGINA. The vagina monologues very quickly gets into the multitude of words that are used to describe the female genitalia around the world. So many names, I’m sure it was only due to not having time to reel them all of that a few I know well like Lady garden, fangita, and vajayjay weren’t included in the list, lol. Did you know apparently a popular term in Birmingham (UK) is the ‘Spunk satchel’? Personally I think they must have been speaking to far too many chavs in their interviews to come up with that one, but hey I call it Pussy, what about you what do you call your vagina girls? and men what do you call your other half’s bits? Bet they have a good name for your PENIS too? lol

I tell you one thing, I loved going to this show, not only was it brilliant, funny, hilarious, moving, disturbing and eloquent but it gives me the chance to talk about vagina’s on my blog – how cool is that!? hehehe

Anyway… The show is a dialogue of interviews with women of all ages from around the world who were asked to talk about their vaginas. Voiced by Wendi Peters (Coronation Street), Louisa Lytton (The Bill, Eastenders) and Zaraah Abrahams (Waterloo road – standing in for Tiana Benjamin of Eastenders – not sure why she wasn’t there) the tales of this collection of witty, moving conversations were bought to life. Based on the original work of Eve Ensler, you can get the book the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler here.

Each actress was awesome in her presentation of the many voices, giving each one character and bringing them to ‘life’

Along with the long list of vagina names and reclaiming the word CUNT, there were also hilarious anecdotes of the responses to the following questions –

  • If your vagina could talk what would it say? 2 words only! – answers ranged from yes!yes!,  no! no!, too big!, too small!, fuck off!, you cunt!, to love me, closed, no way!, and so on – what would yours say? Mine would say ‘gimme more’ lmao
  • What would your vagina wear? – this one seemed a weird question, but the idea is to consider your vagina as ‘you’ after all it is a part of ourselves we should be proud of! Answers ranged from silk to cotton, diamonds to Armani and everything in-between, one answer that didn’t come up, the one I would say – NAKED – bare and proud.

Do you love your vagina? Have you looked at your vagina recently? many women go years without looking at or touching their vagina, they worry about it, fear it but really you should love it. The show describes a group of women attending ‘vagina workshops’ were they discovered their vaginas and learned to love them. Laying on little blue mats, armed with a hand mirror they were encouraged to look at and explore themselves, tears streamed down my face as I laughed so much at the details of these explorations – must interesting discovering the clitoris and how to pleasure oneself – something many women find incredibly difficult to do. I have to admit for many years I was amongst them, I used to think it was wrong, dirty and inappropriate to masturbate, but I overcame those issues and now I can bring myself to climax in seconds (although I prefer to take my time! lol). Watching Louisa Lytton demonstrate a selection of orgasms had the whole audience in fits of laughter, it looked exhausting!

There were tales of housewives, a 72 year old woman, lesbians and sex-workers all funny and engaging, but there were also tales of women who were rape victims from war and the Congo. Disturbing, heart-wrenching tales of the abuse and torture these women suffered, raped with guns, sticks, broken glass, burned, sewn up and more, these moments bought the audience to stunned silence and tears.

Audience participation was encouraged whenever the ‘clitfact’ was read out. i think the only people who remained quiet during this part were the few men that were in the audience (including my partner, lol) amazingly there were double figures of men attending what was advertised as the ‘Ultimate Girls’ Night Out’, to be honest I think many more men should go and see the show – they might learn something! haha. So, the clitfact – this was a little fact that should make us all very proud to have a clitoris! Paraphrasing –

The clitoris is the only organ in the human body (male or female) designed purely for pleasure, it has more than 8000 nerves which is more than the fingertips, lips, tongue and TWICE (again) TWICE (again) TWICE as many as the PENIS!!

You gotta love that fact! lmao 😉

Well as you can probably tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. My partner seemed to enjoy it too although of course he couldn’t relate or empathise, awww shame the burden of being a man 😉 hehe

Anyway – if you get a chance go see it. You will have a great night! And if you are worried about it being about a bun

ch of men hating, feminist CUNTS then forget that notion – this is about loving the vagina, not hating the penis! Don’t be a stupid CUNT and avoid it for fear of words like CUNT you don;t know how much fun you are missing! I also love the bit where in reclaiming the word cunt they use the word in every sentence for a few minutes – ‘I see that cunt got the job’ ‘Did you just call me a cunt? you cunt!’ ‘Love that cunt’s new haircut’ lmao we really don’t use this word enough due to the silliness of people (female and male) being offended by it! Say it loud say it proud – CUNT, CUNT, CUNT!! (the audience were a bit weak participating in this chant, I guess a few must not like the word! lol)

What do you think? have you seen the show? read the book? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂

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11 comments on “Theatre Review – The Vagina Monologues

  1. At the college three miles from here, women students perform “The Vagina Monologues” every year around Valentine’s Day to raise funds for Battered Women Shelters. It is hilarious and wonderful! I’m gratified that these young adults get to perform it at such an impressionable age. It is powerful and empowering. Yes!

    • That sounds like the ideal thing! What a forward thinking college to allow them to do such a performance! Brilliant so many places would shy away from it as it is quite controversial! 😀

  2. I haven’t seen the show, but I did reclaim the word cunt about five years ago when a pagan friend of mine got me to say it for the first time ever. Now I say it all the time – especially when driving and being cut up by larger, male driven cars or lorries. Fucking cunts!

    X Clarissa

    • lmao, awesome! There are so many cunt’s out there, not using the word is a huge loss for those who find it offensive xx

      ( I just had a cunt troll comment on another post, cunty scum wasters! :/ )

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