Book Review – The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart

I started reading this book after deciding to host a few authors on my blog for part of a virtual book tour. I chose authors who had a book that sounded like one I would enjoy reading so that after hosting them I could review their books. You can read Lorhainne’s guest post on my blog here and now to review her book!

The Choice caught my eye first of all for its cover and title, I really am one to judge a book by its cover! I noticed that the genre was categorised as ‘Romantic Mystical Suspense’ to be honest the word ‘romantic’ does tend to put me off a bit, but I have grown so used to the fact that even though many books do not use this as a classification it is actually very hard to avoid any level of romantic involvement in most of the books I read, so I just have to put up with romance and hope its not too Mills and Boony (I detest these kind of nonsensical romance stories – they are even more ‘fantasy’ than other worldy stuff, such unbelievably unreal tripe – but anyway I’m getting off track!).

So drawn in by the promise of mystical suspense, I read the blurb and the combination of Wicca, DEA and memory loss was enough to make me feel this was definitely something I could get my teeth into.

I think the hardest thing for me was that this was the first time I had purchased a book in Kindle format. I don’t own a Kindle and have no intention of buying one, much preferring ‘real’ books. So I had to read this on my laptop. I know it’s not the same as reading from a Kindle/e-book reader (I have read on one before) but reading on screen of any kind was fully confirmed as not the thing for me as I struggled to maintain my focus whilst reading The Choice!

I’m not going to post the blurb or synopsis of The Choice in this post as you can read all about that in Lorhainne’s post here, along with a short story about how Marcie met Dan.

Other than struggling with the format of reading on screen I found the Choice very captivating and only stopped reading sprints when the screen became too much or I really had to do something else!

Marcie is a great character and her memory loss is fascinating, as is how it returns almost as suddenly as it went.  I can understand that we don’t learn much about her wiccan ways during the time she is memory lost but I did spend the rest of the book hoping to discover much more about it than we actually did. This is not a tale of witchcraft to the extent I am more used to reading (such as Kelley Armstrong‘s ‘OtherWorld’ series) if anything I would say that the mystical side of this story is not played out to its fullest capabilities considering it is a vital element of the book. You are left feeling that witchcraft is more ‘natural’ than mystical and supernatural – maybe that is the intention?

Marcie’s saviour and love interest Sam is actually not that appealing to me, he seems a bit harsh. And along with several other characters the description of his ‘linebacker’ shoulders was a line that was putting me off all the guys as it was an overused descriptor in the early parts of the book. Sam never really grew on me even as we learnt more about him,he just seemed to flip from caring to cruel too often and too easily. But at the same time, I liked that for a change I didn’t like one of the main characters in a book – it was different for me to feel like this! 🙂

The story played out well, even if the conclusion did feel a little hurried after all the build up towards it. Two other key characters worked really well, if possibly a little clichéd (Jessie and Diane) but Dan, who is actually a lead character, we don’t learn enough about. I think we needed to see more of what was happening on his side of things, but he appears at the beginning and end with barely any appearance in the middle of the book, despite the fact that it seems clear he must be up to something during this time. References to him and his ‘wizardly ways’ suggest that a lot is going on that we never hear about.

Overall, a good read from a new author 🙂

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂

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