ROW80 Check-in – The self-pity post…

As I said on Sunday I am very low at the moment, having some major difficulties with my BPD. I took some time out trying to get myself some help on Monday, but unfortunately this just lead to feeling even worse as I discovered the the UK Mental Health Support systems are not just a ‘postcode lottery‘ for NHS care but also for any level of support, whether privately aid for or charitable organisations

I was passed from pillar to post, with the final result being suggestions to go back to my GP – fat lot of good that is for all the help they have been before. No-one wanted to or cared about helping me, I was devastated. The only support I received was from people who share my problems on Twitter and Facebook. It appears the only people who care about helping someone with Mental Health problems are people who can not actually do anything to help, those that could help don’t care and don’t want to help. It is a disgraceful state of affairs, but what can I do!?

Anyway enough whingeing, on with the check-in…

The full list of my goals is available here

As usual there are certain basic goals that I have achieved, as always, as very little effort is required to maintain these –  items 4,5, 6 and 11.

Amazingly, despite (or perhaps because of) how I was feeling I managed to write 4 blog posts to exceed the requirements of item 1 goal and I read an article in the newspaper which inspired one of these posts (and met goal item 10 at the same time). The article was about the most expensive photograph ever sold, so I have a photography based post related to this scheduled for tomorrow.

I have part completed goal 14, 3 comments made on photos, so 2 more to do…

I have achieved nothing towards items 2, 3, 8, and 9.

Items 7 and 15 are still N/A as I have no guest posts to write and no guests for here.

I am still leaving item 12 on hold till I’ve had a few more sessions with the chiropractor and seen my GP…

I guess having still managed to achieve 6.5 out of 15 goals isn’t too bad considering the state I am in! actually if you allow for the 3 that I couldn’t do anyway, this means I am actually over half way to meeting my goals for the week!

I am planning to study for most of the rest of this week as I have a tutorial to attend on Saturday, but I think I may be able to fit in a bit of work on those empty goals before Sunday, we’ll see…

Sorry to be so down in the dumps, hopefully I will pick up a bit again soon and have some more positive encouraging check-ins! 🙂

Until next time, keep rocking the ROW! 😉

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17 comments on “ROW80 Check-in – The self-pity post…

  1. Hope you’re not so down in the dumps very soon, though I’m not sure what “up in the dumps” would feel like!! It’s an odd phrase… feeling I may have to investigate the origins of the saying…………anything rather than start on my list of “jobs for the day”. take care Hun, hope to speak soon. X

  2. Given all that is going on I’d say you are still making wonderful progress and maintaining a calm attitude. Keep striving forward and hope that things turn in your favor soon. Be well 🙂

  3. It’s disgraceful that you were shoved from pillar to post! I’ve suffered depression in my past though not BPD and I have some idea of what you’re going thorugh. You could try going back to your doctor and demanding a second opinion! Just know that although we’re strangers, it doesn’t mean we don’t care about you. And keep writing!

    • Thank you 🙂

      I have an appointment with the GP for Friday and my partner is coming with me to let them know we won’t stand for it any more, help or we are complaining and writing to our MP. Hopefully him coming with me and being armed with the NICE guidelines will mean we can make them listen rather than fob me off again! 🙂

  4. You’re absolutely right that it’s disgraceful sometimes the sort of help (or lack thereof) people are able to find for these sorts of problems; my mother has BPD and they thought for a bit that I might have it, too (but, in retrospect, I think I was really just being a teenager, omg) and it can be a constant struggle with a hefty dose of helplessness. Being shuttled around trying to find some sort of aid and coming up empty handed doesn’t help, either!

    But I’ve found there’s always hope in just staying strong and forging ahead, which seems to be exactly what you’re trying to do with your goals. So well done, Sharon, and keep it up! Things will get better before you even know it!

    • Indeed it is a sorry state of affairs!

      Thank you, I do try to stay strong, it just gets hard when you keep feeling like you are banging your head against a brick wall!

  5. Yow, you’ve got a lot of goals. I mean I know they are each small and doable ones, but Yow!

    So sorry to hear about your problems with healthcare, and good luck with getting it resolved. Perhaps you should grant yourself “extra credit” for achieving each task in the long road through the bureaucracy.

  6. Yikes! I’m sorry you’re having so many issues with the Health Care system. They really should do a better job helping those they’re supposed to be serving. What good is having the service if they don’t keep the individual as the focus? Grr. Again, I’m sorry 😦

    • Thank you, yes it is terrible that they seem to be getting things so wrong, a lot of people in need of these services are much weaker than me and if I’m struggling to cope with it all I can only imagine what they must be going through – tbh it’s no wonder there are so many suicides! 😦

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