The most expensive photograph in the World…

Gursky’s Rhine II

This photograph is the most expensive photograph ever sold… why!?

It might not look all that but it is a piece of technical genius, the equipment required to take the photograph was massive, in size, capabilities and cost. The image itself is printed at a huge 3 metres wide (proof itself of the technical genius, you try taking a photo and print it that big and see how crap it will look, even if it is a great shot in original size…!).

To be honest I amongst those who do not see it’s value, or beauty. But reading the comments below the article about it in The Telegraph I came to accept the technical value of it, even if I still don’t like it as an image. The article which you can read here does not do Gursky’s Rhine II justice, as it reveals very little about just what was involved in capturing the high resolution required to print a 3 metre wide photograph, or why that means it is worth the $4.3m it sold for at Christie’s New York.  Thankfully some great technically knowledgeable people have commented explaining at length just what effort was required to produce this work.

Anyway, regardless of the technical genius, the image itself is not that pretty or interesting to many – we are all entitled to our personal opinions of what makes good ‘art’.

So, as I am doing a photography course at the moment learning to critic both the technical and aesthetic elements of photographs is something myself and others on the course are having to get to grasps with. But In addition to this we are also having a lot of fun developing our skills both with the camera and beyond, in the digital darkroom.

As a result we have all been getting creative with our shots and editing skills… some more than others… Thus when this image was shared in our Facebook Group for the course a lot of members felt that it needed ‘livening up’ a bit and proceeded to have some fun with it, causing many giggles and fun in the group. I now want to share the results of the work of the group so you can see what you think…

Is the original better?

Or the creativity of the T189 Open University Photography Group more your cup of tea?

If you would like to have a play with Rhine II you can download a high res version here – just bare in mind you cannot use the image or reproductions of it for sale or profit in any way, but you can play with it! 😉

Debi - "Now it's more vibrant n memorable"

Lorraine - "Sorry, I couldn't resist, it was all that grass that got me thinking..."

Susan - "my husband decided it needed mowing"

Lorraine - "A bit messy but... Oh dear, then I found these little additions!"

Jodie - "My other half enjoyed the photo edits from the "expensive" photo, and suggested this lol"

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂

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  1. I like the edits wayyyy more!
    There is this really bad trend in art right now ” it cost a lot of moneytoproduce, so it must be good…” like that guy who did the solid gold diamond skull…

    Hey did you ask for access to my site? I closed parts of it because I think I pissed off some atheist cult members!

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