ROW80 Check-in – The one with the bragging rights… lol

After Wednesday’s very self-pitying check-in I was told by many people that I should be proud of how much I manage to achieve despite what I am going through and I guess those people are right.  I am feeling a bit more positive now, having managed to make some progress on my personal issues has helped with that I suppose!

So, before I get on with the ‘goals’ an update on the ‘other’ stuff…

My fiance offered to go with me to see the GP and put a bit of pressure on for getting me some help. So, I booked an appointment and on Friday morning he took time out of work to come with me. I had prepared well in advance, I had 4 items on my list that I wanted to address

  • Chase-up psychology waiting list – been on list since February and heard NOTHING
  • Art Therapy group – can I do this, regardless of waiting list for ‘individual treatment’?
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – want to apply again, will they support application this time?
  • Global pain issues – is it Fibromyalgia?

I also had a copy of the NICE guidelines for BPD with me, in case the GP was not helpful I was intending to point out what ‘should’ be being done to help me.  And a list of my ‘next steps’ to inform the GP what we would do next if I was not satisfied at the outcome of this appointment – formal complaint, contact PALS (Patient Advice Liaison Service), advocacy support, write to MP.

My anxiety was going through the roof as we sat waiting to go in, I was rocking and almost in tears. Finally we were called in and the GP (who was one I had not met before at this surgery) asked me what he could do for me. I started to explain that I was there about my mental health issues, having had to give up my job and having regular crises. Immediately he began saying things he could do to help! I was shocked.

The first thing he did was issue a sick note till the end of the year that I could use as evidence I was unwell long-term and apply for benefits, then he did another referral to psychiatry to have my case re-assessed with the consideration of seeing what medications may help with certain symptoms that cause me difficulties. He explained about the useless form DLA send to them and that if I appeal or re-apply to get it addressed to him and he will state ‘needs a medical’ on it so they don’t just refuse due to him not being able to answer their stupid (his words) questions, that way hopefully at least I will get further down the road towards payments.

He liked the idea of trying the therapy groups and said he would include that in his letter to the psychiatrist (although as this is the ‘psychology’ rather than ‘psychiatry’ side of treatment I am going to contact the ‘waiting list’ people direct and ask them about it, or it will still be along wait until after I see the psychiatrist before any progress is made here!). Anyway we had a long chat about all the first three things in general and he was very helpful, first time EVER a GP has been so helpful! (Although, I still have to wait and see if there are any good results of this, but it looks promising at least!).

We then got to the pain thing, as you will have seen in a few of my posts I have mentioned these issues a few times, hypermobility goes some way to explaining the problem but I wondered if Fibromyalgia might explain it better and if there is anything that can help. The GP felt I have enough ‘dust bin’ labels already and didn’t want to encourage another (although I disagree, labels while not nice can help you access certain things you cannot get without the right label, even though they may create barriers in other ways…) Anyway, we agreed I will just go back on my low dose amitriptiline which I used to take to prevent Migraines, as it has global action on pain and while I was on it previously I had less problems with pain overall (in addition to no migraines). My fiance barely needed to open his mouth but it felt so good to have him there for support. And I feel positive that I may be able to make some progress if I stick with this GP from now on… I’ll keep you updated on how that goes, as it is early days yet!!

I also scored 80% on my first Sociology assignment and 88% on the photography assignment! 😀

And so the check in…

I haven’t added much to Wednesday’s achievement as I have been chasing around most of the week trying to sort all these personal issues out, and ‘trying’ to study (although that didn’t go too well as I was suffering extreme fatigue a lot of the time too, I just kept dozing off everytime I tried to read!)

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts – Including hose written by Wednesday I have written 7 posts this week (not including check-ins which brings the total to 9!)
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP – I did a small amount of editing on my life story following some feedback off my first ‘reader’ but I haven’t added to the word count this week.
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions – Having finished all the ‘learning for the photography course, there is just the end of course assignment to complete and submit for that now. I have had my tutorial for the Sociology course so I need to finish the reading and do the second assignment for that this week coming.
  4. Comment on at least 10 blog posts – I have commented on a further 23 posts since Wednesday!
  5. Reply to my emails (daily) – I have done this, I just have one email I need to follow up on but I had to wait for my fiance to help as it’s his accountant and I need info off him to reply.
  6. Reply to tweets/RT’s/followers (daily) – Still keeping twitter flowing, but not had much chance to chatter this week. Considering have a go at one of the writing sprints if I have time!
  7. Write any Guest Post I have been asked to do – None to do
  8. Read 1 chapter of fiction – I haven’t done any reading this week
  9. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction – ditto here, none
  10. Read at least one news article – I read this one about Margaret Thatcher being voted ‘best former PM’ and most likely to ‘fix’ Britain now. As is often the case when I read stuff like this, it inspired a blog post… lol
  11. Contribute to OU/FB forums – yeah, still in there
  12. 30 minutes of Wii fit per day – As explained previously not happening atm due to the pain issues, might adjust my goals next week accordingly…
  13. Artwork for WIP – None this week
  14. Comment on at least 5 photos in OU studio – I haven’t done any more since Wednesday :/
  15. Schedule/upload my guests/interviews – I received one guest post which is scheduled for next week, I was contacted about another but haven’t heard any more as yet…

So, not the most productive week on the goals, but now the ‘personal’ life is a bit more in control I should be able to get back on the flow next week and having blog posts scheduled for the whole week helps me have more time for the other things! 🙂

Ohh gosh yeah I forgot to mention, I have a job interview on 28th November! Not sure how that will work out having just been signed off till the end of the year by the GP, but I’m gonna give it my best shot anyway!

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18 comments on “ROW80 Check-in – The one with the bragging rights… lol

  1. So glad you had a good Dr’s visit…..a change of Dr can be worth it….I learnt this also by going to a new clinic and found a wonderful dr who has been so helpful….sometimes the usual dr just gets stuck in a rut and doesn’t look at it with the fresh eyes that are often needed

    • Yeah, the issue for me was more trying to find the right doctor in the surgery as I haven’t been a patient there long and so far each of the doctor’s I’ve tried hasn’t been very supportive and I need to build a relationship with one who will be helpful – looks like I have finally found the one for me! 🙂

  2. The dr’s at our surgery are all vastly different in attitude as well but ours seem pretty good compared to some other places. Glad things seems to be moving forward for you now and you still got quite a bit done considering.

  3. Very glad you found a doctor who knows how to listen. You are being very productive so don’t get down on yourself and congratulations on the marks for your assignments!

  4. Ohhhh, so good to hear about finally finding a good GP! You’re right; he sounds incredibly helpful, and in just the constructive ways that will be helpful for getting things on track! Something like that can make a huge different, and I hope everything else just sort of falls into place and start going fantastic for you, Sharon. Especially the job interview! Good luck!

    You’ve got a lot of goals, and they’re looking pretty solid, especially considering everything else and all that studying you’ve got on your plate, too. So fantastic job. Keep it up! I have the feeling some really great things are heading your way.

    • Thank you, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much as I know there are still hoops of bureaucracy to jump through before we get anywhere and even though the GP is helpful it’s then the other people/places that create hurdles and red tape. but progress is progress so I’m just enjoying that for now! lol

      Great things would make a ‘wonderful’ change! One can dream I guess 😉

  5. yay yay and yay – what luck to get a listerning GP – they are so worth finding – its such a pot luck affair sometimes – good to have your ‘on your side’ escort as well good for confidence – you seem to have done really well on most of those goals so I’d say well done

    all the best for coming week and so glad your personal problems are beginning to be attended too

  6. Hooray for you! Your progress (and advocacy) is fantastic. I have a tendency to not trust medical “professionals” and wonder if the GP was more proactive because your fiance was with you? You know, “Man-to-man, let me show you what power I have to get your love treatment.”

    You are certainly tenacious and going places with your work. SOOOO commendable! And I love your goal of reading a news article. I tend to let all my knowledge of “What’s happening” float out the window when my schedule fills. I’m considering adding this goal to my goal list.

    Finally – thank you for commenting on my check in!

    • Thank you Julie. I also struggle to trust medical professionals as so many have let me down or got things ‘very’ wrong! I wonder if you are right about the ‘man’ thing!? Guess I’ll never really know! lol

      Yeah I added the news article goal as I tend to not bother with the news in general (often too upsetting for my hyper-sensitive self) but you can stumble across things that inspire a blog post, rant or or just want to share with others who may have missed it, so I have found it to be a great goal! 🙂

      No problem, thank you for visiting mine too 🙂

  7. Sometimes, the most important things need to get lined up so that the other things can even begin to be addressed. Way to push through this stuff! Hope your Thanksgiving week is blessed!

  8. Thank goodness for a helpful doctor — so glad that went even better than expected.
    You have an awfully long list of goals, and doing so well with them, yet I almost feel maybe you should lighten up just a bit, take off some of the ones that you feel you don’t HAVE to have. Maybe the reading (if you read, great, if you don’t, no one’s business) just a thought. Good Luck!

    • Thanks Amy, I am editing my list a bit this week, but leaving the reading in as normally I do a fair bit of reading anyway, just hadn’t been able to this week with everything so crazy 🙂

  9. It amazes me how much difference some doctors can make. I’m so glad you got the right doc! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you — I really hope you will get everything you need to help you in your journey.

    Take one step at a time. You have a lot on your plate but you still manage to reach a lot of goals on your list. Have a fantastic and a very productive week!

    • Indeed, the right person can make things so much easier! Just a waiting game now to see if it works out…

      Thank you, I think this week is going to be a good one 🙂

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