Travel Tuesday – 10 Dream Holiday Locations (The Armchair Traveller)

Globe centred on Asia and Oceania - Satellite ...I am not the most widely travelled person, never really had the time or means to travel the World even though I really would love to. In the past year I have been lucky enough to travel a little bit, although mainly in the UK.  I have been to London, Skegness (several times with family and friends), Stonehenge, Torquay and my one out of the UK trip was to Norway (my best ever holiday to date!) but one day I hope to travel to each of the places I will describe below…

In no particular order my dream holiday locations are…

Totem poles in Stanley Park (Vancouver, Britis...

1. Canada

My first choice of location is Canada, specifically Vancouver, British Columbia. I have always wanted to go to Canada since I got my first ever penpal, Amanda, how lived in Ottawa, Ontario back when I was 11.  But, it wasn’t until later when I became penpals with Lynette from Chilliwack, BC that I decided British Columbia was the location I preferred.  I want to visit Stanley Park and the mountains, the hot springs and go whale-watching.

2. Egypt

Well I guess the reason for this one should be quite obvious really, the pyramids of course! lol But on another note I am aware that most people go to ‘resorts’ and don’t actually experience much of the country and its culture, of those that do I’ve heard tales of it being ‘nt very nice’ and dangerous etc. But I don’t want to go to some resort that could be in ‘any’ hot country. I want to cruise down the nile, visit the valley of the Kings and Queens and experience all the culture that it is safe to access!

3. Alaska

Its an Alaskan cruise that I really want to do, actually would probably combine it with the visit to Canada. Basically, the idea would be head out to Vancouver, have a week there, then on to the Alaskan CruiseTour with Princess Cruise’s. I guess overall this would have to be my number one dream holiday of all! 😀 I want to see Polar bears, and Whales and Glaciers… Hoping we can maybe do this for our honeymoon! 😉

4. Scandinavia

I think you may start to see a bit of a pattern here, cold places and cruising… Yes, I want to do this as a cruise too! lol The cruise I want to do is the Princess Cruises Baltic Heritage 14 day trip, visiting Rotterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), St Petersburg (Russia), Tallin (Estonia), Gdansk/Gdnyia (Poland) and Oslo (Norway).

5. Maldives

Whereas the majority of people want to go here because its hot and beautiful, I am far more interested in going because the Islands are vanishing, a trip to the Maldives truly is a trip of a lifetime, because within my ow lifetime they may sink below sea-level completely. I’m not getting into the climate change debate here, but suffice to say, sea-levels are rising (not as rapidly as first predicted) but still enough that these Islands could very well vanish forever within the next 20 years or so. To have had the chance to see the natural beauty before they are gone – a true bucket list achievement…Just look at the picture!!

6. Peru

Okay so we are having a few hot places on the list here after all, but mostly I’m not too convinced I will cope well with heat! lol Still if you want to see the pyramids then surely you must also be interested in the Incan Temples!? Or is that just me!? I like to go places where there are plenty of interesting things to see and do – hence why you would never catch me on a Spanish Beach Holiday as is so popular with many Brits! Trekking through the South American heat to the amazing Temples is definitely much more my style, Macchu Picchu, that’s what I like! 😉

7. China

Simple, the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, what more can I say. China is just so inspiring and beautiful. Well okay, so are all the places I’ve mentioned! lol I’m sure it makes perfect sense why I would want to visit all these places!? I love Chinese fashion, I think those cute little traditional chinese dresses look great on me, hehe

8. India

It might sound weird but I have a wanted to go to India since watching ‘Blood, Sweat and T-shirts’ a few years ago. It was one of those reality TV shows, where they take a bunch of arrogant teenagers (in this case fashion victims/addicts) and immerse them in the reality of a life they would never know/comprehend. In the show the teens went to India, worked in sweat shops, factories and cotton fields whilst living with workers in the local area they saw the whole ‘underworld’ of the fashion that they loved so much. Some couldn’t hack it, but others were inspired and changed by their experiences, one girl Stacy was particularly moved and changed, I thought she was great! While I don’t actually want to relive their experience it did make me want to go and explore…

9.  Antarctica

This one is a huge dream, unlikely to be fulfilled. I want to go to the South Pole. I studied loads about Antarctica on my OU Environmental Science course and was absolutely fascinated!  The whaling history, expeditions, the remote expanse of ice and beauty, and penguins! What more could you want? well, okay so most of you are probably thinking – ‘errrm sun, sea and sand!?’ but I think we all know by now that that is not my kind of thing!

10. Middle/Eastern Europe

Cheating a bit here as its not a single location, but the thing is I would do this as a big single trip, drive across Europe passing through Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia on route to Croatia, then the return journey would take me from Croatia through Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland back to Germany, then Luxembourg, France and home… I want a taste of each place, but just a day or two, not a full length ‘holiday’ in each single place. For some there are specific things I just want to see, like Castles in Germany and Romania, Venice in Italy, CERN in Switzerland (for the Hadron Collider) and meeting a new friend IRL who lives in Croatia, so overall it is a holiday in it’s own right because of the way I want to do it! 😉 Planning out routes on Google maps for this (and adding extra locations) gives around 8000 miles of travel and to allow for 300 miles(ish) per day and a night stay at each main location (18 locations) we would need about 3 weeks to do this journey…

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂

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9 comments on “Travel Tuesday – 10 Dream Holiday Locations (The Armchair Traveller)

    • I would love to be able to travel, but time, money and life have restricted me thus far. I agree there is no place like home, but to experience the difference always makes you appreciate home even more 🙂

  1. I absolutely love this post! thanks so much for sharing! I would love to visit China and Peru. My dream is to travel to each continent. This is True- there is no place like home!

  2. My list would also include Hawaii and Australia/NZ. AND… btw, we are taking the Princess Alaska cruise in May. Am sooooo excited. I have never been west of Pensacola, FL so this is a big trip. (got to see lots of Europe and some Carib.)…. When are you taking your honeymoon? That would be funny if we were there at the same time!

    • Oh wow, you will have to let me know how the Princess Alaska cruise goes! Our honeymoon won’t be until 2013, so a long way off yet, but I really hope we can stick with the plan of doing the Canada/Alaska combined tour/cruise! 🙂

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