Margaret Thatcher – Best Former Prime Minister? What do you think?

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

A recent poll by found that of the last 10 Prime Ministers in the UK Margaret Thatcher was voted as being the ‘best equipped’ to ‘knock Britain back into shape’ but what do you think?

Leaving aside the fact’s that she is now rather old and possibly suffering dementia, was Margaret Thatcher in her prime a ‘good’ prime minister?

Was she the best of the last 10 we have had when you look at those that have followed her, Tony Blair (Bush’s lap-dog) and Cameron (currently destroying ‘everything’ in this country) in particular?

Personally I think I am not really in the best position to comment fairly on her capabilities or otherwise.  I was just a child when she was in power, so had no real comprehension of the good or bad she was doing to our country.

I do know this, I was inspired by her as a person (not knowing anything about politics).  As a child she was a good role model for a young girl who wanted to be successful – she had it all money, power – everyone knew her (for good or bad). I looked up to this confident woman who was leading our country, I wanted to be like her.

When I was young money was tight, black-outs were common, we were cold in winter – and I’m only in my 30’s yet this sounds like a LONG time ago! But during the time Margaret Thatcher was in power financial burdens eased, changes to the UK power supply meant black-outs became less frequent and we could afford to having the heating on more in winter. So from a child’s eyes, she must be doing something right!?

Looking back now as an adult, I can understand why the Miners were enraged at her closing the pits, but at the same time I can see why this was necessary and important for the future of the UK’s economy – coal power was just not cutting it, we needed to use other energy sources. Much like the more recent fuss over the closure of so many of the UK’s manufacturing businesses (mainly Car manufacturing, especially the HUGE Rover crisis) I can see the difficulties on both sides, jobs lost, people struggling financially, but the businesses needed to close, those people were not going to get paid when the business was dead in the water, better to give them a possibility of obtaining other work than keep them hanging on flogging a dead horse. BUT – as I said at the beginning, I’m not really qualified to comment fairly, this is just how I see it – it was a no win situation with Rover, and it was a no-win situation with the Mines. She did what she thought was best. The same applies to privatisation of utilities and so forth, these decisions were made in the best interests of the Country. And while they had pitfalls overall I say look at where we are now, yeah things aren’t great but how many people have cold dark homes in winter? I don’t see any where near as many as there were when I was a child in the 1980’s.

On a personal note, when I was studying for my GCSE Law and doing a piece of coursework about the death penalty I wrote to a number of MP’s (by then John Major was in power) and the only one whose office replied was Margaret Thatcher’s; I was asking for their views on bringing back the death penalty (as I felt in some cases it is something we should use) and her office replied that she had campaigned for it’s return throughout her time in power – tbh this made me like her even more!

And the unions? Well, you will have to fill me in on that, was it just to do with the miners? How did strikes really help anybody – weren’t they just being a bit selfish? I’m looking forward to having that one explained, fairly and sensibly please!

I also think she was great for running such a tight ship on only 4 hours sleep per night – this woman gave her all to our country, whether people believe it or not, I think she was honestly trying to make our country a better place. As an adult now and witnessing the passage of several PM’s (Major through to Cameron) I think that all who have followed her have been lying, cheating. disgusting scum – did she have all these ‘scandals’ surrounding her ‘personal’ behaviour? NO. Did she defraud the taxpayer? Was she in back pocket of the US President? Okay, I don’t have the answers to these but given how much we hear about all the other abuses of power, I suspect I would have heard about it if she was as bad as this lot of idiot public school boys who wouldn’t know ‘real’ life if it bit them on the ass!?

A new film about the life and times of Margaret Thatcher is due out soon, Meryl Streep will be portraying the Iron Lady herself. I am looking forward to seeing it as it may give me a better insight into what I missed being so young when she was in power!

So, come on fill me in my slightly older, more aware peers…

What was soooo bad about this woman really? (and please I would like evidence not BS based on your ‘opinion’)

If she was ‘that’ bad, why did she get 60% of the vote out of 27,000 people in this poll?
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6 comments on “Margaret Thatcher – Best Former Prime Minister? What do you think?

  1. Why was she so bad? That is a huge question better left to the Brits. But I do remember her extending British imperialism to the Falkland Islands…

    Re:”she was a good role model for a young girl who wanted to be successful – she had it all money, power – everyone knew her (for good or bad). I looked up to this confident woman who was leading our country, I wanted to be like her.”

    I have something to that: many young girls have weak role models to look up to (Kim Kardashian? Madonna? Lady Gaga???) as opposed to strong ones like Lady Maggie.The trend with feminists is that any powerful woman who is non-Jewish, or non-socialist,and thus, non-feminist, is demonized by those groups. What those groups cal conservatives are really “establishment” figures, which in itself is not all bad.

    The problem as i see it is that the new world order types see old world order as a bad thing ( sometimes they are right) because of the war death enslavement, etc that were caused by the ‘old world order.’ I could buy in to that theory ( and I did for many years) if it weren’t for the fact that the new world order ppl are every bit as murderous and right leaning as the old world ( Israel? Iraq?etc)

    So, in the end, if you have to give a young girl a sense of dignity,and a direction, take your pick: Lady Thatcher or Lady Gaga?

    I personally wouldn’t want my daughter parading around like Madonna or Lady G, focused on herself as a walking vagina–I like to believe that girls can focus on themselves as brains and power brokers without lifting their meat dress…

    But their is always this issue of class, and class constructs of power–a street girl only has her clothes and her body, and high society gal has a castle, and a Mercedes….

    Happy medium? I think when we are young we admire people, and as we age, we outgrow old heroes, after we learn from them, and put new heroes up on new pedestals–only to knock them down later. It sounds like you are doing a bit of that;-)

    It is how we learn. But to me, Maggie represented a positive image of strength in a woman, but that strength derived from the old order( she was very much in the pocket of Reagan, but also in the pocket of conservative Hollywood Jews, and warhawks, too), and also denied the reality of the new order pressing forwards. But those were the times we lived in…

    And Unions are a necessary evil–have you noticed how some have unions while others don’t ( fast food workers, hotel workers, etc). Public servants all have them, but it wasn’t public servants who fought for that right! Miners, truckers, dockworkers and other manual laborers (blue collars) fought and literally died for the unions, and in the end it is the government workers (white collars and cops) that derive the benefits!

    At some point in history, the conservatives ( like Thatcher) won a major battle: they fucked the laborers over, dried up their pensions, and made government service the de facto beneficiaries of the unions and the progress that the laborers fought and died for!

    Life is full of odd contradictions…

    • Thank you for your thoughts on this one, I knew you would have some good insights (and the guts to air them – notice how no-one else has commented on this!? lol) I guess the old adage ‘power corrupts’ is the key when it comes to politicians, they may all set out with ‘good intentions’ but in the end power and greed lead to some bad decisions, I don’t think we can truly say that any of our politicians have been as good as we had hoped they would be – they never live up to the reason’s they were elected in the first place!

  2. Good stuff. I was very young when I lived in Britain during her time too young to remember too much about it, though my father, mother; and older brother liked her. I was also too young to really remember Reagan, when we had moved to America my father was in business, also have family in the States as well; they liked Reagan as well.

    The situations you described before Thatcher, sound very similar to things going on here in America before Reagan; except for the blackouts. America was a mess, because of left leaning policy. I’m not one who puts all faith and allegiance to any party, or ideology. Though it is clear that left-wing policies ruin economies- sometimes fast, sometimes slow- but ruin it does.

    Many unions were pretty angry at Reagan, and would strike. The thing is, its not the worker who is the problem- though unfortunately he’s the one who pays dearly in the end when he loses his job. Its the union bosses, who are very quite corrupt. Their corruption also hurts whatever businesses they are involved in, which ultimately makes the business, or company, or school- not so efficient, and wasteful.

    When it is corrected, yes people lose their jobs sadly, though not only are jobs gained when people are hired or rehired, but the business, company ect- becomes more efficient when the corruption is thrown out. Competition also brings excellence, and more jobs.

    Lots of wasteful spending was cut under Reagan, which has yet to happen today. That’s the key ingredient that must be done if you raise or lower taxes- wasteful spending must be cut. Bush nor Obama have done that. America’s corporate tax rates were lower too, which made doing business in America a good thing. Today America has the highest corporate tax rates in the world, which has made America not so great to do business in, which is why many business take their business elsewhere… Which ultimately hurts the economy.

    Reagan’s policies created what was called “The excess 80’s”. Reagan and Thatcher were also strong leaders- keyword leaders. They were not perfect, no man or woman is- we’re only human- and mistakes can and will be made. However they were leaders.. We don’t have leaders today- which is a huge reason why things are on the decline. After studying the two of them, I can see why they were so admired, and also so hated- and I am not surprised at those who hated them. The people who hated Thatcher in Britain, sound no different from the people who hated Reagan here in America.

    The other thing I’ve learned after studying them, and looking at what we have today.. If we had leaders like Reagan and Thatcher, things would be very quite different in the world. A clearer and more positive path would be set in dealing with the problems of today; which have come about due to poor leadership, and weakness.

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for the comment. Yes, I am inclined to agree with the notion that left-wing policies destroy economies – just look at the UK again now after being under Labour control for a while! I also agree about the unions – too many greedy, lazy fat-cats!

      The current leadership here are making some very harsh cuts, in particular via the Welfare Reform Bill – which has caused outrage. I agree with the bill in principal and many of the cuts it is making, people shouldn’t expect to live on handout’s permanently, but I don’t think targeting those with disabilities so harshly was right or fair – save the efforts for the lazy ‘won’t work’ types rather than hitting the ‘can’t work’ folks when they are already down! Hopefully a balance will be reached in the end.

      And here too business is in trouble, costs are too high to make money especially in manufacturing industries so they have all gone elsewhere. Service industries have taken the lead, but they just don’t provide the same backbone for the economy that the manufacturing industries used to in the past.

      You only have to look at our current leaders to see they are no comparison for the strength of character of Thatcher and Reagon. David Cameron, the public school boy who has some good ideas in principle but has no idea about application due to a lack of ‘real world’ understanding and worse his side-kick deputy Nick Clegg, the man with no backbone at all, weak, idealistic but cannot even stand up for what he believes in (probably because he doesn’t actually believe in anything stronger than sitting on the fence!)

  3. I was not an admirer of Mrs Thatcher although my mother and father both thought very highly of her. She is so shrouded in utter falsehoods by her devoted followers. For instance, we here so much about how she ‘taught the miners a thing or two’, did she heck as like. Much praise is certainly given to her position during the coal miners strike but upon closer investigation we find she was near to giving in and any idea that she had a master plan for dealing with Arthur the terrible proved to be pure fairy tale. Her pole tax ideas met with riots because she failed to think them through properly and would not listen to wiser cleverer heads. We also heard a lot of nonsense from her to the effect that there was no such thing as a society. She made many foolish and ill considered outbursts of the like kind. Overall she was not good for the economy and she was the start of the policy of unlimited credit. Sadly, to some extent her influence is still felt today. I remember one particularly stupid remark of hers, made during the reduction of subsidy to British Industry, she said ‘Britain is a service nation’. I remember thinking at the time ‘you perfect fool, services can go anywhere industry has roots’ . I have been proved right but at what cost. I should close by saying that I was aware of this person when her roots were in the town of Grantham in north east England. She was arrogant then despite having no breeding of any kind and she grew up to be arrogant, gathering a little group of loyal masochistic male admirers on the way. For them she was the ultimate woman, for me she was more like a man, although not as clever as most male leaders that I look up to. I don’t think she was a good Prime Minister and her ‘legacy ‘ if you like to call it that, is the arrogant ill mannered killer instinct greed rife in England today. She should have stayed in her fathers Greengrocery Shop, ( No credit given under any circumstances ).

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