ROW80 – The Post-Birthday Check-in

Today’s check-in is gonna be short!

It is also a bit ’empty’, but for a change the reason I have not hit my targets in most of the goals is not for ‘bad’ reasons. It is actually fora VERY GOOD reason.

It was my birthday on 25th and as such I have just had a bit of a break this week (although I did still do some stuff) I’m sure you can all agree this is a fair reason to miss some of the targets!?

If you are so inclined you can read about my birthday present here, otherwise on with the check-in…

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts – I have written one and a list of topics to do next week.
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP – None
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions – up to date and working on that second sociology assignment
  4. Comment on at least 10 blog posts – Read over 20 commented on 16
  5. Reply/comment to/on emails/twitter/facebook/forums – yep, as always
  6. Guest Posts (mine/others) – I have published one guest post and have an interview post to type up for next week.
  7. Read 1 chapter of fiction – I have read the remainder of my Coaching course materials and some sociology stuff…
  8. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction – none
  9. Read at least one news article – 2 not so nice pieces on health care in the Guardian about the Health Bill and Inhumane Mental Health Care
  10. Artwork for WIP’s – none
  11. 30 minutes of Wii fit per week –Β none

I have also done a bit of work updating my site with a updated ‘New? Start Here!‘ page, a new ‘About Me‘ page and a new ‘Borderline Personality Disorder‘ Page.

So excuse the brevity of this post, now the birthday celebrations are over I intend to pull my finger out and get back to the grindstone! lol

Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, I’m sure the holiday celebrations meant I’m not the only one who didn’t achieve all their goals this week!? lol

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22 comments on “ROW80 – The Post-Birthday Check-in

  1. Even though you took a break, you did still work on some goals, so that’s always good. When it’s your birthday you have to have a bit of fun πŸ™‚

    And that is a beautiful jewellery set πŸ˜€

  2. Sharon, I am always amazed with your list. It’s so impressive. Even if some of the goals are not right on target, you are still making a great progress.

    Happy belated birthday to you, dear. So you are a Scorpio, just like me! (my BD was on the 19th πŸ™‚ )

  3. I took a pretty good break this week with T’givings, so we’ll both have to hit it hard now. πŸ™‚ Have a great week, Sharon, and happy belated birthday. ~clink~

  4. Happy Birthday back at you! Thanks for the links to my stuff, and hope that the critique was helpful. I’ve never done that where I couldn’t talk to the person – hope my comments made sense! And since you are usually super goal achiever, you deserve a week of laying low!

    • Thank you. I was very pleased with the critique, I may pick your brains some more about what to do with the green text, as it is very ‘out of place’. I just left it as I wrote it to see what would happen, as it had been 3 years since I wrote anything and that was the only bit I wrote that year before leaving it all again till this year… :/

  5. Happy birthday, Sharon! I think that, coupled with Thanksgiving, is a great reason to slow the train a bit. We all need recharge time, that is the heart of ROW80, flexibility for living.

    Love the sharp design of your site. Great job. Have a super week πŸ™‚

  6. Perfection is overrated! Better our goals be so challenging that we have to constantly stretch ourselves! That way, accomplishing some of your goals is awesome! Have an amazing next week!

  7. Happy post-birthday! Mine was the 20th, so I took time to celebrate too. (I’m about a decade ahead of you, though. I still feel like I’m 21 at times, but my kids remind me that I’m not.) Loved the jewelry. Best wishes on a great week!

  8. happy birthday (belated) the present was beautiful – I agree with UK’s bling at moment but they were fabulous.

    you did work as well as play – birthdays are for relaxing into with friends and family – we all need breaks

    all the best for coming week

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