Christmas is Coming – Bah Humbug!

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  City streets are heaving with shoppers and adorned with lights.  Homes are being decked with horrific messy, sparkly, dangling dust collectors and everyone is full of spirit and ‘magical’ excitement. Well, maybe not everyone, not me that’s for sure, or is it….

Personally I am firmly in the ‘bah humbug’ camp on this one. Yeah I’m going to follow ‘tradition’ and cover my house (inside only) with the typical tree, lights, tinsel and Christmas decorations – why? because of the children. Don’t want them to feel left out of what everyone else is doing, even if I don’t believe in it.

It’s not that I don’t believe because I’m not religious, to be honest I don’t see Christmas as a religious celebration, or at least not a ‘Christian’ celebration. Sorry guys, but the Christians have adopted a celebration that was around a long time before their faith even existed! and seriously, do you actually think Jesus was born in December? – oh dear! :/  Come on read your own bible folks – the evidence in there is clear that it was spring… but hey that’s only a tiny part of the whole debate!

I’m not going to go into the whole debate in detail as a quick Google search will provide you with all the answers you need. I’ll even give you a point in the right direction – this History site has a great deal of information about the origins of Christmas and all that goes along with it, from the Christmas Tree, to gift-giving, to good ol’ Santa himself.

Basically the truth of the matter is that Christmas is a combined celebration of many different religious and traditional beliefs and habits. None actually having greater weight than the other in modern life.

In fact the thing that has the greatest weight is probably COMMERCIALISATION. Yes, Christmas is more a commercial act than anything else today.  Any ‘true’ meanings have long been lost to the overburdening ‘cost’ of Christmas.

AND ‘this’ is why I hate it.  Families are under pressure to spend beyond their means, give cards and gifts to family, friends, colleagues and people they have barely seen or spoken to all year, in the name of what? ‘Christmas’ come on, gimme a break!

Children gleefully open their ‘advent calender’ doors everyday from the 1st of December snaffling down the chocolate contained within – ermm advent started on 27th November this year, you know the ‘first Sunday of advent’ but hey, that’s just the religious bit, I’m not religious so heck you go ahead and celebrate advent as though it starts on the 1st of December – who am I to spoil a childs fun, not like they need to know the truth at all!? and Yes, our kids have advent calendars too :/

I hate the expense of Christmas, I hate the overcrowded shops, I hate that everything closes down for several days, I hate that there is no-where to go and nothing to do because Christmas has overrun all normal activities. I hate the enforced family get-together’s, if we really wanted to spend that much time with each other wouldn’t we do it anyway rather than in the name of ‘exchanging presents’?

And yet, each and every year without fail I bite my lip, hold my tongue, knuckle down and prepare that massive roast dinner for the family. I wrap those presents, decorate that tree and shuffle in the hoards of people to get those gifts everyone is so desperate to receive. In doing this I make a few people happy, namely the children (and even though they are now almost adults, my eldest still love it too – I’m amazed my cynicism hasn’t yet rubbed off on them!) Maybe I do a better job of acting like all this is fun than I thought! lol

This year we have the added bonus on no longer needing to pretend that Santa brings the children gifts as the youngest has informed us that she has ‘known for ages that Santa isn’t real, but didn’t want to break the bad news to us’ but she got so sick of us going on about him she just had to tell us! lmao, I love it when the kids finally discover these truths – first step on the road to enlightenment (or should that be first step towards cynicism? hehe)

Well, I’m sure I’ve offended enough people with my anti-Christmas view now, so I’m off to do more of that play acting as we are putting the Tree up today being the first weekend of December – thankfully at least I no longer have to put up with being given hell for letting the kids do this. Their father used to go mad at me because he wanted to put it up Christmas Eve and subject them to the same torture his parents subjected him to of being the only family ‘not’ to have the tree up, he said he liked to see their faces when they got up and saw it all on Christmas day, but kids love MORE being part of it – so despite the backlash I would always suffer, I put the kids needs first and let them decorate the house at the beginning of December. The looks on their faces on Christmas morning were still excited, and full of joy – because of the presents! Things like the decorations didn’t matter to them on that day. Thus, in letting them decorate the house before they had more days of fun and excitement rather than just a single day!

Now, that’s what Christmas is all about – to me at least – the children… their happiness is the only reason I endure the whole thing at all, okay so maybe that’s not so bah humbug after all? 😉



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    • lol, it wouldn’t be so bad if ‘they’ didn’t turn it into a celebration that runs for 6 weeks! It starts before my birthday and runs through to January – if it was just the couple of days it wouldn’t be so bad. I feel sorry for people like my sister – her birthday is Christmas EVE! You can imagine how crap that must be (joint b’day/christmas presents and all that crap!)

  1. Oh do shut up! If you’re going to join in just join in and don’t use the kids as an excuse, otherwise you should have the courage of your convictions and show the kids what a misery you really are. Christmas is the one time of the year for family and friends, to eat, drink and be merry even if you don’t believe the Christian ethos behind it.
    Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, you could set a budget and not spend beyond that, there doesn’t have be crowded shops because like me, you could buy online and spread the cost over the year by buying early and why haven’t you noticed that it has been donkey’s years since everything closed down for several days? That was in the olden days when Christmas was less commercial now everything shuts for a maximum of TWO DAYS. I am sure you can cope. Stop moaning and get in there, we have very little else to look forward to these days and it is my firm belief that in 10-15 years Christmas won’t exist at all and then you’ll get your wish that we can be wage slaves 52 weeks of the year 24/7!

    • Oh my kids know I hate Christmas, but they are glad I still make it fun for them – they say fair enough, you don’t have to like it 🙂
      And seriously it is not a Christian ethos, only by adoption nor is it just a couple of days though – it runs from mid-November through to January!
      There are plenty of better things to look forward to than an over-inflated tradition.
      For me Christmas is about the children and their joy – nothing else matters (and my kids are 17 & 18 now)

  2. Hi, I’m Italian, I’m a Christian but my family and I don’t celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday, nor we find some Christian meaning behind it. It’s just a feast, I guess. As far as I can remember, we have always celebrated Christmas as an opportunity to reunite the family and spend some quality time together, seen that we all live far away from each other and don’t get to see all that often.

    As for the commercialization aspect, you “commercialize” every time you buy a new car, you watch TV, you pay a monthly fee for cable TV and Internet connection, switch on the light, wash or cook. Do you really need all this? Sometimes, I wonder why we pay so much for food and to live an easy life on OUR OWN planet. Private property has ruined everything ever since it was invented. You make economy go on as you spend your money. In order to not commercialize, you should sell everything you have and go and live up on a mountain top, just like a hermit, or Amish people. That’s the only solution I can think of at the moment.

    Best regards… oh and Merry Christmas

    • Hi Indeed it is very sad how we have to pay so much to live on our own planet! I guess the problem now is we have all become so over reliant on these things that to live without them would be very difficult, if only we could run away from it all and start afresh – but society wont allow us even the privilege of doing that, they would TAX us for that privilege! lol Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. I agree w/the poster who said if you dislike Christmas so much don’t “do” it! We are not a religious family & have never imposed that whole Christian hoopla on our kids (though we did tell them it was up to the PARENTS of every family to explain about religious matters, sexual matters, Santa’s & the tooth fairy’s & the Easter bunny’s existence–& trolls or whatever else individuals happen to want to teach their children. I,guess the devil, heaven, hell, purgatory, celestial heaven… Oh my, the list is endless–“creationism.”).

    We do, however, enjoy the vacation time (as we do the time off society gives us for other popular “religios” holidays. Our children have had extensive Bible study, as well as other religious texts & beliefs, in order to understand literature (You really cannot understand literature w/out a basic knowledge of Christianity or even every day conversation as people often say phrases like “doubting Thomas”; “a Hail Mary pass (in American football); “turn the other check”; “”the Holy Ghost”; it’s endless!

    We don’t have a tree as we don’t want to cut down a perfectly lovely growing tree to throw ugly

    tinsel on & cheap, peeling balls only to toss into the compost heap. We do have some twinkling lights we put around our windows & move a wrought iron bench into “center stage” if we are home (we usually take this opportunity to take memorable trips w/the “kids (now 36 & 31 & 1 son-in-law as memories of good times together are our most precious gifts)–but if home, the wrought iron bench is “decorated” w/strands of lights & bells or whatever crafty stuff the kids have made over the yrs. out of sticks & clay & yarn & fabric & some unidentifiable stuff & we do take this opportunity to try to give each other creative (hilariou) gifts & meaningful & thoughtful ones–& just express our love for each other & cook a meal together. Husband usually barbecues something, as we dress in our most comfortable sweats & then sit in the hot tub & drink a few beers as it cooks; our son usually makes a wonderful pecan pie, our daughter is vegetarian so she is adept at many vegetable side dishes. I’m an excellent crock pot do-ahead cook & our son-in-law is useless so I give him chores like grating cheese!

    Martha Stewart would be appalled! We usually have neighbors over who are from Germanyn& have no family in thenU.S.A. & I’m hoping they think our Thanksgiving & “Christmas” celebrations are “typical American style”, but if they watch any TV, I fear not. Yet they come every year we are in town & laugh & feel like part of the family & seem fine w/our fancy dress of sweats & bathing suits & “fine” beer selection.
    So sorry if this is unreadable. I’m writing it on my iPad & for some reaso it is cutting it off way on the top so I can’t read what I’m typing. It’s never done that before–so hope it isn’t permanent & I have to call tech support & I apologize if this is a jumbled mess!

    We will be in sunny Arizona for Christmas this year w/all the “kids” (they live in Calif., Wash. State & Idaho –daughter is law prof in Idaho & son-in-law is partner in law firm in Seattle so kind of has to stay there for his career & they see each other most weekends & then she moves to Seattle summers when school is out–modern marriage!). Looking forward to lots of hiking, mountain biking, relaxing & laughing a lot!

    No prayers, but we definely express our love & gratitude for each other & our wonderful family life. Cheers to all w/my Dos Equis!–Suzanne (DBT Lover)

    • Indeed were it not for the pressures from within the family and community to allow my kids the same enjoyment of the Christmas celebrations as ‘all the other kids’ I would just ignore it completely! but until they leave home and do their own thing I continue to persevere with it, although they know I hate it they love that I still make it fun and enjoyable for them 🙂
      Hope you get the Ipad sorted soon, comment is readable but a bit dishevelled lol 😉 Happy Christmas 🙂 xx

  4. Yeah–sorry about that!

    Going out to dinner w/friends in a bit so will look at iPad tomorrow & hope it feels better (& behaves better) after a good night’s sleep!! I usually do!


  5. Yeah I’m with you. I hate it. But I need to thank you. Thank you for reminding why I am glad I don’t have children. I don’t have to put up the Christmas tree and all that stuff. I can just go with my bah humbug!

  6. Hang in there Sharon, once the kids are grown you can ease yourself out.
    I feel the same way as you, the whole Christmas thing has become a living nightmare for some.

    Thankfully, I no longer have to “play”. I have not done xmas for years now and it is totally liberating. I must confess to a slight feeling of smugness as I say to myself “all this c**p, doesn’t apply to me” when I go about my business and see the totally stressed-out shoppers maxing out their credit cards in what boils down to an obligation, nothing more.
    6 weeks of total mayhem on the approach to xmas and then what? 8 hours of xmas “fun” and it’s all over.

    Two weeks later, half the stuff you bought for folk (which they probably didn’t want anyway) is in the rubbish bin. 6 months later you are still trying to pay off the credit card in preparation for it starting all over again in 3 months time.

    Gosh I sound a right misery-guts….. but not as miserable a some who impose this torture on themselves.

    Merry Christmas to one and all…… I know mine will be.

    Hugo xx

    • Thanks Hugo, it will be nice to have the freedom to ignore it completely later on. I’ve never seen why people feel the need to spend beyond their means for that one day on (as you rightly say) stuff people don’t want/need! Merry Christmas 🙂 x

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