Clarkson, Strikes, Suicide – where are people’s priorities?

UK celebrity Jeremy Clarkson made some inappropriate comments on a BBC show ‘The One Show’ on Wednesday this week, he then followed up these comments (after apologising) by repeating them in his column in ‘The Sun’ newspaper today.

This is a comment I left over at Dawn Willis’ Blog about the whole Clarkson debacle:

I have to admit I am normally one of the first to jump in a stand up for ‘comedy’ but there is a time and place, private paid for ticket shows that I choose to attend I expect and hope that ‘no subject is taboo’ as once you start excluding topics it is unfair not to exclude others, and eventually there is nothing to make fun about.

That being said a family early evening show is NOT the place for such things and the BBC should have known better (they scripted Clarkson’s comments, so knew what was coming!)

The thing that has annoyed me most about this is how it has taken several days for the comments about suicide to become public knowledge (The BBC have not put this episode on Iplayer with all the other episodes – we have a RIGHT to be able to see it!). It is most sickening that the comments about strikers gained more publicity and complaints than those about suicide.

The strikers have a choice, a job and just want more money,

The victims of suicide don’t have the luxuries of strikers and nor do their families, the train drivers and anyone else affected by the loss, these are people who needed help and as I discuss in my blog post about the lack of crisis care for Mental Health in the UK  the HELP was NOT available to them in order to prevent this happening.

People complaining need to get their priorities right – the comments about suicide are more important and more damaging than those about people who were striking!

You can read about Clarkson’s comments in the Guardian here, I will add more links later.

What do you think are Clarkson’s comments comedy or disgraceful?


7 comments on “Clarkson, Strikes, Suicide – where are people’s priorities?

  1. Totally agree with this. I was outraged by his comments, as I’m sure those who have been affected by suicide in any way would be. I agree that they need to get their priorities straight. And this is coming from someone that LOVES comedy. I guess having personally been affected by this type of suicide, I’m pretty offended.

    • Indeed, I love comedy and in the right setting (a private show where you choose to be there) then anything goes – if you are gonna get offended if the comic says something about a subject that upsets you then you have a choice – don’t go to the show, or leave) but this setting (family show) is not right for airing such crass comments and then for people to get so offended about the ‘wrong’ main issue (strikes ahead of suicide!?) is so wrong, our society is sick if the joke about shooting strikers offended them more than the ‘comments’ (not so jokingly put either) about suicide, tbh they are worse than him – at least he had the guts to say these things (wrong as they may be) but society would rather defend the unions/strikers than the mental health issue!?! :/ :@ sick!

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