The Ultimate Blog Round-Up

Even on holiday I read and write! lol

November marked the end of the first 6 months in which my blog really took off. Although I have been blogging since Jan 2010 I didn’t really get into it properly until June this year when I took on the Nikki P 30 Day blog Challenge (Click here to visit, from that point on my blog has gone from strength to strength and has reached a point where I am actually shocked and proud at how much it has grown…

November marked a huge milestone, although every month since June has bought new milestones November was my biggest and best month yet! Just look at these figures:

  • I had 7,658 hits in the month of November, compared to just 342 in May.
  • I had an average of 255 hits per day in November, compared to 11 in May.
  • I now have 84 subscribers and
  • I have had over 27,000 hits in total.

The one thing that has surprised me most is the popularity of one post –

Herman The Friendship Cake

Yes, indeed this post is responsible for an average of 80 hits per day, and over 300 hits per week! Since being published on October 25th Herman has shot to the top of my ‘all time’ greatest hits with over 1,300 hits since publication. This is only just higher than his closest rival – Which Celebrities have Borderline Personality Disorder? which brings in an average of 20 hits per day, 150 hits per week.

Who would have thought a simple recipe blog post would be so popular!? and it’s not just hits, people are still commenting occasionally too!

As I explained in my last blog round-up post there are several things that help make a blog successful and keeping people coming back for more, besides the obvious – new, original and interesting content that people actually want to read! Here are just a few of the things that draw traffic –

  • Good titles – those funny witty titles don’t actually work very well, a title needs to be something that someone would be putting into a search engine, think – if you were looking for information on the topic you had just written about what would you search for? that will give you a good idea of a title that will work well!
  • Categories and tags – use them well, use them wisely, USE them!
  • Commenting and visiting other blogs – share the love, you may just get some back! I follow almost 100 other blogs on WordPress alone (and comment on most of them often) how will people know you exist if you don’t get out there? Be a guest, have a guest, don’t just be ‘me, me, me’
  • Sharing – publicise your blog, and ask others to do so as well! but don’t spam, people don’t like that! A couple of links daily will do.
  • Variety – being a one horse race might seem the ideal to become a ‘specialist’ in your area and if you are blogging for business you may need to do this, but if not why restrict yourself – people love variety, your audience will be wider if your reach is! But of course be careful not to get out of your depth on topics you don’t know anything about! If you must write about something you don’t know well, be honest and let people reading know this is an ‘opinion’ piece and you welcome feedback and constructive criticism that will help you develop your knowledge on the subject 🙂

Blogging is a learning journey as well as a fun hobby that you may even be able to make money at if you get well known and are good at the craft! But most of all enjoy it for yourself, if you don’t enjoy writing your posts who will enjoy reading them!?

My Top 5 posts in the last month (ignoring Herman and Celebrities with BPD as I’ve already mentioned those! lol) –

  1. Paranoia, Delusions and Dissociation in Borderline Personality Disorder
  2. The most expensive photograph in the World…
  3. What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination?
  4. Mental Health Monday – BPD Diagnosis a Comic Strip…
  5. People with Mental Health Problems – Sick, Stupid, Scroungers or Stigmatised, Smart, Superheros?

Taking part in Blog and writing challenges (from the Nikki P Blog challenge to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Row80) has also helped me to improve my blogging and learn ways to attract more readers.

So what next for me?

I’m just going to continue as I have been, regular posts, regular challenges, and see what happens, but most of all so long as I am enjoying it I’m just going to keep on keeping on 🙂

What about you?

What is the most popular post on your blog?

Is it what you expected or is it something you didn’t expect to do so well!?

I look forward to hearing about what works well for you and what doesn’t work so well. If you would like me to write a guest piece for your blog just ask – I’m sure the answer will be yes! 😉 lol


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