ROW80 – The one without a funky title

Yes, for once the ‘title’ lady couldn’t come up with anything interesting or inspiring for her mid-week check-in! Very disappointing considering how I rave about good title’s being a key success factor for a post! :/

I guess I’m just a little distracted, so much going on with the new WIP – which btw is a business project, rather than a piece of writing as such, and of course there’s all the usual work on the goals, which this week have been combined with contest entries (see my posts this coming Thursday, Friday and next Tuesday!)

Another thing that is distracting me is having to search for images for posts again myself, I blame Zemanta, or the lack thereof – Zemanta is the ‘suggestion’ tool that usually recommends images, links, tags, and related posts on but it is currently ‘offline’ while they work out some bugs. I hadn’t realised just how much I rely on this tool, I miss it like crazy and can’t wait for it to be back!!!

Anyway, this has been another productive half-week:

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts – I have already written 4 posts this week!
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP – I have done 2285 words on my Children’s book WIP – which completes the word count for this project!! YAY! 😀 Now I just need to finish the pictures (all of which were drawn by me when I was 11, and just need to be coloured and scanned to add to the book – which is a collection of work written when I was 11) This will then be ready to publish – I’m planning to just publish this as a free pdf on my blog initally. I’m not sure it is something worth doing anything bigger with – I’ll let you be the judge’s when it’s ready!
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions – I’ve raced straight on with the third assignment, it’s not due in till 10th Jan but it is a simple referencing task so I’m planning to get it done within the next week then I can have a break and focus on the other things until January as I will be so far ahead 🙂
  4. Comment on at least 10 blog posts – Limiting myself to an hour a day is helping my productivity, I have still managed to comment on 13 and have been ‘liking’ a lot more often than I used to – just to show I am ‘reading’ even if I’m not commenting, lol
  5. Reply/comment to/on emails/twitter/facebook/forums – still keeping to form on this one
  6. Guest Posts (mine/others) – none to do but have had an email off someone who is interested in doing one, so waiting for the next response on that…
  7. Read 1 chapter of fiction – None yet this week, today is my reading day, lol
  8. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction – as above
  9. Read at least one news article – again, not had chance yet this week, will be having a browse today 🙂
  10. Artwork for WIP’s – Will get the pictures for the completed WIP done over the next day or two…
  11. 30 minutes of Wii fit per week – I decided that having been pain free for a few weeks (back on the amitryptiline, working wonders – phew!) I would give it a try, did 20 minutes on Tuesday, but found that there seems to be a problem with the Wii fit board (broken), it wasn’t detecting me ‘stepping off’ properly while doing the ‘step’ exercises – hopefully this also means that the apparent 10lb weight gain (a lot!) is also inaccurate (hope so – putting on 10lb’s in a month is sickening!!) So, not sure what I can do about this now, can I get the board fixed or is it cheaper/easier just to replace it :/

Nominations are still open for two major blogging health awards:

First the TWIM Mental Health Awards – Cast your nominations/votes here

Second the WEGO Health Activist Awards – Cast your nominations/votes here

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How have you got on this week?

Any tips for fixing the wii board? or should I just get a new one?

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂


18 comments on “ROW80 – The one without a funky title

  1. You’re off to a great start for the week, Sharon. Congrats on finishing the word part of the picture book. Pictures you drew when you were 11? How cool is that!

    BTW, I do the same thing with blog posts (like vs. comment), with over 100 subscriptions there is no way humanly possible to comment on all the excellent material out there every time. Good choice.

    Have a fantastic rest of your week 🙂

    • Thanks Gene, yeah 11, I wrote the stories then too!

      I do feel a bit lazy just clicking ‘like’ but it’s better than nothing I guess! lol

      Hope you have a great week too 🙂

  2. You’re on a great path for the week =)
    You know, I’ve been thinking about limiting my internet/blogging/commenting time too. I know there are softwares that plug off the net during times you choose. I might try that lol
    Keep it up!

    • Thanks Juliana, indeed it is so easy to become distracting flicking back and forth through the various social media and sites and end up not doing any real work!strict self-discipline or a software aid can definitely help combat the issue! 🙂

  3. I’m trying to limit reading/browsing on-line to 30 minutes/day max and it is hard! There is so much good reading and yummy eye candy (

    Congratulations on all your blog posts and building your audience. You are a real inspiration! Can’t wait to read & see your book. I think we do some of our most authentic work when we’re under 12.

    • Far too much interesting and fun stuff! I guess we could allow ourselves the odd treat of indulgence if we stick to our limits most of the time! hehe

      Thank you! I hope the book is popular – my step-daughter has been waiting ages for me to complete this task, she will be so excited when I finally get a printed copy for her! 😀

  4. Not feeling too hot but managed to fulfil my mission of getting a sketchbook and starting working in it. I wrote out a poem that I wrote several months ago and painted the page.

    Good luck for your continuing aims!

    The Quiet Borderline

  5. FANTASTIC week so far. Wow. I love that you are using pictures you drew when you were 11 years old – that’s so cool!
    And I like how you wrote about “liking” instead of always commenting so people know you’ve been by and read their post. I think that’s awesome. I’ve been using it a bit more in that fashion myself.

    • Thanks Natalie, yeah they were just pencil pictures so I’ve added colour so they look nice in the book! 🙂
      Yeah, nice to let people know you’ve read, but I love commenting so much more – needs must though eh!?

  6. I love the idea of the pictures you drew when you were 11 being illustrations for the book. As Gene said, very cool!

    And it’s no wonder a funky title couldn’t come up today; all your energy’s been into doing great elsewhere. Something’s got to give, right? May as well be a lack of a blog title! What a great start to the week; no doubt it’ll keep up for you, too!

    • I finished colouring them all today, now scanned and just need to edit and insert into the book then I can ‘publish’, hopefully so long as I keep on top of everything else I may have it ready for Sunday’s check-in!?

      Yeah, a lack of blog title is a small price to pay I guess! lol

  7. Zemanta – that’s funny – I got a pop up poll asking me how likely I’d be to refer people to them. I said zero because I had no idea what it was. I was going to look it up but hadn’t quite gotten there, so now I know. And it sounds cool, as I too waste time on image searches.

    I too am trying to Like more….I often intend to go back and comment and don’t, and you’re right – a like indicates it’s been read which is good, better than nothing at all!

    • Zemanta is great, if you are writing a post in ‘visual’ mode it analyses what you are writing and makes suggestions – boy, I miss it hope it’s back soon!!

      I much prefer to comment, as it is so much better than just ‘liking’, more interactive and all that, but time and not having anything to ‘say’ sometimes means likes just have to do, yes better than nothing but still makes me feel lazy and unhelpful lol

  8. Sharon, you have gotten an amazing amount done in such a short period of time, so bravo! I’ll have to check out Zemanta once it’s back online — I spend so long hunting down photos that most of the time I give up and publish my picture-less posts.

    Enjoy your reading day, and best of luck for the rest of the week!

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