ROW80 Check-in – Zemanta is back! :D

It barely seems like a day has gone since the Wednesday check-in.  At that point I had knocked out plenty of my goals for this week. Now I’m looking at how little extra I’ve added since then and wondering where did the time go!?

And the major joy is that Zemanta is back up and running! yay! No more trawling around for pictures (unless I want to) and lots of handy links and related posts I can utilise within my own 😀

Well, of course in reality (as always) I’ve actually achieved plenty, but (also as always) it doesn’t feel like anywhere near enough! doh! lol

I spent one day drawing, colouring and scanning my pictures from 24 years ago (Gosh, 24 years since I was 11, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago!).

I had a strange day where I couldn’t stay awake at all, I thought I may be coming down with something as I kept falling asleep all day long – this was the day I had hoped to get my weekly reading done, so that is a bit lacking because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Literally I got up at about 8am, was asleep again by 9.30, awoke around 11 had something to eat checked my emails, went back to sleep and this cycle continued all day, with just an hour or two awake followed by an hour or two asleep. There was no reason for this, I had slept well the night before (and every night this week), I was just overcome with fatigue :/

Luckily the next day I woke up fine. I got my next assignment done – this one wasn’t due in till January! But it seemed like such a simple task compared to the last one, I had only intended to ‘look’ at it and before I knew it I had finished it!

So, this is how my goals look for the second half of the week:

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts – 4 done in the first half of the week, none since.
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP – No extra words done as been working on the pictures…
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions – Third assignment done and submitted, as stated above it wasn’t due to January!
  4. Comment on at least 10 blog posts – The balance and time limit is working well for reading, liking and commenting. 16 commented on.
  5. Reply/comment to/on emails/twitter/facebook/forums – Going well, as always 🙂
  6. Guest Posts (mine/others) – none to do yet.
  7. Read 1 chapter of fiction – I only managed one Chapter of Tempted on my reading day (see above)
  8. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction – none
  9. Read at least one news article – I’ve been browsing lots trying to understand our stance on the eurozone crisis – still not really got the grasp of it yet, maybe I’m just over complicating things – maybe when I ‘get it’ I will write a post about it so others can understand it in simple terms as the whole situation is baffling :S
  10. Artwork for WIP’s – All done, now just need to edit and include then finally publish the children’s book 😀
  11. 30 minutes of Wii fit per week – Given that the wii board appears to be broken I haven’t been back on this week. I need to see if I can get a new board cheaply…

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How have you got on this week?

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14 comments on “ROW80 Check-in – Zemanta is back! :D

    • Thanks hunny, it was a weird day as there seemed to be no reason to be so tired! Mind that does happen from time to time, out of the blue fatigue, just another of the many peculiar facets of my life lol

      Hope you have a great week too! xx

  1. I have “sleepy days” like you described at times too. Normally, I’m in motion 18-20 hours a day so I guess my body just decides it wants a vacation on occasion. Given how demanding I typically am on my physical and mental sides I let them take their moments.

    Glad the blog reading etc is working out. Way cool on scanning the pics, that had to be a nostalgic day.

    I saw (went and looked just now) used Wii Fit boards on Amazon for 69, not sure that is the price range you’re looking for but its the lowest priced ones I saw. Even just walking is good though, exercise of any type is the key.

    Have a great week, Sharon 🙂

    • Yeah, I guess that is probably the key I do lead a very hectic life! lol

      I think I pretty much paid that for the wii board originally. When I do get out I do tend to have a golly good walk, I guess I just never count it as real exercise ;P

      Hope you have a great week too 🙂

  2. oh yes if you can get a handle on this ero buisness – have been hurting my brain over it this week – have we gone the right way or are we going to sink – was he a wimp or knight in shining armour – what is the sub text to the european plan –

    odd fatigue days are okay I rekon occasionaly the brain needs a bit of ‘mind time’ to enable it to chill out a bit

    all the best for coming week

    • I’ve contacted my local MP (Conservative), they are going to send me some info in the post (and based on my last contact with them that will be quick!) Hopefully it will be understandable and then I can write something here to explain the situation to others. I get the ‘feeling’ that he has made the ‘right’ choice for protecting our interests but need to understand it better to be sure. I guess like Maggie he is having to pick up a lt of broken pieces from our former Labour government’s screw-ups and difficult decisions have to be made that many will class him (as they did her) as damaging our country, but in reality these things were and are no-win situations (I have been studying a fair bit about the Thatcher years lately and feel our nation did that woman a great disservice when she was in fact remarkable! – an opinion that has many up in arms! lol)

      Hope your week has been a good one 🙂

  3. There you go with one of those monster lists again. If I didn’t finish my goals, I’d be jealous again! Good luck!.

    Do you have your art posted anywhere? I’d love to see it.

    • lol, thanks I dread to think what I’ll come up with to top it for the next round! hehe

      I have posted a couple of pics in posts here and there, but not yet gathered them all in one place – guess that should be my next task! I’ll get back to you that when I have a link to share 🙂

  4. It really is crazy how quickly the check-ins seem to come around. Whew!

    All the best with your goals, Sharon. Sounds like you’re doing well.

    Maybe someone will buy you a new board for the Wii for Christmas. (grin)

    I look forward to seeing you back for Round 1 of 2012.


    • Thanks Stephanie, I somehow doubt I will get a new board for Christmas (unless I buy it myself, lol) but the idea is nice 🙂

      I’m looking forward to being in the next round! 🙂

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