ROW80 Check-in – The Eurozone and Hunger Games

Wow, it’s nearly the end of the round!  We have just a week left, then a break for Christmas before the next round starts in the New Year.

Are you coming back for the next round, or signing up for the first time?

I know I always say I haven’t done as much towards my goals as I would like but have actually done loads – well this time I REALLY haven’t done as much as I usually do…

Two things have distracted me…

First the Eurozone – although it counts towards goal 9 I have read so much on this topic as I wanted to understand why our PM David Cameron vetoed the treaty when 26 other countries were happy to sign it. So, I have bought and read several real newspapers, read loads of stuff online and even watched a number of programmes on the topic. Still not entirely sure I decided to contact my local MP and ask if they could give me a ‘plain english’ explanation of what is going on; they were very helpful at the MPs office and are going to send me out some information. Of course getting so wrapped up in this single topic has kept me from doing other stuff, but I think it is very important to understand the situation! Politics affects us all but nowhere near enough of us pay enough attention to really understanding the decisions our Government makes…

The Second thing is that I have just started reading the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy (soon to be a major motion picture) and I know this will have a knock on effect n the rest of the week as I had to force myself to put it down last night to go to sleep! I’ve only read the first 7 chapters, but as soon as I pick it up again I won’t put it down until it’s finished – and then I have to read the next two books… Still reading meets goal 7 😉

So here’s how I’ve done with the rest of the goals…

  1. Write at least 3 blog posts – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…
  2. Write at least 250 words on WIP – None yet….
  3. Complete OU weekly learning sessions – looking at the next assignments for Feb and March, lol
  4. Comment on at least 10 blog posts – All on track, 17 commented on
  5. Reply/comment to/on emails/twitter/facebook/forums – Spot on as per norm
  6. Guest Posts (mine/others) – none to do yet.
  7. Read 1 chapter of fiction – I put Tempted down because my daughter has read all my Hunger Games books in 4 days (heavy going for her!) and wants me to catch up so she can talk to me about them! lol see above
  8. Read 1 chapter of non-fiction – none yet
  9. Read at least one news article – As described above… all this Eurozone stuff…
  10. Artwork for WIP’s – I finished editing and adding the pictures to the Children’s book, I’ve decided to launch it with the final check-in next week! 🙂
  11. 30 minutes of Wii fit per week – nadda, although I did walk for an hour in hail, rain, sleet and snow to collect my car from the garage yesterday – goddamn that was COLD! :/

Check out how the other ROW80er’s are getting on – Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list of other ROW80 participants…

Are you coming back/starting out in the next round!?

What do you think about the Eurozone crisis?

Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂


15 comments on “ROW80 Check-in – The Eurozone and Hunger Games

  1. You’re going well and there is still the rest of the week to catch up.
    I confess I didn’t read Hunger Games yet, but I was planning to before or after Christmas (I’ll be in my parents’ house and they get busy with my daughter, so I can relax and read, read, and read lol)
    And I do plan to come back to round 1 of 2012 of ROW80!
    Good luck with the rest of the week!

  2. Hello and nice to meet you! I’ve just jumped in on the tail end of this ROW80 to get my feet wet and meet a few people. I’ll be back for the next full ROW80. I’m already amazed at the goals people are meeting. Look at you! A list of 11 things you’re doing! Kudos to you!

  3. You better just plan on not doing anything. Those books will suck you in! Good luck with that. 🙂

    I’ll definitely be back next round. I didn’t do too bad on my goals and everyone is so encouraging.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Indeed I will write about it as soon as I have enough useful info to give a balanced view 🙂 It is a very scary and worrying thing!

      Otherwise I am fine, was nice to catch up with everyone on the chat the other day! 🙂

      Hope you are well xx

  4. I loved the Hunger Games! It will be time well-wasted. *g* Unfortunately, for me and my daughter at least, neither of the sequels lived up to the promise of the first book.

    Good luck on your goals — once you’re finished reading Hunger Games! 🙂

    • lol, Thanks Ruth I have read the first two already and I’m being strict on myself that I cannot start the third until I have done all my work today! hehe 🙂

  5. This is fun…checking in with you again. It’s becoming a habit. :^)
    A book launch on the last day of ROW…What a super great idea! Go for it!
    All the best as you finish off this round. I look forward to staying in touch when the New Year rolls around. As Arny said, “I’ll be back!”

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