My Top 3 Christmas Songs

christmas 2007

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I may be all bah humbug about the whole thing but I’m trying to get into the spirit of things with my seasonal recipe’s, survival tips and now I thought I would add my favourite ‘Christmas songs’ to my seasonal posts as my last post before the ‘Big Day’ so here goes…

and see you after it’s all over! 😀

First up my all time favourite Christmas Song – although many say it’s not the most Christmassy, but for me I guess that’s half the point! lol and to hear often it play’s on the radio at this time of year it is clear that it is actually considered a Christmas Classic:

Kirsty Macoll and the PoguesFairy tale of New York 

Of course I can’t share a Kirsty Macoll song without paying tribute to my all time favourite of her tracks – Days:

Kirtsy Macoll – Days

My second favourite Christmas Song is from my teens, after NKOTB (don’t you dare say ‘who?’!) parted East 17 took over the reigns as the boyband I craved… and yet another Christmas tune that isn’t particularly festive, lol

East 17 – Stay

Of course their return to music didn’t take off as well as NKOTB (and even NKOTB didn’t make as much of a huge comeback as they had hoped!) My favourite of all their other tracks was this one where they teamed up with Gabrielle:

East 17 & Gabrielle – If You Ever

My third and final song in my Top 3 Christmas Songs is Band Aid – THE ORIGINAL ONE!!! I know it’s for a good cause, but they have overdone it on the cover versions, and none have been as good…

Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas 1984

Even though I was only 8 when this was a hit I was already quite a little music fan, The Boomtown Rats (Bob Geldof‘s band, when he wasn’t dong Band Aid, lol) where one of the early influencers on my young musical mind, with this one being my favourites back when I was just a wee’un 🙂

Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats – I don’t like Monday’s

I hope you have enjoyed my little musical medley 🙂

What are your favourite Christmas songs? 


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  2. got to agree with number 1 but the boss singing santa claus is coming to town,with the sadly missed clarence clemons is my number 2 and queens thank god its christmas comes in at 3, got to go and spoil tiny tims christmas now, toodles

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