2011 My Year in Review Part 3

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The final post in my  year in review series is a questionnaire that I found courtesy of Katy at Storytelling Nomad (who sourced the questions from  Lynn Scheurel at http://secretsofhersuccess.com/articles/your-year-in-review-questions/)

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If you haven’t done your own review of 2011 yet, maybe this would be a good format to base your own post on!? 🙂

In 2011…

I eliminated – hmmm I’m not sure I have really eliminated anything this year, I tried a couple of times to eliminate cigarettes – unsuccessfully. I guess you could say I have eliminated fair-weather friends, these backstabbing types – although I have been doing this every year as there always seems to be a new set that enter your life, it just takes a while to recognise them for what they are…

I reduced – the amount of exercise I do 😦 Due to my hypermobility I had to knock my BMF sessions on the head – I miss them but they were just causing too much pain. Maybe this year I can find a form of exercise I can do that doesn’t put too much strain on my fragile joints and ligaments…

I stopped – dreaming of going to Medical School, I just had to come to terms with the fact that it is not going to happen – yes I am academically capable of it, but my BPD means that I wouldn’t be able to cope emotionally and mentally with the high pressure it would entail 😥

I lost – My way, several times. BPD crisis events almost cost me to lose everything, including my life…

I enhanced – My writing, I’ve basically become a professional, full-time blogger lol

I started – writing about my BPD, which has been helpful to myself and others 🙂

I created – My first comic strip 🙂

I loved – so many things, so many people. Singling out just one thing would be unfair on all the other wonderful things!

I was embarrassed by – Ohh gosh, so many things again, all of them my own behaviour (usually due to BPD, but not always)

I was frustrated by – people, who don’t understand, are ignorant, rude, discriminatory and just generally a range of their behaviours that get on my wick!

I felt crazy when – BPD had full control, I was in full on crisis mode – how I never ended up sectioned is beyond me!!

I regret – I always used to say ‘no regrets’ but after this year there are actually lot’s of things that I did while in crisis that I regret as I hurt so many people that actually mean so much to me – I’m sorry doesn’t cut it! 😦

I needed more time for – everything, but reading and writing mainly lol – as if I don’t spend most of my time doing these two things already! haha

I missed – BMF classes – they were so much fun, best I don’t think about that anymore (just like Medical School!) It’s something that, as much as I would like to, I can never go back to – unless I want to permanently cripple myself…

I went – On my first ever cruise to Norway 😀

I relaxed when – I was on my cruise and for the frist time ever at home whenever I went in the hot tub – relaxing is not something I normally do!!

I would use a magic wand to change – I know I’ve said about some bad things, but I dont think I would actually use a magic wand to change anything that has already happened – our experiences make us who we are and I wouldn’t be me without them, bad or good…

I felt gratitude when – Some very good friends helped me through some of the most difficult times, thank you – you know who you are xx 🙂

Time flew when – Time always flies when I am reading! I pick up a book and before I know it the day is over!

I splurged when – errrmm several times – luckily none enough to cause debt, but I have a habit of splurging once in a while on clothes, books, DVD’s and CD’s!

I want to repeat – The cruise!! I want to go on more cruises to different places, it was a wonderful experience!

I should have – stayed in my job at the lab, moving was probably a bad idea – but it’s too late now, and the move did mean more pay, more hours and all things I ‘thought’ would be better for my career!

I don’t know why I – wasted so much time not writing! I should have always kept it up like I am now!!

I felt most alive when – not sure, I don’t feel really ‘alive’ much of the time. I guess maybe on the cruise, when I wasn’t feeling seasick?

The best gift I received was – easy – my jewellery from Croatia!

Physically, the biggest difference since last December is – Lack of muscle tone, all flabby now I’m not doing BMF any more 😦 thankfully at least I haven’t gained weight!!

Psychologically, the biggest difference since last December is – I understand my BPD better, even if I can’t control it!

Emotionally, the biggest difference since last December is – Same as above, I understand my emotions better even if I can’t control them any better…

Spiritually, the biggest difference since last December is – nothing much, not very into spirituality…

Environmentally, the biggest difference since last December is – we have solar panels…

Socially, the biggest difference since last December is – I have some new friends and go out a bit more, but not as much as earlier this year (when I was going out too much! lol)

My biggest ‘win’ was – getting engaged!? lol

I want more – of everything – yes I’m greedy, so shoot me! haha

The one thing I want to do again but better is – Audition for X-factor (I keep saying I’m not going back, but I bet I do! lol)

The best thing I did for someone else was – Putting a roof over my friend’s head when she needed one 🙂

The best thing someone did for me was – Putting a roof over my head when I needed one!

The best thing I did for myself was – leaving my job, even though it meant I joined the ranks of the unemployed it was making me more ill staying where I was.

The one thing I learned this year is – life is all about learning new things, the day we stop learning is the day we die and I for one embrace learning new things like hungry, eager child – in other words I’ve learnt a lot!

I am most grateful for – My friends and family

I look forward to 2012 being different by – hopefully not going into crisis!!!!!!!!

What about you, what would your answers to these prompt questions be? Why not share them below 😀


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