A Loyalty Card Problem!! – Guest Post by Robert

Robert from Add Deal shares his thoughts on Loyalty Cards…

We’ve been thinking about the whole problem with loyalty cards and why so many of us fall into the trap of using them.  On the face of it a lot of people use loyalty cards because they believe they are getting rewarded for their custom at this or that super market.  When in actual fact the only person that really wins when it comes to these loyalty schemes is the super market.

You have to spend within region of £80-£100 per week in order to see the benefits of these loyalty schemes.  These companies then send you a booklet crammed packed with all sorts of deals, special offers, double points back to you – encouraging you to buy more.

So what’s the problem you spend money the super market rewards you – isn’t it simple??


In effect the super market doesn’t reward you and in fact it gives you something like 5-10% back in points and offers – which you then go back and spend on the companies products.  Essentially they are still keeping 100% of your custom and shopping.

Loyalty cards – do not provide you with the massive savings, rewards and discounts they are suppose to… well not all anyway.

The Solution?? 

You could always say I won’t have an reward card because of X Z and Y or you could make use of our service  here at Add Deal.  We provide a loyalty scheme that really does reward you for buying  products from small businesses and rewards small business for using our scheme.

Its a win win situation, and even when your not purchasing products, you can still earn points.

Want to know more e-mail Add Deal on info@adddeal.com


4 comments on “A Loyalty Card Problem!! – Guest Post by Robert

  1. Gosh, I have so many loyalty cards on my key chain I could probably start a support group.
    I get sucked in often! 😦
    Thanks for this post. Next time I will really have to think before I use my loyalty card and buy four bags of Doritos!

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