Blogger of the Month Award – December

My final post for 2011 is dedicated to Gypsy from Through my Eyes: Adventures in Borderline Land

I want to award Gypsy my Blogger of the Month Award – Congratulations hunny!!

Gypsy is an amazing lady who like myself and so many of my readers and fellow bloggers has Borderline Personality Disorder.  She writes the most open, honest, candid posts about her daily living experiences with this Mental Health condition.

I find Gypsy truly inspirational, she manages to write about the most difficult things, things that even I struggle to disclose (and as those of you who read my posts regularly know I am quite open myself!). She peels back the layers and gets stuck in where others fear to tread.

I hope you will all pay her blog a visit and congratulate her on this award – but more importantly read her beautiful writing!

Through My Eyes: Adventures in Borderline Land

The only requirement for accepting the Blogger of the Month Award is to give it to another blogger next month – much easier than the requirements for some awards! lol

While I’m writing about blogging awards I would just like to thank Hand in Hand with Spirit for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award.   *Update* I would also like to thank Gypsy and Prozac, who have both also awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award 😀 Cheers folks! 😀

In receiving this award I have to award it to 6 other bloggers and share 10 things that not everyone would know about me – I struggled with this when I had to write 7 things upon receiving the Versatile Blogger award, but here goes…

  1. I’m 5’2 inches tall – or should I say short!? lol
  2. I have a weird habit whereby when I find a pair of shoes, or an item of clothing I like I have to buy it in every available colour (unless I don’t like the colour) for example the most recent boots I bought were available in Black, Brown and White – I so got all 3…
  3. The reason I avoid watching ‘chick flick’ films is because I get too emotionally involved in them and ended up crying terrifically – 27 dresses is a prime example, you would have thought these were real people who I was very close to I was so wrapped up in what was happening!
  4. I hate wearing jeans or trousers – I would much rather wear dresses and skirts, but I feel the cold too much so have to tolerate wearing jeans and trousers at times.
  5. I also hate wearing tights – I would rather go bare legged, tights feel strange, but again sometimes I have to put up with them – then I prefer to wear thick, fancy, patterned, colourful, woollen tights than those 15 denier things most women wear :/
  6. I don’t get ill – not in the normal sense of the word, whereas other people often get colds, flu, and varying sicknesses I never get any of these things – good job really as migraines, hypermobility and my other problems cause enough trouble as it is!!
  7. I can’t do small talk – how does that work? I can’t talk about nothing like everyone else does I end up being the one sitting at the edge of a conversation unable to join in because people are talking about shite and if I start talking it’s about ‘smart’ things (politics, science, technology etc) so only the rare few are interested in talking back…
  8. I hate wind – I can’t stand the wind blowing in my face, it makes me want to hide.
  9. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 32!! I passed my driving test on 13th August 2008
  10. I don’t like dairy products, I don’t have butter/marg on my toast or sandwiches – it makes me feel sick, same for cheese, milk and eggs – although if they are ‘in’ something or cooked I’m ok but raw they just make me nauseous – mild dairy intolerance? maybe…
and the 6 blogs I award the Kreativ Blogger award to are:

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  3. Thank you so much for the award, and for all the nice things you said about me, I will definitely being passing this award along next month 🙂

    • No problem – you deserve it! You’ve had a few awards in the past few days, which really shows how much people enjoy your writing 🙂 I nominated you for the TWIM awards too, but I don’t think you got enough votes in that one 😦 I hope 2012 will be a better year for you! xx

  4. Wow, I cant imagine what it would be like not to get sick, Im sick all of the time, but what I really wanted to say, is I cant do small talk either, I think its part of what causes my extreme social anxiety.

    • My body is currently attempting to call me a liar on the ‘don’t get ill’ line, but I’ve had a lemsip and some nurofen – so this annoying little throat discomfort and cough will be kicked to the kerb by the end of the day! lol I have enough with the migraines, BPD, hypermobility and pain (possibly fibromyaligia) without every day illnesses on top! lol

      Yeah, small talk is weird, other people seem to spend hours talking about nothing in particular and no matter how hard I try I can’t do it. I end up bringing up ‘interesting’ topics like politics, science, technology or something and people just look blankly at me!? I would say it’s a sign of lack of intelligence but most of the people I know aren’t unintelligent, so I don’t get it why they love talking about nonsense but not decent things!?

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