#ROW80 Goals for Round 1 2012

I’m back in ROW80 for another round – you don’t know what ROW80 is? It’s the writing challenge that knows you have a life! ‘Round of words in 80 days’ You can sign up for the new round which kicks off tomorrow here at the ROW80 home. Follow the hashtag (#ROW80) on Twitter and join the Facebook group to see what the other ROWer’s are up to!

To kick off the new round I have examined the goals I set back in Round 4 of 2011 and amended them for this new round, this time I have decided to group my goals by category rather than a long numbered list. Then I can give a more thorough update at each check-in.  Here are my goals for this round…

Blogging –

  • At least 5 post per week (not including check-ins)
  • Guest posts (me writing for others and others for me) and interviews
  • Pages – Keep up to date
  • Comments – read and comment/like at least 10 blogs per week and keep up with responding to comments on my blog


At least 1 book per week  (fiction or non fiction)– to meet 50/50 (Fifty/Fifty.Me) challenge and reduce my ‘to be read’ pile

At least one news article per week – for inspiration

Do any Beta Reading that I have lined up


At least 500 words per week on any of my 3 wip’s. Priority on ‘The Way I See It’ my BPD book, which I hope to complete this round as my overall goal for the round.


At least 1 drawing per week, either for pleasure, wip or comic strip. Blog it, why chose to draw this, what it is etc…


At least 30 mins every other day, either wii fit, step or pilates (maybe join a pilates class?)


OU weekly requirements

Complete at least one study block of Business course per week


Emails – keep up with reading, responding and tidy inbox weekly.

Music – Add at least 5 CD’s per week to back-up/itunes etc on laptop/server

Movies – Watch at least one NEW film per week for 50/50 challenge

TV Shows – watch Bones, House and The Walking Dead weekly episodes

Photography – Approach 1 stranger, photograph them and blog about it – another challenge, to get me out of the house and meeting people – should be interesting! hopefully one a week, but not sure yet – still a new idea!

– //-

There we have it, I keep thinking I’ve missed something, so there is a chance this list will be edited yet! But hey you know me – always adding to my burden! lol

Right I’m off to crack on with getting some of these goals met!!

What are your goals for this round? 

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56 comments on “#ROW80 Goals for Round 1 2012

  1. little question:
    this seems to be quite a challenge aka a huge program.
    what about work?
    what about kids?
    what about partners or other relationships?

    sometimes you have long commutation times especially in huge cities like london or berlin – what about that?

    how do you manage this?

    or is he key: sleep is overrated?

    • lol, it remains to be seen how I manage the juggling act, but that is the way my life always is so it shouldn’t be much different from usual! 😉

  2. I like the photography goal – that’s a very interesting way to both meet people and to give yourself new material for writing. What a great idea. Good luck this round!

  3. My years have been spent, trying to encourage people.
    Alas, I should have been writing. No one has listened.

    There are ways to survive (sometimes mean) world!
    in an honest fashion, maintaining values, and understanding positive attitudes.

    We have guidelines to go by:

    Of course, the value system: honest, truthful, respectful, etc.

    I appreciate your writing, which makes me “think.”

    I do not have a domain yet, so it is difficult to contact me yet.

    Hello World!
    Tenn Man, Member of the Charles Charles Group

  4. I agree with Mrs. Bongle. The photography goal scares me. But I bet you could do it like some type of charity work. Maybe have a photo day at a nursing home? That could give you some blog fodder in the form of stories, too.

    Glad to see you back for another round! Good luck with your goals!

    • Ahh now that’s a good idea! I’m sure I could find a few places to go along to, bit like a ‘nice’ journalist, lol, do some pieces about the locations, people and photos too! Yikes – am I going to end up making this massive!? lol Good luck with your goals too 🙂

  5. Great list of goals. I rely on Wii fit to get my daily exercise in too, lol. Good luck with your 500 words a week.

  6. busy busy girl – all the best for impressive list of goals – I used to do photography and would spend hours but never shooting people – was always nervous of asking them – so all power to you – hope it goes well

    all the best for this week

    • Thanks Alberta, good luck with your goals too! I am nervous about the photography – but that’s part of the point, getting out of my comfort zone! lol 🙂

  7. A nifty list of goals, Sharon… And a big THANK YOU for the 50/50/Me link. I’d heard about something like it last year and never got the chance to follow through (mind like a steel sieve here), so that was the extra reminder I needed. Like others, I find the photography goal a neat one. Is there any focus you are going to concentrate one, or a theme to the series?

    • Thanks Eden 🙂
      glad to help with the 50/50 link! I don’t have a particular theme for the series yet, I guess it will be a bit trial and error at first. Once I find the right approach to getting people to stop and talk to me I guess the theme may well develop itself?

  8. Wow – so impressed!! When I grow up I hope I can be as productive as Busy Gal! On a serious note, it’s great to see someone with BPD aspiring to so much, it fills me with confidence for what I can achieve too one day. Will be following your lead 🙂 x

    • Thanks Chrissy. One thing I have always been is determined, and I push myself (too much many say, lol) to achieve as much as possible. I’m glad I can inspire you 🙂 xx

  9. Good luck with your goals! One of my non-ROW80 goals is to get more exercise. I really have no excuse since the gym is right around the corner from my building…but I should use my Wii more too. I have some really fun fitness games. Thanks for reminding me! That will help shake up my routine a little.

  10. I think if I set boundaries and goals on my writing, I would restrict my free flow and stifle my creative flow.. But if it works for some people, God Bless em! 🙂

  11. Wow! That’s an amazing list of goals and I wish you all the best with them.

    The photography goal sounds exciting. I’m trying to take more photographs of the natural world around me and share them this year, so I can understand the drive and desire there.

    Your blog goal though… I’m not sure I’d have five posts per week in me right now, but I can’t wait to read what you’re writing in 2012.

    Good Luck!

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