ROW80 2012 – First Check-in for Round 1

It has all kicked off again, we’re rocking the ROW and boosting our word counts – hopefully!  The goals are all in place so now it’s time to start checking in with our progress.

So, how am I doing just 3 day’s into Round 1 of 2012?

You can see the full break down of my goals here

To be honest I don’t really feel I have got started yet! but let’s see…

Blogging –

I have written 4 of my 5 post for this week and I am writing a poem at the moment to be a guest on Stephanie Nickels Guest Poet Week. I am reviewing my pages, most of the were updated just before the New Year but I still have a couple to update, mainly my CV/Resume and Other Blogs you might like. I’m thinking of scrapping the Help links page as it just has a bit of affiliate marketing stuff and nothing really useful – actually you know what, it will probably be gone by the time you read this post! lol

I have been reading, liking and commenting on blog posts like crazy (as usual) – comment count 23.


I have already read 3 books towards the 50/50 (Fifty/Fifty.Me) challenge:

The Future of Us – Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

1000 Things to do in Britain – Time Out

Secrets to the Grave – Tami Hoag

and I have been beta reading for Jennifer Eaton – I’m just waiting on the final 4 chapters arriving in my inbox to complete this, it will count as another book for the challenge too! 😉

I’ve found that if I’m just reading without reviewing a book I can complete a 5-600 page book in 8 hours! That should come in handy for getting through my 50 this year 🙂


I haven’t done any writing yet this week as I have been busy with the blog and reading, I WILL get some done by the weekend though


None yet


I’ve done 30 sit-ups and 15 press-ups each day (mon, tue, wed) easing myself in gently – I haven’t set up the new wii board yet hence not getting on there lol


None yet as I am awaiting the arrival of my Business course stuff and I’m about 6 weeks ahead with OU stuff…


I’m keeping up with reading, responding and tidying my email inbox and social networks. I’ve added at 6 CD’s to back-up/itunes etc on laptop/server.

Not watched any films yet this week for 50/50 challenge and my TV Shows have not returned from their mid-season breaks yet.

I haven’t been out to for my first attempt at stranger photography yet – this is the one thing I am nervous about! lol


All in all a slow but steady start, I think I need to focus on an ‘order’ in which to work through my goals to ensure they get a fair amount of time each during the week – what do you think?

How has your start been? Good, or is it a false start?

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25 comments on “ROW80 2012 – First Check-in for Round 1

    • Yeah, I have always been a fast reader I get so into what I am reading I can’t put it down for anything! You know if I’m not really into a book if I will happily put it down for something else. The only time’s I will read more slowly is if I am taking notes for a review, it’s a book I’m reading for study (so note taking needed again), it’s a beta read (again note taking and commenting needed) or it’s a dip-in/out book (I always have a few of these on the go for those time where you don’t have enough time to get into a whole book but just feel the need to read something, currently I have Nick Hornby’s polysyllabic spree and Jeremy Clarkson’s Round the Bend on the go for dipping in)

      I’m nervous and excited about the stranger photography I’m currently trying to think of an ‘in’ for it so that it’s less auspicious than just hanging around a street corner with a camera – something more focussed like going to specific places and asking someone if they mind stopping for a picture and quick chat (like a journalist? lol) maybe places of interest or community activities – so there is a potential ‘story’ ready to go with the snaps!?

      • I have a habit of lingering on what I read, like I want to take in every detail. I’m starting to pick up my pace now though. I hate to not finish a book though, even if I’m not enjoying it – I have to be fully informed as to how the whole things panned out so that I can say with certainty what I did and didn’t like about the whole thing. But that’s just a personal thing, I think it would be different if I was reading as a career.

        Do you have any ideas yet for what you’d do it for? I know ones I’ve heard of are things like ‘diversity’, ‘faces of the city’ and such like. I’m sure you’d like a new spin on something though. How about themes like using colour (maybe they’re wearing a certain colour?), style (what they’re wearing), hair, eye colour, expressions, personality (can you ‘see’ someone’s personality?)…

        Hope that helps.


      • I think your approach to reading is great, sometimes I churn through a book (because I just can’t wait to see what happens) but a few weeks later regret not having taken it in properly and want to read it again – sometimes I do take it in fully even on a fast read but other times I’m like ‘I can’t even remember the characters names from X book’ but that gives me the bonus of enjoying it again! lol

        I like your suggestions, I have been thinking about it today due to the questions and suggestions for themes that have come forward and I’m thinking an overall theme of ‘community’ might be my goal – I haven’t lived in my new home town for long and it would be a nice way to explore my home town while fulfilling my goal 🙂 within that overall theme I may have additional things (once I see how it is working out) I may incorporate some of your suggestions at some point! 🙂

      • (For some reason there was no ‘reply’ button on you other post).

        I’m glad all the suggestions you’re receiving are helping to formulate a plan – community sounds like a broad enough theme that you can work with it easily. 😀 I’m curious as to they types of people you may find now!

        I tend to leave some books for years before I read them again, but I do enjoy them still. My mum thinks it’s weird that I reread though. She doesn’t even understand why I buy so many as, to her, I should just go to the library and stop ‘cluttering’ my house. xP

      • (strange there being no reply button! hmmm?)

        I went out for my first run on the community theme today and caught my first two ‘strangers’ whilst working on a general piece about our local town centre. It was surprisingly easier than I expected – they approached me! 😀 YAY! lol I won’t give anything away at the moment as I will be putting the blog posts about them together soon (keep an eye out for them! lol) but I would definitely say it is going to be very interesting – I’m looking forward to my next outing now, will I be approached again or will I have to ‘stop’ someone this time! Guess I’ll find out soon enough, hehe

        Oh don’t you just hate when people think you are ‘cluttering’ having lots of books? My first husband made me get rid of most of my books – most of which I have since re-bought – I would never allow anyone to make me get rid of books again, thankfully my partner doesn’t mind them (and only gets rid of out of date reference books himself) I have turned the conservatory into a library and have another library in the office (We have just had the loft boarded out so when I run out of room downstairs I could turn that into another library too! hehe I rarely use the ‘actual’ library any more, preferring to buy but as a kid the library was like my second home! Re-reading is cool, especially years later – you discover then how your tastes have changed as a book doesn’t necessarily have the same impact as when you first read it 9although some stand the test of time well!) 😀 xx

      • I can’t wait until the day I can afford to buy a place where I can set up a proper library space. At the moment I’m in a rented house and I’ve just put up a couple of bookcases in the back bedroom and the rest have to stay in boxes – poor things!

        I loved the library as a kid too. I remember getting all excited when they told us we could take 10 books at a time and I’d carry them all home in my arms because I was convinced someone would take them out before I went back. I think I was exploring the adult sections before I’d even left primary school. The children’s and teen’s sections no longer appealed to me with their super tiny books.

        Saying that though, I still remember a few point horror books I really enjoyed so I think, at some point, I’m going to invest in a set of them. I’d quite like to revisit them. 😀

        It sounds like you and your partner are a perfect match! ❤

      • ohh dear, yeah poor books! I’m sure you will get a proper home library one day! 😀

        haha, yeah I was exactly the same with the library as a kid! The teen section my my library probably only had about 400 books in total! Now where near enough lol

        And ohh yes, point horror were my favourites too, R.L Stine is the name that I recall best from that time! – a huge collection of those was one I had to get rid of, I may follow you in investing in some of those again! lol

        Thank you, I hope so – he’s not as much a fan of reading as me though, he reads more computer technical books than fiction, but he dabbles occasionally he read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (one I haven’t read yet) recently and likes to have a few Military/Security style books in his to read pile (currently GCHQ is at the top of his pile, lol) but mainly the computer stuff takes up most of his reading time 🙂

      • I think the important thing is that he does read, not what he reads. I don’t know if I could be with someone that doesn’t enjoy reading again. It’s so hard to get across that passion for reading or writing, if they don’t even enjoy it themselves. Particularly because it’s one of the hobbies/careers that takes up so much of your time.

        I can’t remember particular authors but I just remember certain storylines and characters that I really enjoyed.

      • So very true! I was classed as ‘anti-social’ by my first husband for the time I spent reading, writing and studying! Thank goodness I don’t have that now, it wasn’t nice :/

        Good luck getting hold of the books you loved – I’m sure amazon will have plenty of them! lol 🙂

  1. I’m on my library’s waiting list for The Future of Us. I’m really looking forward to reading it! I’m kind of the opposite. I’ve been really focusing on writing, so I haven’t been able to do much reading. Hopefully, tonight.

    • You will love it I’m sure, I read it straight through (no breaks for anything) in 3.5 hours flat! lol but I really need to spend more time on the writing – how can I ever get published if I don’t finish a book!? lol

  2. This is awesome! Keep up the good work, you’ve inspired me to get my own list going… still trying to figure out the whole Row80…. gotta read more so I know exactly what I need to do. But If its going to help me get the things I need and want done, then I am so there. 🙂

  3. Agreed. Time management is key if you’re going to tackle all the goals. Either way, that’s a pretty good start. Keep on rowing 🙂

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