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I was reading Stephs blog post Steps for a simpler New Year the other day and it inspired me to keep a journal of my day to discover how much down time I actually have in a day (or to me how much time I waste doing nothing in particular). I may have chose the wrong day to do my first entry – Monday 2nd January; a bank holiday. Bank Holidays are supposed to be downtime days really anyway, aren’t they?

Anyway here is my day – apologies it is quite long! lol…

06.45 am

Finally got up after being awake since about 4am (when I had got up, had a cigarette and gone back to bed) having been unable to get back to sleep.

Around 4.30am I had heard the stepdaughter (SD) call that she’d had a nightmare, lay there while the other half (OH) went to see to her. He came back to bed, snoring straight away.

At 6am son’s (DS)  alarm goes off but he doesn’t wake up, OH goes up and calls to him

‘Quick, you’ve got to get ready for school’

(wind up seeing as we’ve been woken by the alarm that fails to wake son) we lie there for a while realising we cannot get back to sleep – and I’m coughing like a small dog barking.

Get up have a smoke, put the kettle on.

Make myself a lemsip – cough, and sore throat now will be instantly cured (I don’t get ill – I’m telling you! It just doesn’t exist in my vocabulary to say I am unwell!!)

Settle down on the sofa, drink lemsip while catching up with the 30+ emails in my inbox (virtually all blog subscriptions) read and comment on blogs.

Tweet a few tweets.

Subscribe to more blogs, that’s 4 more just this morning, must be about 120 in total now (what am I doing? Fool how many do you think you can possibly read!? – but they all look so interesting…)

08.00 am 

Time for another smoke.

Still not dressed or had breakfast, still feels like it’s only about 4am, dark, cold and silent outside.

Only about 10 emails/blog posts left to read, then I can crack on with reading the next instalments of Jenny Eaton’s beta read that I’m doing – ohh no wait, have to sort out replying to the comments on my blog first and sharing today’s post.

OH has gone back to bed having finally fallen asleep watching his CCNP training video leaving me to have the radio on again.

And of course I’m journaling my day so I’m having to keep stopping everything to write this as I go!

And distracted by tweets, more emails arriving – the UK is waking up and today’s blog posts are arriving, they will have to wait till I’ve dealt with those from yesterday!!

I’ve been awarded the versatile blogger award again by and  So I must sort out a blog post about that later too!

09.00 am

Finally finished all the catching up, so time to read some of Jenny’s book and take notes/comment on it as I go – I’m not the most technically useful beta reader, but I love reading so hopefully just the fact that I am hooked and reading each section so speedily shows it is a good book!!?

09.20 am

First two chapters read – disturbingly brilliant. A Quick pause to get breakfast; dry toast and a yoghurt; with a cup of tea. Then a smoke and continue reading – everyone else is still in bed…

10.00 am

Finished reading the beta read, next block shortly. Want to go for a shower and get dressed but everyone is still asleep and I don’t like to disturb them by wondering around unless I ‘have’ to get ready to go out. So I guess I’ll carry on reading for now while I wait for them to wake up! Lol

10.10 am

Reading disturbed by the doorbell (no-one woke up still, lol)

The police, come to let me know that my sons report of being assaulted back in November won’t be taken any further as they have been unable to trace the lad that hit my son. Not surprising really, my son has aspergers and his ability to describe an incident is not the most reliable, and his friend who witnessed the event also has learning difficulties and gave a very different account of events.  I know my son did the right thing reporting the assault but even when I sat with him as he gave his statement to the police officer in November I didn’t think anything would come of it – realities of life, bad things happen sometimes, luckily my son wasn’t injured as if he had been I think we would all have been trying much harder to find out who did it and sort them out.

Back to reading then…

10.30 am

The police had disturbed someone after all, the OH came down at twenty past, and the doorbell had woken him.

Now finally the youngest member of the household SD has awakened.

Half way through the next section of beta reading.

I’ll take a quick smoke break while OH cooks bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Then I’ll finish this block of reading while I eat my bacon sarnie, than finally head up for a shower and get dressed 😉

11.15 am

Finished beta reading for this morning, chapters 26-44 of 62 chapters, looks like I’ll be finished soon. I’m going to miss it when it’s done as I am enjoying this book very much!

DS has finally got up – time for a telling off about alarms that don’t wake him…

Quick check on emails, tweets etc then time for that shower – at last, you lazy bint!!

Get clean, dressed and do some real work! Lol

bah it’s still holidays, I’m enjoying relaxing…

NO, Shower now!!!

Okay okay I’m going… 😉

12.10 pm

Come down from shower (yes, I know I was in there a long time almost an hour)

Take wash basket into kitchen, machine is in use (DS actually doing his washing for once! Yay)

DS, OH and SD playing monopoly on kitchen table.

Into lounge, attach sit-up bar to door.

Sit down and check emails (write this),

Finally go to actually do some sit-ups 5 minutes later… another 5 minutes and 30 sit-up and 15 press-ups done.

Now I need to write some blog posts…

after I’ve had a smoke – duh yeah I know, undo the good work straight away *blows raspberry*

13.20 pm

Okay that took longer than I had hoped for (writing a blog post) –  being my list of ‘new things to try’ post I ended up browsing ‘bucket lists trying to find ideas as I’m running out of ideas having tried so many things already

(well I am 35 now, many years of trying new things behind me already – limited finances and time also restrict certain more extravagant ideas I might otherwise be tempted to do!)

Anyway, it’s written now and hopefully I’ll get a few extra suggestions in the comments when it goes up!?

I’m not going to allow myself to check emails etc again yet – I stop too many times during the day to do this as it is!

They can wait till later, it won’t hurt!!

So I have two posts lined up for this week so far and I have to do my first ROW80 check-in on Wednesday – cripes, better think about doing some of the stuff on my goals for that!

Food time, not much though, eaten loads already today! (yes a piece of toast, yoghurt and bacon sandwich is a lot to me!)

13.50 pm

So, I eat a crepe and a Satsuma – not too bad for a snack is it? I have been up a long time already :S

And have a quick smoke break.

Checking on my ROW80 goals I’m not doing too bad so far.

Monopoly has concluded with the OH bankrupting his daughter and she has kicked him out of the game to continue playing with his winning portfolio (DS is also near bankrupt, so SD will soon proclaim to be the winner – even though she lost, lmao)

OH says it was a lesson, but I don’t think bank of mom and dad handing over everything to the bankrupt daughter is much of a life lesson haha.

Checking out my ITunes now to see how many of my CDs need to be uploaded to the server and which are already there…

14.15 pm

Waiting for ITunes to update from the server is frustrating and time consuming, keep having to click on things popping up :/

Gonna try to look at my DBT (Dialectal Behaviour Therapy) skills stuff while I’m waiting – if I can concentrate keep jumping back to click on itunes every 2 seconds…

14.25 pm

Quick smoke break and…

So ITunes is now updating smoothly no more jumping back and forth.

OH is now sorting through his mountains of old paperwork in the office – we should have a usable room by the end of the week if I can keep him focussed! Lol

We did work hard on it yesterday (well, me mostly until I reached the point of no return – his stuff, that only he can decide if it stays or goes!).

DBT emails were interesting but think I will need to work on DBT with a combination of the emails, iphone app, my workbook and some input off my therapist – who I will be seeing later in the week.

So now I’m going to look at values from Michele Taylor’s blog

15.30 pm

Take a break from values to collect dear daughter (DD) from the train station, while OH walks SD home – she chose to walk, she’s on a new found fitness streak lol

It will do him good, he’s been eating far to much lately! Haha (partly my fault being a feeder, who cooks lots of lovely food, but mainly his own for snacking so much!)

Smoke break included on the journey…


Back from train station and back to values, I’m putting together a blog post as I work on this, so killing two birds with one stone – will just check on itunes before I continue.Need to see if my music is ready!

Okay so it looks like I have my work cut out for me (as I suspected) having only got my downloaded music on itunes, none of my cd’s – I didn’t think I had added them after my original PC went caput about 2 years ago – and my ipod also had to be rebooted from scratch, losing all the music I had put on it AND I really want to get my Ipod full again so I can use it! I guess I better crack on with uploading my cds!!

At least I can do that whilst doing other things…

16.10 pm 

Hit a full stop of the values work –  missing days 4&5 jumping from 3-6!?

So, I’m gonna do a quick emails check 20 new mails to sort; then I’m gonna cook some dinner 😀

16.30 pm

Okay so more emails keep arriving, I read 5 then 3 replace them.

Bugger it I’m starving rather than eat the packet of crisps I am so craving right now I’m going to leave the emails till after I’ve got the food on the go – or even after I’ve eaten it…

16.40 pm

Right food cooking – simple sausage, chips and beans today cause I fancy an ordinary meal – no fuss!

Will continue checking emails while keeping an eye on the food and try to ignore my stomach growling – though it makes a change for me to be hungry some days this would be the first thing I am eating!!

17.05 pm

With blogs, emails, tweets and facebook all up to date I head off to serve up the dinner, wandering how many more emails will have arrived by the time I’ve eaten – not many I hope as my next 2 sections of my beta read are waiting for me! I want to read them this evening – yes I’m that keen to continue the story.

OH arrives home just now, perfect timing for me going in to serve up! Yay, now to eat…

17.30 pm

Dinner eaten, why is there nearly always one complaint with mealtimes? Tonight it was dd ‘the chips taste funny’ wtf? They were yummy chips! Ahh well.

Smoke break, drink tea then blitz tidy the kitchen and put the bins out.

Better write my shopping list for the morning whilst I’m in there too – I normally shop on Monday mornings, but being a bank holiday I decided to avoid the rush of parents dragging children round before the return to school, hopefully it will be quieter tomorrow 😉

18.05 pm

All done, I even finally got to put the washing on as dd had come straight in and loaded up the machine as soon as ds’s stuff had finished before I had even had chance to notice his loads were done!

At least I didn’t have to tell her to do her washing!

Now for some of that beta reading while OH is studying as he wants me to help put some stuff in the loft later – but he needs to rest after his walk and let dinner go down before we do that – he did help with putting the bins out as well, while I was cleaning up the kitchen.

19.10 pm

Chapters 45-49 read and commented,

Smoke break then on to the next section.

OH has dozed off listening to his training video (like this morning lol)

I think I will have the crisps I denied myself earlier now too as I’m still a bit hungry – should have made a larger meal, oh well…

20.15 pm

Read chapters 50-58, the next email I receive will contain the conclusion the last 4 chapters. I don’t want the story to end – I hope it will end on a cliffhanger for a sequel!!

What am I going to do now while I await the email with the final section!

Smoke break and email check for starters, then maybe a film…?

20.45 pm

So we actually finally put the stuff in the loft.

And now I’m sat with two pads of damp kitchen roll pressing them on my itching, burning eyes – not because of the loft but while I was reading the last section of my beta the cat was sat next to me and I was fussing her, now my allergies have flared up and I can barely see, so I’m going to just sit here with my eyes covered until it settles down and hopefully remember in future this is why I don’t fuss the goddamn cat!!! Arrgghhh!!!

21.05 pm

Found that the final of MetRX Worlds Strongest Man (which I thought I had missed yesterday) has been repeated so I’m watching that now 😀

21.55 pm

Brian Shaw of the USA wins WSM 2011, Terry Hollands and Laurence Shahlaei from the UK come 3rd and 4th! (winner of the last 2 years  Zydrunas Savickas– came 2nd  he’s from Lithuania) and again I was wondering where Marius Pudzianowski had gone. It turns out he quit WSM to do MMA – mixed martial arts 😦  big loss to wsm in my opinion!

Smoke time…

22.30 pm

Been watching ‘Mad & bad 60 years of science on TV’ since my smoke, while sipping another lemsip before bed.

A final check on emails, twitter etc and happy to see passed 300 hits on my blog today, with an hour and a half to go.

Inbox clear, tweets replied, fb and blogs all sorted.

Fresh start in the morning.

At east I have gotten 3 blog posts plus all that reading done today, if not much else…

Not going to stay up much longer as I’ve been virtually awake since 04.00 am ish and I have lots to do tomorrow – don’t worry I’m not going to give you the details of my bedtime routine haha – bet theres a few disappointed in that though!  Suffice to say OH isn’t coming to bed, continuing his revision…

I hope I don’t wake at 4am again tomorrow morning!

And I know for sure I won’t be doing these journal entries everyday – most days I am actually too busy to keep track of my entire day like this – but I will do random days once in a while just to see how different my days can be…

For now though I bid you goodnight 🙂


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog…. I’ve been keeping journal entries for 18 yrs of my life….. Its a disturbingly overwhelming mess of thoughts orchestrated some how into magically brilliant…piles of paper,- I lived how you wrote through your day. I’m trying to put all my journal entries together to make my memoir (BPD). Any advice? ….love following you and I respect your advice as a writer ~ thanks for reading my comment…

    • Thank you Tammy. I am also trying to put my own memoir together, it is a earning process in itself. I have found that getting my hand on a few books about writing has been helpful and initially just get it all out then edit, edit, edit and get lots of different people to read and comment on it. The stages after that (getting published) I have no idea yet, but I am looking at chipmunka publishing as an option as they specialise in publishing mental health books – 🙂

    • Thank you, it was interesting and fun to study a day in my own life! I’m thinking of trying to do it again on a more active day and see how much the day differs from a rather lazy bank holiday! lo 🙂

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