My List of New Things to Try 2012 – A Bucket List

Cover of "The Bucket List"

Cover of The Bucket List

Okay so as usual I’m avoiding the whole resolutions nonsense, and I have a bunch of ‘goals’ for my ROW80 challenge, along with also participating in the 50/50 challenge and Ultimate blog challenge; then (once Nikki is in order) I will be doing the Twitter and SEO challenges (Click here to visit – so you would think I have enough on my plate with all that…

Of course, I also have my OU course DD308 Making Social Worlds (my Sociology course) and my ‘Vision to Learn’ Business and Administration Course to complete – pretty sure I will be doing a chemistry course with the OU in February too.


I still want/need to have my list of new things to try, I have one little problem though – I’m lacking in ideas as my post for this topic from last year shows I have already tried ‘lots’ of new things and there are loads that I haven’t even included in the lists there – rifle shooting, places of interest visited, theatre shows, activities, sports, crafts – seriously, the only things I have rarely touched are things related to water (I’m not a strong swimmer and dislike it greatly; also I’m not good on boats – very seasick :/) and things related to heights (I have tried abseiling, high ropes and climbing activities, these have only aggravated my phobia; which I determined was a fear of falling rather than a fear of heights.

So, what do I have on my list of new things to try for 2012?

Not a darn lot, and a request for suggestions on Facebook and Twitter only bought 1 suggestion – Skydiving, and unfortunately I don’t think I will be putting that on my list. I like airplanes but I don’t really want to jump out of one. I also won’t be doing anything like bungee jumping or white water rafting… Hence, if you have any suggestions that are not water/height based I would happily consider adding them to my list which currently stands at…

  • Visit the National Space Centre in Leicester – I’ve wanted to go for years, but for some reason never gotten round to going!
  • Visit Bletchley Park – The WWII National Codes and Cipher Centre, more geeky goodness
  • Visit Gaydon Motor Museum – the name gives this one away…
  • Visit Magna in Sheffield – Science Adventure Centre
  • Visit Glastonbury – not for the Festival (I went to a festival weekend a couple of years ago) I want to go for the ley lines 😉
  • Go on Safari in the UK – I discovered that does overnight safari’s in Kent! Should be a fun cheap way to have the Safari experience! 😉
  • Go to Whitby Gothic Weekend
  • Look into and maybe join in with Massobs – Mass Observation social research project.
  • Get my Amateur Radio License

As you can see there’s not many exciting things here! in fact a few visits and it’s pretty much done 😦

I’m joining an art class, but that isn’t a new thing.

I’m going to go roller skating, also not new.

I want to learn to dance with the other half, but that depends if I can get him to come along – proper dancing, like on Strictly Come Dancing, you know. I can already dance and have had dance classes when I was younger, so this isn’t exactly new either, but I guess it also is as it will be dances I haven’t learnt before…

And of course there’s my photography project (photograph a stranger and blog about it)

And I’ve always done charitable work, but I guess I could do something new there…

And that’s it stumped – I’ve even looked at several ‘Bucket list‘ sites for inspiration and most of the realistic achievable goals (how many of these include silly things like become a millionaire!? durr!) I’ve either done or won’t because of the heights/water issues.

So, now it’s over to you all again – any reasonable, realistic suggestions?

What about you, are you going to try something New in 2012?


18 comments on “My List of New Things to Try 2012 – A Bucket List

  1. I can recommend the safari experience in Kent, I lived just down the road from there and Port Lympne zoo is a fab place!

  2. Good luck with your goals in 2012, thanks for including my blog link too! Cheers to the new year, new beginnings, or just doing some DIFFERENT for a change!


  3. I’m afraid my ‘bucket list’ isn’t quite as exciting as yours, Sharon. I actually have two lists–one includes more pressing tasks like finishing projects around the house & scrapbooks. The other list is more long term–including a few exotic places I’d like to visit (Hawaii, Australia), and finishing a novel I’ve been working on forever. Still considering adding scuba diving & deep sea fishing 🙂

    • Still sounds all good to me! I always have the household tasks list too, but that isn’t interesting enough to share lol on the long term front I listed tha places I’d like to visit on my Armchair Traveller post recently, and I’m also working on a novel. Deep sea fishing I could maybe just about handle (so long as I was on a cruise ship at the time! haha) but not sure I would like scuba diving (water based activities being one of the things I avoid, lol) 🙂

  4. That sounds great Sharon. You are going to be so busy. Just thinking about the roller skating, do you have roller derby in UK? Now there’s an idea. Have fun with your list anyway.

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  6. What about entering a 5km race or a half amrathon walk for charity? or how about learning to juggle?
    these are a couple of the things on my bucket list

    • Thanks for the suggestions Maggie, I did a 5mile race and a 5km Challenge course in 2010 (when my legs could handle running still) I have to be more careful on which sporting activities I try now as they all seem to aggravate my mobility problems 😦 Juggling though, that’s different, I can do simple two ball but never managed to get the hang of getting the third to flow! lol

  7. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me–I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

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