ROW80 2012 – The first one from my Office!

Here I go again with the shock of how much I have achieved since Sunday’s check-in, but seriously even I wonder how I manage to get so much done in such a short time!

I had the day off on Sunday and we spent some quality family time, all six of us! We went ten-pin bowling then had Sunday Lunch out. It made a lovely change, we don’t do this kind of thing nearly enough now my two are so grown-up, but teenagers have their own things to do so I’m not going to deprive them of that, although when we are all together we should do more of this kind of thing!

So. then I spent Sunday night reading till late, which gave me one more book to my total so far.

Monday was therapy, shopping and housework, by the time all that was done there wasn’t much time before cooking dinner and then me and the other half went to the cinema to see The Iron Lady (okay so that’s my new film for this week!).

Tuesday I spent most of the day sorting out the office, it was almost completed last week but OH is a messy blighter and if I wait for him I’ll never get my desk but I cracked on (his desk and surrounding space is still a tip) and now my desk is usable and for the first time I am sat at it writing this instead of curled up on the sofa! haha 😀

What do you think of my new workspace? so far I keep being told it’s too neat! hehe

Okay so given that I have barely no time to myself since my last check-in lets see what I have done…

You can see the full break down of my goals here

Blogging –

I have written 3 blog posts, one I still need to edit my photographs for so it is not quite complete yet. I only need to write 2 more to hit my target this week.

I am scheduled to be guest blogger over at TWIM on Saturday so I will need to browse round the blogs of the Madosphere to find content for the round up of the weeks best Mentalist blog posts for that.

I haven’t done any editing/updating of my blog pages yet this week.

I have commented on 34 blog posts this week.


I have read Divergent by Veronica Roth on Sunday evening (yes in one sitting) for the (Fifty/Fifty.Me) challenge, which I have a post going up about soon.

I have read the final 4 chapters of my beta reading for Jennifer Eaton, and sent her my comments and feedback – I hope she is already working on the sequel (even though this one has yet to be published) as I really want to read it now! lol

News – I am in the process of reading a number of things, awesome student BMJ article about The Meninges (free registration required to access) and lots of things about the Welfare Reform Bill  #wrb and The Spartacus Report #spartacusreport. For more info on that check out campaigner Sue Marsh’s blog and The Not So Big Society’s commentary on the topic. Me being the person I am I am actually reading the full Welfare Reform Bill documents from the Government as well, not just what it is the news about it…


None yet


None yet


Yes the wii board is still in the box but  I’ve done loads of housework,especially sorting out the office. Does that count as exercise?


Still waiting for my business course materials to arrive… and errm okay so for some reason I’m putting off starting the next assignment, but hey it’s not due till Feb… :/


I’m keeping up with reading, responding and tidying my email inbox and social networks managed a tiny bit more time on twitter some how! but still not as much as I would like…

I’ve added another 17 CD’s to back-up/itunes etc on laptop/server.

I watched The Iron Lady at the cinema last night for the  50/50 challenge an interesting portrayal of Baroness Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep. I very much enjoyed this moving look at Thatcher’s life presented as though from her own perspective.

My TV Shows none to watch, still not back from mid-season breaks 😦

I completed my first ‘Stranger’ Photography attempt, very successfully. You can read the post about my first stranger and the theme I now have for the project here and I already have my subject for next week sorted, just need to write the post up 🙂

I know I only did the Versatile Blogger award thing at last Sunday’s check-in, but I have been graciously awarded with it two more times this week from Gypsy’s Treasures and Prozac – I’m hoping no-one will mind if I don’t do the whole thing again so soon after doing it? But I would like to Thank Gypsy and Prozac for honouring me with this award again 😀 Please pop by and check out their blogs – they are awesome ladies!

So all in all a mega awesome achievement for having been so busy with normal life stuff already this week! Let’s see if I can keep up the good work for the rest of the week! 😀

How did you get on?

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33 comments on “ROW80 2012 – The first one from my Office!

  1. My next decluttering job is the office, starting with the desk…at the moment am wondering if the desk and setup we have is working and will work or if it needs to be changed

    • hmm rearranging – always a dilemma. We don’t have a choice everything only fits where it is, so if we don’t like it we’re stuck, but we planned it well before hand so I think we will be okay. I’m certainly comfortable enough at the moment 🙂

    • hehe it shocks me how much I manage to squeeze into a day, okay so I don’t have a job at the moment but I’m not exactly lazing around either! 🙂

    • Thanks Quiet. I wish I felt as much of an inspiration as people say I am!
      It’s funny how when I posted the picture on Facebook and Twitter yesterday the comments I got were ‘it’s too tidy’ ‘where’s the work’ and generally things expressing that my tidy desk is against the norm, lol but here everyone loves it!? Thing is it will stay that tidy even when I have work on it (like now) each thing is in it’s place – I’m just a neat freak I guess, hehe

  2. I definitely think cleaning SHOULD count as exercise! (I have been doing a lot lately, too!)

    Your work space rocks. I have recently tidied up mine, all that’s left is the blank wall I stare at behind my monitor. LOL. You inspired me this morning!

    I look forward to lots of writing being added on your next ROW80 check in! HUGS!

    • Thanks Julie! Cleaning does burn calories too, so I think we should be allowed to count it, hehe.

      I just need something to put my feet on now, being so short they hover even with my chair at it’s lowest setting, I think’ll get one of those ergonomic foot rest thingys 😀

      I have already been working on some writing today! So hopefully that will look better for next check-in!

  3. Very jealous of your office…. My office is a corner of the couch right now. It’s kind of sad, really. And of course, if i HAD a space like you have, it would be piled with books and paper and action figures and coffee cups… Sigh.

    Hope you have a good week!

    • The corner of the couch was my office too! in some ways I miss it as I would curl up cosy there now I’m not sitting comfy due to being so used to being in a ball with my laptop on my legs! Hopefully I’ll get used to the new sitting position soon, lol. Sounds like your desk would be more of a ‘typical’ desk than my clear space! Thank you, hope you have a good week too 🙂

    • hehe I think it will stay neat too!
      Ohh, Divergent – brilliant! doesn’t beat the Hunger Games, but still a great read. I’ve actually written a review that compares Divergent with the Hunger Games that will be posted later this week 😀

  4. woman, you’re amazing. Your workspace look all tidy and pretty now; can we have an update in three months? tee hee I can only imaging what wonderfully creative things will flow from that desk. Enjoy!

    • hehe, thank you! Indeed I will happily provide updates – I doubt it will ever become a chaos bed like so many desks, but will be interesting to see how tidy it manages to stay! 🙂

  5. Good job on the decluttering and exercising, among other things. My work space is in the bedroom, and I spend half my time writing somewhere else because of clutter. Love your natural light!

    • Thanks 🙂 My bedroom is just as tidy, as is the lounge, kitchen and well anywhere I lay my hands except the kids rooms, lol (I leave that as their own space – I don’t even dare set foot in to clean or they wouldn’t recognise it again! hehe) The natural light is great, and where the window is I don’t even get the horrid glare because the sun never shines directly through it! 😀

  6. I’m generally not a tidy person but I feel so much more organised and able to focus if I have a clear working area. Unfortunately, I still haven’t purchased that office chair for my study and the desk collage is only half done. 😦

    • I wouldn’t worry, our office has spent the last year as a junk room – furniture in place but unable to work here due to needing to have a huge clear-up! Finally done now and you will get there too 🙂

  7. I love the office! At some point, I finally snagged a space and set up an office, and it has helped a lot for me to have my own nook of writing creativity. Best wishes with your ROW80 goals! Cheering you on.

  8. Great update! My office needed to be cleared out as well and with the help of my boyfriend…aka he did it… I was able too! glad to hear you got to post from your office, and I do count working around the house as a workout! Catch up with you next check in!

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