Photography Challenge – Community, Subject 2

I set myself a new challenge as part of my ROW80 goals for this round, the challenge was:

Photography – Approach 1 stranger, photograph them and blog about it – another challenge, to get me out of the house and meeting people – should be interesting! hopefully one a week, but not sure yet – still a new idea!

Now that I have my theme ‘Community’ I am heading out each week to find someone new to photograph and write about, here is this weeks subject…

My second victim  subject for the challenge was also discovered in Redditch Town Centre.

For reasons explained below today’s subject wishes to remain anonymous, but here is a picture of the young woman who I had a chat with…

A lady is sitting in one of the Town Centre underpasses busking with her dog and flute as I am strolling along in a world of my own, the music stops and a voice calls out “What lovely hair!” not being vain or anything I stop to say thank you – my hair is unique and interesting, there was no-one else in the underpass with funky hair, she is clearly speaking to me.

I stop and chat about my hair. I decide to ask if she would mind me taking a photo for my blog, she doesn’t mind but would rather not give her name and would like to put her hat on for the photo, as she feels a mess. We chat about her for a while and she explains…

Although she and her family are settled in Redditch for now they move around a lot. She is involved in lots of protesting, nothing ‘bad’ she says, but just in case for her kids sake she doesn’t want to be identified (fair enough). She likes Redditch which she calls ‘Working class but proud’ – I like this too!

I want to ask her more about her protesting but the more we talk the more anxious she seems to become and I don’t want to worry her. She explains that her usual busking spot had gone when she arrived this morning (probably by the gentleman I had seen earlier sat outside the Nightclub Fever busking with his guitar). She thanks me for stopping to talk to her, but we have both noticed a few people have been walking past as we’ve sat talking in the middle of the pavement, so she must get back to work or she won’t earn any money if she sits talking to me all day. I thank her for talking to me and wish her well (I hadn’t got my purse with me, due to being out for photographs not shopping, or I would have put some coins in her collection hat). I walk away and she begins to play again…

It occurs to me that it is quite likely that this lady is a member of the local Gypsy community. In Redditch at different times in the year you will see Romany Gypsy Caravans parked up at traffic islands or along hedgerows, with their horses tethered close by.  It is a sight I have become accustomed to, but I have rarely seen any of the people that inhabit the caravans, despite them pitching up close to my home at least twice a year. When they move on to another pitch around the area they never leave a mess behind and one time I was privileged to witness the stages of a new caravan being constructed!

Whether or not my hunch about this lady is correct buskers and gypsy’s are a part of our community and they make the town a more vibrant place 🙂

It looks like my hair may be a good starting point for entering conversations with new people, that may make this challenge a little easier to achieve result!

I wonder who I will meet next?

Why don’t you give it a try – photograph a stranger and share the story as a blog! 


9 comments on “Photography Challenge – Community, Subject 2

  1. Good to see that you’re finding such wonderful subjects to offer a little of their time.

    I hope you continue to find new and exciting people to talk about. 😀


  2. That, my friend, is an amazing idea. How interesting of a concept. If I was good at taking photos, I would ask your permission to try something like that myself, but maybe go to the homeless. It would be good for me/others to step out of their box and see things from a different view.

    Thank you for sharing this…
    Can’t wait to read more.

    • Thank you. Feel free to take the idea and use it, you don’t need to be a skilled photographer to make it work – in some ways the story matters more! 🙂

  3. What a wonderful picture (and conversation…and story idea)…. I really must remember to bring my camera out more often. Even if I do as Shawn says and just photograph scenery, there are stories everywhere. It could be a lot of fun.

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