Flash Fiction Friday – Photo prompt

I’m quite enjoying these flash fiction prompts from L.S.Engler and a few other ROW80 members have been following our lead now including Darlene Steelman and Eden Mabee. This prompt was actually from a couple of weeks back now (I had already got a number of posts scheduled for my blog and couldn’t fit this post in until today).

Any how, here’s my latest piece of flash fiction – I wonder if this will be another ‘creepy’ one 😉 hehe

Image courtesy of Five Minute Getaway

“I have to go soon”

“I know, I know” Sam sighed as he rolled his foot over the slippery, dark pebbles. The sunrise was beginning to creep from behind the clouds that hung moodily above the old castle.

Sam sat down on the pebble beach to wait for the tide to slip out further revealing the crossing to the small island the castle stood upon just off the shore.

“There’s never enough time” Sam whispered sulkily, his brow knit into a frown.

“Time is what you make of it” His father’s voice soothed the frown.

“I don’t know about that”

“You race through life to quick son, slow down and enjoy the moment. Look at the beauty around you, even now”

Sam’s gaze carried across the shimmering, sea drenched pebbles to the island that looked inviting and peaceful. The castle, crumbling would eventually succumb to the sea. Eyes lifting upwards he noticed the sunrise bringing an unusually brown hint to the sky and realised his father was right, he never looked at anything properly anymore.

“I’m sorry dad” he said “I just wanted you to be proud of me, so I’ve always focused on working hard to be successful, but I realise now you were proud of me anyway”

“Very proud son and I love you very much. Do you remember ours walks along the beach when you were young?”

A hint of a smile began to spread along Sam’s face as he remembered those times. The tales his father would tell. His father explaining how eventually due to the water eroding them away the large pebbles that made up the beach would get smaller, but the process of transforming from a pebble beach to a sandy beach would be much longer than Sam’s lifetime.

Sam picked up a smaller pebble and skimmed it out onto the receding wash that gently lapped the seaweed coated rocks.

“It’s time…”

Sam pushed carefully against the slimy stones as he got to his feet. Yes, it was time the pathway was clear now. He picked up the jar which had been sat beside him and carefully walked towards the castle where he would spread his father’s ashes.


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