ROW80 2012 – Picking up the pieces

So I am far from ‘better’ if that is even a possibility, well it’s not my therapist said as much I don’t have an ‘illness’ I can recover from, it’s a personality disorder, the best I can ever hope for is ‘control and management’ but anyway…

I’m in a slightly better place than I was for my last post, able to ‘do’ things again and focus a bit. To be honest as normal I just have to pick up the pieces and carry on regardless… as best I can at least, so I have made a little headway on my goals in the latter half of this week, let’s take a look…

You can see the full break down of my goals here

Blogging –

I have written 2 posts this week, way off the five but thankfully in my productive period before the last check-in I had got scheduled ahead a fair bit so I can keep on track with posting daily! phew!

I have a number of guest post being written which will be scheduled as they come in.

I have commented on 25 blog posts


I am part way through reading Kate Lawson’s ‘Keeping Mum‘ which is proving to be a book I am struggling with rather than devouring, I think it maybe that it is slightly more chick-lit’y than my usual style but picked it up mistaking it for a Kate Long book having enjoyed ‘Bad Mother’s Handbook‘  this is far from the same league, ahh well when done it will be another on the list for the Fifty/Fifty.Me challenge


I copied over a massive 12,856 words from blog posts on my WIP – ‘The Way I See it’ as it is my BPD book a lot of the content is coming from blog posts I have written here and elsewhere in addition to extra material not available online. I think I wrote about 800 real ‘new’ words with this word count. I am planning to prioritize this (as best I can) as I want to get the first draft finished as soon as possible, then it will need HEAVY editing as there will be a lot of repetition from the blog posts! :/


None yet this week


Wii board is out and set-up, but I still have yet to get on it… I will get there, eventually!


Nothing this week


Emails and social networks going fine, as always 🙂

I’ve added another 25 CD’s to back-up/itunes etc on laptop/server.

I’ve watched S. Darko for the  50/50 challenge

finished the rest of True Blood Season 4 and started watching The United States of Tara – which is a wickedly funny look at DID (without being ‘wrong’ if you know what I mean?) more on that soon!

I haven’t been out for any stranger Photography work this week but will catch up on this

On a personal front I applied for a job on Wednesday and on Friday I got an email to go for an interview Wednesday coming! and I’ve been told that a vacancy has arisen in my old Lab department so I’m keeping an eye out for that on the NHS website and going to give my old boss a call about trying to get shortlisted to go back, I would really like to go back there! fingers crossed hey!?

Hope you have had a good week!  😀

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28 comments on “ROW80 2012 – Picking up the pieces

  1. How nice to know that you bother to comment on the blog posts of others, so do I! Give back to the universe what you take etc. I’m on the ultimate blog challenge too and have made it my goal to look at 2 or more blog-posts for every one I post. I’ve had some lovely comments but some haven’t bothered to reply. I even offered to do reciprical guest blog on one site, but no reply!
    I wish you every bit of good luck for the interview and remember, the harder you work at securing that job, the luckier you will be, so research that company well. With best wishes Morwennauk

    • Thanks Mowennauk, Yeah I like to comment regularly, but as you say when there’s no reply from the blog owner it puts you off bothering with their blog again – I always reply to any comments I receive, it’s courtesy really! The research is a bit tough for this one as it’s a brand new nightclub opening in town! but I’m sure they have others elsewhere so hopefully I can find out a bit about how they work at least! 🙂 Shame about the guest post, you are more than welcome to do one here if you like? 🙂

  2. Hey, a much happier post… glad to see your making excellent progress on your goals, also pleased to see that your happier. Pleased to hear about the job frontier… keep up your good work.

    Have a great week…

    Rob x

  3. You have done well and picked yourself up from last week. Well done. And you have applied yourself to a job hunt. Excellent. I do hope you get it and remain positive. What did you think of True Blood season 4? I love the books and the show, though quite different, but season four wasn’t as good as the rest I think. Not that this will EVER stop me watching season 5 🙂 I’m doing too. I have found Pinkerest handy for pinning the book/films to. The link’s on my post.

    Wishing you progress and peace till the coming check in, X

    • Thanks Shah, I agree season 4 wasn’t as good as the rest and the series is quite different from the books in some ways. I’ve just signed up to Pinterest haven’t had much time to sort out my boards yet, but have had a little start on it 🙂 x

  4. Too bad you can’t get into your book – I have grabbed one by mistake thinking it was a different author, too and I always read them. Every now and then I stumble onto a good one that way.

    Head up and good luck on your interview!

    • Thanks Lynette, yeah it can pay off sometimes I guess, but not this time – where is the book now, oh I left it in the car, hmmm maybe it can stay there for a while and I’ll read something else! lol

  5. You had been posting portions of your WIP on your blog? I sort of did the same thing in other areas of my blog and side writings. After NANOWRIMO I had gathered them all together to take a serious look at editing it down…. (still a work in progress) 🙂 Thanks for your post.
    Keep it up.. !

    • Yeah, because it’s a book about BPD and how it affects me I’ve been sharing some of the stuff as blog posts. Editing stage is tough, but worth it. Thank’s for the encouragement 🙂

  6. Congratulations on all the progress! Good luck on the interview and on getting on that Wii board. Little steps will get you there.

  7. Wow, Sharon… I’m glad to hear that you’re holding together and moving along despite all the set-backs.

    Sorry to hear about the book issues. Like you and Lynette, I ended up with a bit of a “not planned on it” book for this recent one for my 50/50/Me. I’m starting to get into it, but sometimes doesn’t it just feel like “just one more thing to fight with”? Guess these are the ways we learn. 😉

    Have a great week, Sharon. I really hope these job openings pan out for you.

    • Thanks Eden, ‘never give up’ I say, even though at times I feel like doing just that! Yeah still not been able to finish reading that one :/ Hope you have a good week too 🙂

  8. I am sending you peace, breath, and admiration. You know yourself well.

    Sometimes, the only thing we can do is accept that things never will be perfect.

    For me, it’s a hole in my soul the size and shape and weight of a 12 day old baby. It’s every age he never got to be, because, as his mother, although I know there was none, instinct says there ought to have been a way to have protected him….

    Yet, if i could have – well, then there would be no Annalise, born less than a year later. The idea of never having known this whirlwind spitfire delight of a girl….to not feel HER size and weight and shape in the depths of my soul, to not see her and share in every age she’s been….

    As incomprehensible to never have had her as it is to have a baby who died.

    Every moment, I live with a paradox.

    The only thing that I have been able to do about it is to accept the sorrow and the joy, and value both, because both are my life…..

    It’s late, and I am very tired. I’m not sure I’m making sense. I may be embarrassed I wrote this, in the morning.

    But something in the way you face and accept the impossible place in your life makes it just a little less- SOMETHING – to deal with the impossible place in mine.

    I am profoundly grateful. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts and sharing your own pain Shan. Sorry for your loss, I can’t begin to imagine what that has been like for you.

      Acceptance can come with a price of it’s own as well, which in turn can create another challenge and emotionally painful actions that need to be taken to move forward in the best way for everyone in your life – this is the place I am in now, my troubles have led me to accept certain truths about my position in this world and now I have to do some things that are going to be very difficult for both myself and others in my life. If I didn’t do them though I would struggle to make it out the other end of this current bad place.

      Best wishes to you xx

  9. Congrats on the progress my dear.

    Wishing you nothing but goodness and flying colours for your interview! Hey look – they are already starting to show up in your hair! 😉

  10. I am looking for a borderline pen pal. Any suggestions as to how I can find someone? I see you are very busy being a hopeful inspiration to people like me, but I thought you might know of someone since you have so many followers.

    • I think that asking in a Facebook Borderline group or on Twitter might be a good place to try? I can email you some links to groups on Facebook if you would like and if you follow me on Twitter @SharonHoward09 I can ask my followers there 🙂

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