Warning Recession – Yes We Said it: Guest Post by Robert

No we’re not about the floor, or an electronic device, we’re on about the UK economy.  Let’s be realistic here, everyone is thinking it but no one is saying it, the UK is in a recession and has been ever since 2009/2010, as we came out of the recession based on a Christmas increase in sales – which would of happened either way.  

We live in the small town of Torquay, and in the paper a couple of weeks ago we read about the impending closure of not one, or 2 but 5 shops in the town centre.  Small shops that had been going for probably years or months have all started to feel the strain on their finances, in one part of the town there is nothing but a small corner café.

The government’s plans to cut public expenditure and to save, is causing more and more unemployed people.  Just this week we read something that amazed us, big named brands such as Peacocks, Past Times, La Senza and Hawkins Bazzar all have gone into Administration or are facing major financial problems.

The more people that are unemployed, the more people that are claiming benefits and therefore causing a major strain on public spending, it is not enough to simply cut the jobs of small office workers, you need to cut wages of the top MPs and stop spending so much on benefits.

This April, the new tax year, people on benefits are facing a 5.1% pay rise, as the government believe that this will enable people to seek work.  Has it not occurred to them, that if you give someone who doesn’t want to work money, they won’t even bother looking??

The fact of the matter is this, it’s broke, and we don’t know how to fix it.  The government tell us one thing, yet in the news it tells us something else.  We’ve also seen massive electronic companies like Dixons see their sales drop; Premier Foods is to cut 600 staff from its work force (more unemployed).

Let’s be realistic here, the plan isn’t working, the money isn’t there, and we’re making more and more people unemployed.  A classic example of the government’s error is the new High Speed 2 Rail Link.  Yes it will get you there quicker, but who is creating the carts for this??  Well it’s not a British company – it’s a German firm as they were cheaper.

You have to ask yourself, what’s the point?

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