How To Get a Great Value Holiday Package Deal For Your Family – Guest post by Britney

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Looking for a golfing holiday? check out this great guest post from Britney Danila with tips on getting a great package deal.

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During the long grey winter days, everyone sets their mind to their summer holidays to give themselves something to look forward to. Thinking about sun-drenched far-off lands helps us get through the cold nights, but then we remember the hassles of booking flights, finding hotels, organising transfers and sorting out activities. Suddenly our holidays feel like a chore. There is, however, an answer. Package deals take the stress out of booking a holiday and offer great value for money.

In these straitened times, there are ways to find great-value holiday-package deals without breaking the bank. Your summer golf breaks don’t have to be a logistical nightmare and don’t have to cost a lot. With a few careful searches, you will be able to focus on your swing and short game rather than your hotel bookings and car hire.

Package holidays, particularly golf breaks, are readily available and more often than not can work out cheaper than a DIY option. It’s simply a matter of finding them. Seven, ten or fourteen-day breaks are generally the cheapest. The key to great value is timing. The closer to your departure date you book, certainly less than two months, the more likely you are to find a good deal. Unfortunately, this will limit choice but you might also find a hidden gem you hadn’t considered before.

These deals are available because tour operators will have spaces on pre-booked planes and in hotels that they need to fill.

The other way to find cheaper packages is to book well in advance, as far as nine months ahead of time. Booking early will sometimes provide discounts and special offers, such as an extra week’s holiday for free.

The other element to timing your package holiday is to avoid the peak season. This doesn’t mean you have to go when the golf courses are unplayable. Simply going when everyone else is tied to school terms will get you a discount.

If you really are keen to get the best possible value for your holiday and free up some funds for course fees or a few drinks, then don’t be afraid to haggle. Large high-street travel agents are the best places to try this because their margins are much higher than independent operators. Make sure you are well informed in advance by doing some internet research and then approach an agent. You need to be haggling over a realistic price. There are a number of package holiday comparison sites to start the process with.

If you are taking a specialist holiday to enjoy some of the lush greens and challenging courses across Europe and beyond, be sure to check with your package provider if they will throw in some greens fees discounts or free passes. You won’t get them if you don’t ask.

Getting the best package deals comes down to a few simple steps. The most important is timing – when you book and when you want to go on holiday. The next step is comparison – do not just plump for the first deal. If you are well informed, you can get a better deal. Lastly, don’t be afraid to haggle. A bit of assertiveness can go a long way.

There are always great package deals on offer. If you want a relaxing holiday without the bother of having to organise everything yourself, a package holiday can be the perfect solution.


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