Flash Fiction Friday – Living under the sea

It’s Friday, so that means it’s Flash Fiction Day. Here is today’s photo prompt:

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Kief swam towards the rocky outcrop the sea was calm, the waves lapping gently.  Pulling himself up onto the seaweed coated mound Kief looked at the view. Far enough from the shore that early morning dog-walkers wouldn’t notice him, but close enough that if she looked again, she would see and recognise him.

He waited, as he had for months now, since he first caught sight of her and she of him. The same day every week their eyes would meet across the short distance. She would appear from the sand dunes, removing her shoes as she stepped onto the beach. He could imagine her wriggling her toes in the cool morning touched sand as she hesitated every time.

After standing there for a few moments she would cross the beach towards the waters edge, where she would sit on the same stone and look out across the ocean, as if waiting for something or someone. Then their eyes would meet, and they would just stay there like that for what felt like an eternity, before she would get up and leave.

Every time it felt like she was willing him to come ashore as she watched him watching her, but what could he do? he could not approach the shore the water was too shallow, so instead the continued this watching game month after month. Kief felt there had become a silent connection between them.

Today he watched as she appeared, regular as clockwork. But, immediately something was different today, she didn’t stop to remove her shoes and adjust to the feel of the sand. Instead she strode out with what appeared to Kief to be a steadfast determination.

Passing her usual rocky seat she continued walking into the water, deeper and deeper. As it reached her chin Kief felt a sense of urgency seeping through him. He lowered himself from the rocks and sank into the water, careful not to lose sight of her.

As she vanished beneath the waves Kief dove down to keep her in view as he swam towards her. His underwater vision helped him to search her out quickly. She was just stood there, as if waiting for the ocean to carry her away.

Kief could see her eyes were open, they must be stinging with the heavy salt. As he drew closer he could see much more in her eyes, a history of sadness, a hint of confusion as she watched him approach, but more an intense longing, as if this was what she had hoped for.

He reached out to her, pulled her into his arms and covered her lips with his mouth. Providing life air for her, to prevent her from drowning. He knew that in doing this something else would also occur, the air he breathed was not like that of landwalkers, she could never return now. She sank and against him and he could feel relief washing from her as she opened her mouth to his. Did she know? he pondered as he took her into the ocean, maintaining the mouth to mouth contact with her as he guided her swimming.

They reached his home just as he felt her go limp in his arms. The slumber would hold her now until the change was complete. He made her comfortable upon a coral bed, removing the clothing she would no longer require gently and watched as the transformation began.

Webbing gradually crept between her toes, that would no longer feel the sand. Her legs that would no longer walk along the beach coated in blue speckled silver scales. Gills that would enable her to breathe split out from her neck. She was already beautiful before but now she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Later, she opened her eyes and smiled at him. Her hand reached down to touch her tail as she realised what she had become. Unsteadily she swam towards him and embraced him. It was then he discovered, though no words were spoken, that it was him she had been searching for, waiting for all along to come and take her away. She gave up her life on land to be with him, to live under the sea for the rest of her life.


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  2. That was so good! I really like that the characters never exchanged words; I feel like we tend to put more emphasis on words than our actions, and its not always necessarily for the best.

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