ROW80 2012 Check-In and Versatile Blog Award

This week has gone a lot smoother than the last few weeks, thankfully and my ‘baby steps’ approach to my goals has helped me take some time out to recover from all the drama…

You can see the full break down of my original goals here
My goals for this week were:
  • Write blog posts for Thursday (The Beauty of a Woman blogfest), Friday (Flash Fiction), and Saturday (tbc).
  • Comment on 5 ROW80 check-ins and 5 non ROW80 blog posts.
  • Apply for 2 jobs

I managed to write a blog post for each day and also had a guest post popped in there too.

I commented on 13 blogs altogether.

I applied for one job, the other one I decided against as it is for a full-time position and I am not ready for full-time work at the moment. I’m still waiting for the job I really want to be advertised, I know it’s coming so I just have to keep checking for it to come up.

So – YAY! I made it 😀

With all the moving preparations, still wanting to take it easy and a few appointment so attend I am setting the following goals to take me to Wednesday’s check-in:

  • Write blog posts for each day
  • Comment on 5 ROW80 check-ins and 5 non ROW80 blog posts.
  • Do my first unit of the Business Course (which has finally started!)
  • Do some work on my Sociology assignment

I have also been awarded the versatile blogger award again, this time my thanks go to Shauna of Bipolar to Happiness and Prudence of Prudence MacLeod’s Blog for giving me the award.

The Rules are as follows for this award: 

  1. Post a picture of the award – on the right
  2. Thank the award giver – above
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself – below
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers about this and tell them by leaving comments on their blog – below.
7 random facts about me: (this is getting hard having done this so many times before! lol)
  1. I am currently wearing a fake nose piercing to see if I like it before getting the real thing done.
  2. I’m not often very ‘girly’ but I love painting my nails and have been playing with nail art designs for the last few months – unfortunately I have a habit of breaking my nails quite far down my fingers so they are always different lengths.
  3. I tend to be freakishy warm when everyone else is cold – people use me as a radiator to warm their hands on, I get that hot! It’s like my thermostat is broken or something, lol. But when it is warm, I can be just as freakishly cold!!
  4. I am rehearsing to perform in a musical production even though I am terrified of singing in front of an audience
  5. I don’t like pudding much, it is very rare you will catch me eating a pudding – main course fills me up and I’m not really into eating desserts even if I’m not full.
  6. If I have clocks they almost never tell the right time because I never change the batteries in them.
  7. It’s a waste of money giving me flowers or plants, I’m not that keen anyway but I never think to water them so they always die very quickly.
I will add the 15 blogs I am giving the award to later as I am a bit behind getting this post published today and want to get it up, and it will take me a while to go through all the blogs I follow to give the award to some different blogs that I ave not previously given the award to or who have not already received it from somewhere else. So I will add them as I get them done!
15 Blogs:

Hope you have had a good week! 

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28 comments on “ROW80 2012 Check-In and Versatile Blog Award

  1. Morning, Sharon.. Congrats on the Versatile Blogger award! You definitely deserve it.:)
    I wish you the best on your goals.. trying to achieve anything while moving is difficult (gosh, I’ve moved so many times, I have lost count!)

    You can do it! 😀

    • Thanks Darlene, yeah just preparing mentally for the move (not even packed anything yet!) is strenuous in itself! But, I’ll be ok in the end (hopefully! lol) 🙂

  2. So glad to hear you’re back on track, hope it stays, especially with moving. I stick post it labels on everything and people laugh. The icing on the cake is a week after I’ve moved I still can’t find my underwear! Haha! Congrats on the award too! x

  3. Even when you are doing “baby steps” Sharon, you always seem to be climbing mountains with them, a really happy check-in to read. And I know exactly what you mean about that “ideal job”….. It’s out there, but it just hasn’t been posted yet. Still, I hope you at least have fun at the other possibilities in the meantime.

      • Glad to hear that, but you may want to apply to the places you would like to work for the position anyway, just in case the companies look in house or don’t post it because they’ve decided to offer it to other applicants.

        My own position is equally real, but budget cuts are keeping it from being offered. And it’s not likely to be reopened for the rest of the year… 😦

  4. Congrats on the award! I also feel all gooey inside knowing you passed it on to me. All my humble thank you’s, milady.

    I think you’re doing a fantastic job with juggling everything you are going through. It take a lot of courage to talk about it. Good luck with the job thing. I haven’t found my ‘ideal’ job in the workforce, either. I’m quite content being a stay-at-home writer and mom after being out there in the work place for more than 20 years. $$ is what is driving me to find work. It sucks. I need a 6-figure publishing contract. That’s what I need. 🙂 I think that would work well with you, too, huh? 🙂

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  6. Congratulations Sharon and a big big thank you for the nomination 🙂 Loved your 7 random things by the way. A musical production? I would die! 😉

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