Journaling Dreams Into Reality – Guest Post by Melanie

Melanie Bowen shares with us how using a journal can help you manage your life and turn your dreams into reality, even if you are living with a severe illness such as cancer.

Melanie Bowen is an awareness advocate for natural health and holistic therapies for cancer patients. You will often find her highlighting the great benefits of different nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those with illness in her efforts to increase attentiveness and responsiveness on like topics. Here, she will be writing about the benefits of tracking your thoughts and goals—because thoughts are merely thoughts but writing is the first step to taking action, organizing oneself and being proactive.

When you are someone who is invested in your future, and when you want to make sure that the dreams you have today become the reality you enjoy tomorrow, it is time to start taking notes. The person that you are today has dreams, and if you start working and striving, you can make those dreams a reality. Even in the face of mesothelioma cancer, a thorough understanding of the kinds of work that you want to do and the kind of place where you want to go can help you get on track. Start keeping a log today and start enjoying plenty of benefits from the start.

In the first place, writing allows you to work out your thoughts. Sometimes, particularly if you are dealing with a difficult prognosis, or problems with various other things in your life, your thoughts are going to feel like they are whirling around in your head. Writing gives you a way to organize what is going on in your life, to put things into sequence, and to make sure that you have everything accounted for. Think about how making a list helps you keep on track at the grocery store and what it means to keep things completely straight in your own mind.

If you are ready to move forward with your life, think about everything that you need to do and everything that you want to do. When you are recovering from a long illness, the things on the need to do list might range from follow up appointments to regularly taking your medication. On the other hand, when you are dealing with the things that you want to do, you may discover that you want to travel, to become better at a certain skill or to reconnect with the people who are important to you.

Take a moment to take out a piece of paper right now and to start writing on it. Write down everything that you want. Do not stop for five minutes. Write as fast as you can and don’t stop until time is up. Give yourself a few moments and then go back and try reading what you wrote. Some of the things that you wrote might be things that you can do easily; others may take years of preparation. If you were writing fast and just taking whatever came out of your head, there is a good chance that you are surprised by some of the things that came out.

When you are first getting started with writing for record keeping and goal attainment purposes, The Center for Journal Therapy suggests dating every entry and keeping it private. This allows you to be as honest as you want to be about what you want and what you need. Why wait? Start your journey today!


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