Flash Fiction Friday – Little Miss Perfect…

When I started writing this flash fiction piece I just let it flow, I had no idea where it was going and while I am used to writing dark pieces I had no idea this was what would come out. From the image you would not expect such a disturbing result, but I guess this is what can happen if you just let the words write themselves…

*Warning this post contains sexually explicit triggers – please read on with caution*

Image courtesy of : Coacheshotseat.com

Twirl, twirl, clap, kick and catch the baton under my leg.

And march.

I catch my breath as I listen for it and, yes there it is a roaring cheer from the crowd, the first of the night, they love me, if only I could make Cody roar for me that way.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the team warming up for the second half as I continue my solo piece, pleasing the audience. My heart flutters as I notice Cody stretching out.

My routine ends with more huge cheers from the crowd, it’s the loudest they’ve been all night. Not surprising seeing as the game has not been going well, 0-0. The guys need to pull something out the bag in the second half if there is to be any more cheering tonight.

I grab a bottle of water off the table, pop the cap and take a swig as I head back to the locker room to shower.  As I pass the other girls, giggling, waiting to take to the pitch to open the second half none of them gives me a pat on the back to congratulate me on an excellent performance. And it was excellent.

But being head cheerleader isn’t what it’s cracked up to be in the movies.

Sure, it really is a popularity contest in many ways, you have to look right and be clever, little miss perfect. But that’s where the popularity ends, because really all the other girls hate that you are more beautiful than they are and the guys are terrified of you. It’s lonely at the top.

The shower sputters into life as I turn the dial, reaching in to test the temperature, when I’m sure it is just right I slip out of my uniform and step in. Eyes closed I lean my head against the back wall and let the water run down my back.

Suddenly I am pinned against the wall a hand over my mouth and a large strong body pressing me to the wall so even as I try to struggle it is fruitless, my feet slip on the wet floor and the other arm around my middle lifts me slightly so my toes can barely scrape the floor.

A voice whispers to me not to struggle and the arm around my middle slips away.

I am frozen now, unable to move.

Time seems to stop as the unmistakable sound of a zipper sneaks in with the constant trickle of the shower, which has been turned down to a drip.

Hot, firm flesh presses against my buttock and the fear within me grows.

This is it, I’m going to be raped.

I try to close off my mind and disappear, I’m not here, this is not me, this is not happening.

But all the wishing in the world doesn’t make a mysterious saviour appear.

My breast bashes against the shower dial over and again as he viciously enters me and bangs away.

I cannot cry, I cannot scream.

I just stand there and let him have his way as his rough hands grope around my body, his fingers probing and forcing out an orgasm I did not want to have. Orgasm’s are supposed to be for pleasure.

I gasp as he finishes, releasing his load into me.

He turns me round and gives me a hard, deep kiss.

It is then that I see those puppy dog brown eyes that I had so longed for, but now they look like muddy pools, Cody is no longer the man of my dreams, but one of nightmares.

He lowers me to the floor and walks away, I see that several others are in the shower room too, none of them came to my rescue, in fact they all seemed to be laughing and cheering him on.

I curl into a ball on the shower floor holding my knees to my aching bruised breast and lie there for what seems like an eternity.

I see feet coming towards me and begin to scream, a piercing soul-wrenching scream.

Not again, please.

A hand rests gently on my shoulder and I feel a towel being placed over me, but I cannot stop screaming.

More feet, and voices I cannot make sense of from behind my screams.

I am lifted from the floor and placed on something like a bed, the screams subside into heavy sobs as blankets and straps cover me. Then the bed is moving.

Voices continue, they seem to be reassuring me in some way but I cannot comprehend them as I slip away.

Later I awake to the feel of starched sheets and a distinct disinfectant smell. I realise I must be in hospital.  Coach is sat beside my bed a heavy sadness pinching his face. He looks at me, as I look at him and a tear rolls down his cheek.

There are no words either of us can say that will make it better but he points to the police officer at the end of my bed and I know at least that Cody will not get away with this. I carefully sit up and with a weak and tired voice begin to tell the story…


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  1. Oh goodness. I felt that in the pit of my stomach. You wrote it so well and that emotional feeling will take a while to dissipate.

  2. That is very powerful, Sharon. You have managed to catch the terror of rape very well. I’m glad in your story the deviant will get his just reward. So many don’t in reality.

  3. I like how raw you made this, Sharon. Sometimes, when the words speak for themselves, they tell a truth too true for contemplation. Though at least she’s a fighter… in the end, she is, but she’s going to need to be as well.

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