5 Reasons to stay Motivated – guest post by Mary

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Being productive is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of distractions on the road to productivity, especially if you have health issues. Organization is often one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. But what is the one most imperative thing you need in order to be productive? What is the key? Motivation. Motivation is the foundation of productivity. It is the spark that lights the fire, and it is the fuel that keeps it burning. Without motivation, you’ll never accomplish anything.

  1. Motivation begins – Like I said, motivation is the spark that starts the fire. Motivation is what will get you working. You have to have a goal, something pushing you forward. Often, the first step is the hardest, so you have to have a good reason to take the leap.
  1. Motivation preserves – Having a strong motivation lets you get started. It also allows you to stay productive. If your motivation only keeps you going long enough to start a project but not finish it, then what good does it do? Your motivation must sustain you; keep you alive as you shove past obstacles. Sometimes in life, we get sidetracked. We use our energy for other pursuits. To avoid this, keep your goal in mind. Remember why you started and why you need to finish.
  1. Motivation fortifies – You need power to keep going. Motivation provides that. It gives you the ability to not only shove past obstacles but to progress forward, to preserve momentum. Motivation gives you the determination and fortification to overcome what is holding you back.
  1. Motivation progresses – One of the best things about motivation is that it can change. It can get going focused on one part of your life and finish up in a completely different area. That’s not only acceptable, that’s ideal. Through progress comes flexibility. It is a rare person who has the same motivation for even a year, not to mention a lifetime. As you mature, your motivation will change with you. Change is success, and shifting motivations will keep you sustainable.
  1. Motivation nourishes – Motivation gets you working, it keeps you going, and it makes you durable. Motivation is what fuels the flames. Without motivation you have no fuel to burn and you stall out. Motivation is as indispensable for a productive life as water is to a fish.

Motivation can come in many different forms. For some, they are motivated by their family. For others, they are motivated by power or wealth. For still others it is success, in life, in health, or in business. Whatever it is that motivates you, keep it alive. Motivation is the driving force in all our lives. It is what allows us to sustain momentum and be productive. Don’t lose sight of your motivation- your goal. Keep your focus and you will stay productive.


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