ROW80 2012 Check-in – Still slow progress

Isn’t it just typical that when you are having a really hard time of things something else always comes along to make things even harder!?

Well, that’s what always seems to happen to me at least!
Just as I started to feel I was able to pick up a few of the pieces I came down with some kinda bug or flu or whatever to knock me back down even more! 😦
It started Wednesday evening, kept me in bed all day Thursday and I didn’t start to feel better until late Friday afternoon.
Now I know 48 hours isn’t that long to be unwell for but for me it felt like forever, first off I don’t ‘do’ ill, and second I just didn’t need this on top of everything else!
So, as a result I have not done as much as I had hoped – yet again! :/
The Goals –
You can see the full break down of my original goals here
My goals for this check-in were:
  • Write some blog posts – I wrote 1 my Flash Fiction Friday piece
  • Comment on some blogs – I managed to comment on 22 blog posts
  • Answer my emails!!! – I did manage to get this done
  • Find 15 blogs to give the versatile blogger award to – yay done, the full list is now on my post here
  • Continue working on my assignments – didn’t get any extra done here
  • Work on this new idea – I did manage to complete an online study pack and test that I needed to do for this and got the application in.

Okay so actually I did better than I thought, but all these guest posts have not been all that good at drawing traffic, clearly my own content is much more appealing, so I need to pull my finger out on writing original pieces, but I guess at least I had that stuff to fall back on while I was to up to it.

So, now for some goals for the next check-in…

  • write some blog posts
  • comment on some blogs
  • work on assignments
  • keep on top of emails

I’m leaving it at that still at the moment, now I just hope I don’t have any more setbacks while I am trying to crawl my way back to normality (well as normal as it gets in my life! lol)

How has your week been?Β 

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13 comments on “ROW80 2012 Check-in – Still slow progress

    • Thanks Audrey, I do struggle with accepting that I am doing well despite everything! lol I hope we are all feeling better soon, I think this round has been tough for lots of us!!

  1. Hey, glad your feeling better. I was sick for what seemed like the whole of Jan which totally ruined my goal deadlines. But you know what, stuff happens. I will get there, but giving ourselves a hard time over it only serves to stifle progress. Keep going, you’re doing really well. X

  2. Sorry to hear that you are sick. But I hope that you get better soon. I was wondering though if you would do a post explaining how the Creative Common’s on your blog. Or if you have already done a blog on it, please direct me to where I can find it.. Thank you.

  3. Just feel better and the rest will sort itself out! I hate being ill as well. Have a good week this week!!

  4. Bless your heart! I hate when illness sidetracks me. I’ve had a bout of it myself this ROW80 round. It still looks like you got some good stuff done. Take care of your health and knock it out of the park this week!

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